Those were the days!

May 04, 2021,19:59 PM

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well.

I was going through some old pics on my iphone and came across this image from 2017 of a UK Rolex AD window display. There was at least one ss sports piece there! And check out those prices!

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I’m curious why they only display cushions these days.

 By: Horo_Traveler : May 5th, 2021-00:52
Has the demand gone up, or the supply down, or both?

Do you feel it's still at its peak?

 By: amg786w : May 7th, 2021-21:11
I for one have grown a little tired of it and its driven me to other brands/ watches, which has been a great thing.

they have cut the supply significantly in the last years with some pieces in order to raise grey market prices back to normal

 By: penfriend : May 7th, 2021-16:46
and one wonders whether they will keep it short as they are a foundation

more than 20 points on a pm Daytona were standard ... those were the times

 By: penfriend : May 11th, 2021-11:56
but it's good for the brand that they have stopped that process in the end. at least for me it is no show stopper