Great catch and very nice article, Jeff. Bravo.

Feb 18, 2015,05:57 AM

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A review of the 5513 Comex

 By: DrStrong : February 18th, 2015-00:25
During the late 1960s, commercial work in the oceans and seas created professional diving organizations that needed tool watches designed for conducting safe diving operations at greater depths – known as saturation diving. This led to the development of ...  

Always a pleasure to read more and more on the comex

 By: Bill : February 18th, 2015-01:21
The history from the divers always bring the watches to another level. The diver who owned my comex gave some great pictures and stories to accompany the watch. Thanks Bill ...  


 By: DrStrong : February 18th, 2015-01:32
I have pretty much stuff with my 1665 also....but that does not compare to what I got from the diver when I bought my 5514 ! ...  

I think it is an aspect of Rolex that is almost unique....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : February 18th, 2015-03:13
....because the watches were tool watches, that meant they were "used" and that usage was often colourful and interesting. It just didn't happen with many other manufacturers in the same volume. Sure, Omega, Hamilton, JLC, Blancpain.....all of them had th... 


 By: DrStrong : February 18th, 2015-04:03
...I am prepapring a review of a Rolex Submariner and an Omega Ploprof that I have bought from a couple of retired divers (husband and wife). Both watches have a crazy history and lots of documentation. That was the teaser of the day...LOL !!

that is the best... nothing needs to said

 By: Bill : February 18th, 2015-20:50
a watch with real history is all we can dream of. only a true collector can appreciate the value. Bill

Great Post

 By: Mike1066 : February 23rd, 2015-10:26
Jeff: Great post. Always interesting to learn more about COMEX and the iconic watches that accompanied those divers. Enjoy that watch - it is something special! -Mike

Ah, these pictures...

 By: Anatol : February 18th, 2015-11:48
...cause a very heavy attack of sellers remorse! Beautiful she is without make-up! Enjoy her in good health, Jeff!

Look on the bright side.

 By: Bill : February 19th, 2015-08:28
At least it is in good hands with a loving family. And same for you. Best Bill

You are right, Bill!

 By: Anatol : February 19th, 2015-11:36
Furthermore, even though there is some seller's remorse, there certainly is no buyer's remorse for the replacement I got!

Thanks ! [nt]

 By: DrStrong : February 20th, 2015-01:41

bravo Jeff !!

 By: marcello pisani : February 19th, 2015-10:21
sorry for this late answer but I'm under a flood of messages ( more than usual .. LOL LOL LOL LOL )

Grazie capo !

 By: DrStrong : February 20th, 2015-01:42
lots of watches to expertise I assume ! Thanks and see you soon for some rosé by the Med ;-)

Thanks a lot Ross [nt]

 By: DrStrong : February 20th, 2015-01:43

Small question.

 By: ESE 2A : May 26th, 2015-11:59
What a nice watch Jeff, and super pictures from the "young Comex" period. Ps: are you sure that (as you wrote) the earlier 5513 Comex have NO HEV? I seen a 5514 Cx without HEV (Christie s) but never seen 5513 Cx without HEV Thanks in advance for the answe... 

well ....

 By: marcello pisani : May 26th, 2015-22:31
in my opinion : if there is no valve then also no delivery number as we perfectly know that " nr.1 " has a case number from 1971 and was sold to Comex in early 1972.