I would absolutely wear this

Oct 15, 2021,05:33 AM

Although 10.2mm still doesn't seem "thin" to me for a dress watch. I'd prefer no diamonds too.

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As requested: a thin Grand Seiko - 38.5 x 10

 By: cazalea : October 12th, 2021-13:29
A dress watch evoking the bright and fresh crystaline snow of winter in Shinshu, combined with the smooth sweeping movement of the seconds hand unique to Spring Drive. This watch captures the tranquil and seamless passage of time. Rose gold case with tran...  

Its gorgeous but

 By: Jurry : October 12th, 2021-13:57
But without the diamonds would be better. To answer your questions; NO I wouldn’t wear it not with the diamonds YES would certainly give it to my wife to wear Great post thanks

Yes no gems. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : October 13th, 2021-16:38


 By: jml_watches : October 17th, 2021-20:16

I'm with you on this

 By: aperna : October 12th, 2021-14:35

Sorry I am biased

 By: sham1 : October 12th, 2021-14:41
but I prefer the SBGY007 in steel and which is tons better value! ...  

I also prefer your version!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 12th, 2021-18:22

Yes, I would wear it, no, I would not share it

 By: Thomas_3 : October 12th, 2021-15:44
AND I would be hard pressed to pay $38,000+ for a Seiko.

No,would not wear this...

 By: halkcb : October 13th, 2021-01:42
....the jewels are just too ostentatious,to begin with. As a dress watch, i would not like a second hand,which would defeat the purpose of enjoying the smooth sweep of the second hand which is one of the main selling points of the spring drive. I do like ... 

Finanlly, the diamond tuxedo/dress watch is back!!

 By: Spencer Karrington : October 13th, 2021-20:56
So yes, i would totes wear it to answer your question, i would never allow my wife to wear it, i would just buy her a Faberge Swan watch or a bovet Recital 23 (assuming I can afford both lol)

I would absolutely wear this

 By: MZHammer : October 15th, 2021-05:33
Although 10.2mm still doesn't seem "thin" to me for a dress watch. I'd prefer no diamonds too.