Sun’s out, (tuna) can is out !

Apr 08, 2021,06:57 AM

Been wearing this one the last several days.  I think the post last week regarding quartz is probably what got this one on my wrist this week. 

As I mentioned on that post, to Mike’s dismay, I tend to not buy quartz these days as my experience has been I can be very lazy when it comes to changing a battery and therefore the watch tends to sit unused for longer than it should.  Which is the case currently with my other Tuna, I need to rectify that. 

Anyways back to this one. I’m a huge fan of the tuna can.  These were the first Seiko divers which I truly loved and got me into Seiko.  

My unwritten Seiko rule, since picking up my first one in the early 2000s, is that I will only buy them in Japan.  There’s no reason to this, rather it’s just a nice way to have an association with a watch (oh, I got that one on that trip where we did x, y and z).  I’ve broken the rule once, I did buy one in Singapore a few years ago but I was taking a flight to Japan so I excused myself !  

This one is a limited run of 400 watches from 2011, called the Blue Ocean Tuna, which celebrated 130 years of Seiko. It‘ll need a new battery soon !!! 

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