Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition NYC 2017

Jul 13, 2017,08:19 AM

Moderator Patrick_y brings the Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition to PuristSPro, for those who cannot go to the Grand Exhibition in New York themselves.  Please enjoy this post and attend the Grand Exhibition in New York in person from July 13th to the 23rd of 2017.  Many thanks to Patek Philippe for their generosity in hosting this miraculous event! 

The New WorldTime Minute Repeater and lady's New York Minute Repeater. Louis Cottier would be proud! 

First of all, thank you for reading this posting about the Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition.  Before I continue, I strongly advise you to make the journey to New York to see the exhibition.  Book an airplane ticket if you have to, that's what I had to do, and I'm so pleased I did because it is totally worth it.  The scale of the grand exhibition, the amount of time, blood, sweat, tears, money, and thought invested by the Patek Philippe team is incredible and unprecedented.  Even if Patek Philippe is your least favorite brand, I encourage you to get on a plane, train, car, crutch, or feet to attend this exhibit; it's an exhibit about watches, art, and history.  It's not a Patek Philippe event, in fact, the Patek Philippe specific marketing is quite low in my opinion.  It's an event that celebrates all mechanical watches and it's open to the public.  For FREE to the public, you don't need to be a Patek Philippe owner or have an invitation from a dealer.  Come see the Grand Exhibition, from July 13th to the 23rd in New York City at Cipriani on 42nd Street. 

Secondly, this is an apology to our readers who cannot make it to the Grand Exhibition in New York City.  The Grand Exhibition is so well executed that I'm humbled.  So humbled that I have to admit that this report will be extensive, but even at best, it will not give you the full immersion the Grand Exhibition provides.  That is because the Grand Exhibition is something that is so moving and powerful that it's very difficult to convey in a report.  With ten themed rooms, covering 178 years of history, it's difficult to distill all of those years of excellence into a report.  There are watchmakers there, Patek Philippe's development head, the most famous enamel artisan, a miniature painter, an engraver, a special guilloche artisan, a historian from the Patek Philippe museum, each one with a career of stories and experience that they are all so keen to impart.  All whom possess humbling wisdom and extensive stories that can't all be into this report.  So go if you can, read on only if you must... 

The Grand Exhibition is located right across the street from Grand Central Station on 42nd Street.

Le entrance de la Grande Exhibit at Cipriani.

The original building was a bank with 40 plus foot ceilings (about 13 plus meters). Today, it is part of the Cipriani restaurant group.

Patek Philippe has erected a structure within a structure.

Your moderator came direct from his red eye flight to the event.  Tarmac to Cipriani. Early enough to see that they were setting up.

Calatrava crosses adorn the structure's exterior walls.

Watchmakers' benches with overhead video cameras so attendees can see what's going on...

A room filled with movements, including the new WorldTime Minute Repeater movement!

Historical WorldTime watches from the Patek Philippe Museum.  Gorgeous pieces, especially the enameled ones. 

The Caliber 89 from the Patek Philippe Museum.

A reproduction of the Patek Philippe Salon.

The Patek Philippe structure is erected within the Cipriani structure.

A little relaxation garden without any watches calms the nerves from hyper-horo-exposure!

Six rooms on the ground floor take you on an incredible journey into history and fine art craftsmanship of the watches.

The upper floors get technical, this is where the science happens.

This report has been divided into multiple sections.  Please read the individual sections in links below. 

Mark's Excellent Summary of the New York Grand Exhibition Limited Editions

Patek Philippe 5531R WorldTime Minute Repeater Limited Edition Special In-Depth Report

Part 1: Theater Room and Collection Room

Part 2: Napoleon Room and Pictures of New York 2017 Novelties

Part 3: Patek Philippe Museum Room

Part 4: United States Historic Room

Part 5: Rare Handcrafts Gallery

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I guess either I don't dislike air travel as much as average or I really like the Grand Exhibition... Either way, I'm glad I came.

