Not traveling anywhere for a while but with this watch on my wrist, almost feels like I am traveling the World.

Jan 14, 2023,20:08 PM

Is there one watch which makes you happy not matter what else is going on and no matter where you are? Best, Patekova 

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Superb watch + very cool strap = great combo

 By: Mike H : January 14th, 2023-22:56
I love this combo, well done 👍 👏👏😍😍

Sure this is far to be the only positive point of this email cloisonné WT

 By: Mike H : January 15th, 2023-10:55
I love everything on this watch (except the Genève mention on the bezel which I believe wasn’t necessary but it’s a detail). Congrats on this beauty, enjoy it and wear it in the best of health! But choice must be difficult every day you have only superb w... 

Mike, thank you for your very kind words. A lot of people are put off by the engraved bezel, the fact that “Patek” is not on the dial

 By: patekova : January 15th, 2023-12:09
and the unusual font. I actually like all these factors as it makes the 5131 series different from the normal Patek qualities. Of course, the 5231 abandoned this “uniqueness” and went back to the traditional ways.

Couldn’t agree more!

 By: Watcholic_id : January 15th, 2023-09:33
everytime I look at the WT dial, my mind starts to travel. wondering what is happening in those cities at that moment and what a superb combo you gat here, absolutely stunning! tfs, cheers

Thank you!

 By: patekova : January 15th, 2023-12:12

Fantastic 5131R and the

 By: GLau : January 15th, 2023-16:54
green strap matches the dial so well ! 👍 Yes, Patek WT watches make one dream of traveling, and an enamel dial WT takes the travels over the top ! Thanks for sharing Patekova ! 😃

5131G and P were done by AP and team.

 By: GLau : January 21st, 2023-17:09
They are not involved in the 5231 series as of now. 5131J was done by a mother and son team. 5131R and 5231J are likely down by the same people because the enamel dials look the same. Are you looking to get some ? 😃

Yes, it's one of my dream pieces. Have to work myself up to this level. I just looked at the 5131G yesterday again in the pre-owned section of my AD

 By: Dauster : January 22nd, 2023-02:05
it was very tough to put it back even though I definitely would get the J version and thanks for the info - where can I find more infos on who did them? I assume it's not noted on the certificate of the watch who painted the dial right ?

Certificate does not state the enameler.

 By: GLau : January 23rd, 2023-05:28
Try goggling 5131 and 5231 enamel dials to see if you could get more information. Good luck and keep us updated.

Do feel free to

 By: GLau : January 24th, 2023-05:34
share what you have found outside of WPS ! Sharing is caring 😃

tbh I got distracted and started reading about the innnovations patek made in regards to the

 By: Dauster : January 24th, 2023-19:57
Spiromax, Silinvar etc which can be found here / But I digress and could not find any details about who makes the enamel WT dials specifically - I did find a lot of posts here about rare handcrafts from other members, whi... 

Good to know that you found more posts on enamel dials.

 By: GLau : January 25th, 2023-20:52
Did you come across this post below ?

Many thanks, I was just alerted to this by some fellow moderators today --- and I'm in full agreement with your sentiment! ;-)) Ref. 5177G-028 "School of Fish" is definitely in the top 5 (or higher! :-) of my personal collection...

 By: FabR : January 26th, 2023-14:56
....and arguably, also extremely high when it comes to the Brand's production in general! Here are a couple of shots for you, even though like for any other artwork, admiring these pieces "in the metal," like they say, always presents us with a more compl...  

What a beauty 🤩 !

 By: LFPTK : January 22nd, 2023-05:40

Thank you for the compliment.

 By: patekova : January 22nd, 2023-12:58