Sep 18, 2023,19:06 PM

Cheers 🍻

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Not my normal Monday, grateful for the time away😀

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 18th, 2023-18:29
A good week ahead to all! 🍻 ...  

Where is this getaway with beautiful palm trees??

 By: ArmisT : September 18th, 2023-18:56
Great wrist shot! But how do you take pictures while in the water like that…certainly not your phone?

Borrowed a GoPro…

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 18th, 2023-19:10
that’s a bit beaten up through climbing etc but it’s ok for messing around in the water. 😀

Good to know, thanks.

 By: ArmisT : September 18th, 2023-22:17

Canary islands? Enjoy.

 By: aWtchslvr : September 18th, 2023-19:03


 By: KURT_DAVID : September 18th, 2023-19:06
Cheers 🍻

How did you guess that?!🤔

 By: ArmisT : September 18th, 2023-22:16


 By: ArmisT : September 19th, 2023-10:03
Thanks for highlighting those points.

Thank you. But the truth is that for a Spaniard it

 By: aWtchslvr : September 19th, 2023-14:25
wasn’t very difficult. 😀😀

Looks like

 By: Drek : September 18th, 2023-19:15
lots of fun 😀 have a great time (I really like the last pic 👍)

It’s been a blast!

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 18th, 2023-19:29
Too much Tapas though 😋 Thanks Drek

Looks wonderful. Enjoy your getaway!

 By: RabidManatee : September 18th, 2023-19:31

Thank you.

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 18th, 2023-19:47
A break here is like hitting the master reset button for me. But I’m sure, the same the world over wherever you decide to go.

June was fabulous…

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 18th, 2023-21:07
…July and August 👎🏼 Thanks for looking Nico👍🏻

I wish..

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 19th, 2023-07:48

Enjoy islands !

 By: Ajas : September 18th, 2023-23:03

Oh yes!

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 19th, 2023-07:49
Thank you.


 By: KURT_DAVID : September 19th, 2023-07:51
Thanks very much for looking Bill 👍🏻