 By: patrick_y : July 13th, 2017-10:44
I flew ten hours each way to London for our London GTG. Even more for SIHH. Recently did a 15 hour flight from Singapore to the United States in Coach on United Airlines, wasn't bad, 787 has very good air quality. But in case you don't make it, I'll bring... 

Thanks I really appreciate it

 By: FRAM : July 13th, 2017-11:15
I travelled to London for the exhibition there and to Madrid for a 175 year party so NYC should be such a problem. I'm really considering going 😀

I never tire of New York...

 By: patrick_y : July 13th, 2017-23:22
New York has an energy unlike any other city. A ruthless practicality to it. I like New York. Time is precious in New York. Hence the saying "New York Minute." Hope you can make it.

Thanks Patrick for this post ! Furthermore many thanks for...

 By: GLau : July 13th, 2017-09:54
saying hi to Anita Porchet for me ! Have fun! Cheers, Gordon

Looking forward to it!

 By: Joepny : July 13th, 2017-10:19
Thanks for the report. I was told by someone at HSWA that PP spent serious capital to get the Cipriani venue to this vision and they did it in 2 weeks. Not sure how to check if true. It's mind-boggling because the venue is huge and any building work in NY... 

Definitely not true. The planning and execution of this event probably took two years if not longer. Construction at the venue took around two months.

 By: patrick_y : July 13th, 2017-10:38
Can't comment about what JCB is about to do as I'm not privied. But there is a Formula E race going on this weekend in Brooklyn. There is a watch brand sponsor. So definitely likely something will be happening.

2 months would be plausible

 By: Joepny : July 13th, 2017-10:44
thanks for the update!

Apologies. Construction at the actual event took two weeks!

 By: patrick_y : July 22nd, 2017-11:14
Round the clock construction at Cirpirani, 3-4 shifts a day, to erect the primary structure. Found this out later from an individual at the top.

Oh surprise, that is breakneck speed

 By: Joepny : July 22nd, 2017-15:27
well, thanks for the update. I'm glad it is confirmed.

You're welcome! [nt]

 By: patrick_y : July 23rd, 2017-04:03

Fantastic Patrick!

 By: Mark in Paris : July 13th, 2017-13:28
You've made such a huge work and for indeed people like me who can't attend this is trully fantastic. Thanks a lot for all this. I know the pictures are very difficult to take in such lighting conditions and you did a wonderful job. I'm amazed how much Pa... 

Thank you Mark!

 By: patrick_y : July 13th, 2017-23:32
Wow, thank you for the kind words! Yes, Patek Philippe is amazing, and this is definitely a contributing factor as to why they're on the top. They've got a lot here. I've photographed almost all of it to some degree. Coming here, I had the pleasure of mee... 

I had a look at the videos on Patek's website

 By: Mark in Paris : July 17th, 2017-14:01
and we learn quite a lot about them and other finishing techniques. Knowing more about watches helps so much in enjoying other pieces and appreciating the details we missed or didn't enjoy at their real potential Best, Mark

The more you know, the more you appreciate...

 By: patrick_y : July 22nd, 2017-11:08
It's just amazing that some of these art pieces can take weeks of continuous work to create. I'm over the moon with some of them.

Incredible review Patrick of an extraordinary, once in a lifetime event!!! Yesterday, I attended a preview, today I attended official day #1 and tomorrow ...

 By: patekova : July 13th, 2017-14:08
In 1989 I attended the 150th Anniversary Patek auction in New York by Habsburgh Feldman (which was the predecessor of Antiquorum). The exhibition for that auction was at Tiffany. That event truly put Patek on the map as far as the general public's awarene... 

Thank you Patekova!

 By: patrick_y : July 14th, 2017-23:33
Indeed, I do believe you're right and this Grand Exhibition event will spark a love of horology for all those who visit. The event is done so well, even the most dubious Millennial would find it difficult to say it's not an enriching experience. And even ... 

Patrick, Great In-Depth Report from NYC!

 By: KC_HK : July 14th, 2017-00:26
So many masterpieces to see at the event!! Thank you for giving us a wonderful taste of the event! I can't wait to be there to experience it for myself!! Keith!!