Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend 😊

Dec 06, 2018,14:56 PM

It is mine as well ...

This is my first PP Pt watch and I slowly building the base.

Still no higher end complications yet but slowly cooking, too many priorities and other brands to “take care”.

I have to acknowledge this site and the owners for sharing their reviews and owners experiences. This is the place where you can find most of the info about this 5196P, so is the Emil Lange Homage.

All I can say is this is a really beautiful and classic Calatrava, even after since 2006? 

A Classic never gets old.


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Some serious wrist hardware for sure.

 By: Bill : December 6th, 2018-15:49
Looks like your best friend is Patek. LOL. Wow what a collection. Enjoy

Thanks Bill...I have too many friends 👫

 By: Raymond_S : December 6th, 2018-15:57
I should focus and plan to cut down to maybe just 2-3 friends 😊 It is very difficult to have just 1 BFF, wish I can but not practical for a worker bee like me. My boss has some friends too 😳 ...  

It want to say it’s my favorite too, very sentimental...

 By: Raymond_S : December 6th, 2018-16:30
it brings me the best memories of a great event. Thank you descartes1 🙏🏻

Outstanding collection. Can you tell us more about

 By: IPman : December 6th, 2018-19:44
The Como Edition? Since it’s only available for the winner of Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, did you win?

It is slightly different....

 By: Raymond_S : December 6th, 2018-19:50
The one for the winner has a special engraved hinge cover with the crest. My version is offered to guest who attended ALS event at Como. The Como word is different shade and there are no hinge, plus I can ask for 2 engraving on the balance cock. So to ans...  

Very, very cool. [nt]

 By: IPman : December 7th, 2018-16:48

Thats a serieus collection my friend 😱

 By: Watchonthewrist : December 6th, 2018-23:11
Beautiful too , thanks for sharing 🙏🏻

Thank you my friend 🙏🏻

 By: Raymond_S : December 6th, 2018-23:17
Perhaps too many small/medium ones, nothing big and complicated pieces. I need to reflect on my collection direction and final destination 🤔🤔🤔

Come on Gordon....you know what I mean :)

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-08:19
Look...I don't even qualify for a WT enamel piece and no fancy gifts. Maybe if I stay focus on PP since day 1, the situation will be different but, this is a journey of learning. Going forward, I need to stay focus. Thank you.

I tried....am still trying :)

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-08:41
As I observed and discussed with you before, the NY WT didn't do "well", I wonder why? It's only 300pcs, maybe less than some 5131 versions

Your review post is part of the reason for trigger. Thank you, Joe...seldom see you wear it "here"?

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-08:14
But...with your nice collection, I can understand this one will have a hard time finding wrist time.

That is because.....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : December 7th, 2018-08:23
......I bought it for my son.

Gorgeous the 5196P, congrats!

 By: keks : December 7th, 2018-04:30
Quite a Patek collection you are building, very nice!

Thank you K...

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-08:15
all smaller ones, nothing major yet, still waiting for that 1 grail watch some day.

gorgeous it is....5196p is an absolute understatement !

 By: maverickmahesh : December 7th, 2018-04:41
you can't get a better dress watch - wear in good health & congrats !! Best, mahesh.,

It's got that vintage feel which is very nice. A new kind of feeling for me...

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-08:17
since I'm mostly into modern watch, and I'm loving it. Thank you, mahesh.

I tried it few months ago...

 By: maverickmahesh : December 7th, 2018-10:32
sold to it fully...the list gets longer each day ! ...  

with each of your posts

 By: maverickmahesh : December 7th, 2018-13:34
my 5 watch rule getting challenged my friend ! 5196p is an interest personally - adorable piece !!

One of the best modern calatravas out there

 By: beejo : December 7th, 2018-04:46

Huge congrats again on this forum! 👍😉

 By: mj23 : December 7th, 2018-13:43
Only a “small” watch for good lifers!!

You’re too kind mj23...really appreciate your blessings 🙏🏻

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-14:12
Small and simple, no complications, no complaints 🤣

Like the 5726/1A

 By: Mean Solar Time : December 7th, 2018-14:44
The white silvery dial is great in all lighting conditions. Underrated amongst the Nautilus references in my opinion.

Totally agree...the Math didn’t add up.

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-15:06
if the case and bracelet is time consuming, it’s the same as the 5711/1A and talking about movement complications, it’s higher than both 5711/5712/1A but in the eyes of the market, it is not comparable to both models. I can never understand why 🤔, maybe b... 

Congrats to your superb 5196P.

 By: joenghenry : December 7th, 2018-20:59
The classic two tone dial with breguet numerals are simply the best. Wear it in good health and let it have more wrist time! Best, Henry

Thank you Henry 🙏🏻

 By: Raymond_S : December 7th, 2018-22:40
This simple yet elegant Calatrava will have equal rotation as with my other watches, no need to worry about setting the calendar like the mighty 5270P 😜, although I’ll be very willing to set the calendar every time it stops. Enjoy your very nice Christmas... 

Best 5196 dial by far [nt]

 By: watch-er : December 8th, 2018-06:20

I think so too 👍🏻

 By: Raymond_S : December 8th, 2018-07:18

Gorgeous Raymond

 By: traineract : December 8th, 2018-09:08
The patek forums r really one of the best forums. Informative. Passionate. Always something to learn here.