Hi All, Yours truly the self proclaimed enamel slave/addict connected with THE Anita Porchet who shared with me the challenges she faced for her

Apr 28, 2022,16:21 PM

2022 rare handcrafts enamel dials !

Zebra: the cloisonné wires are twisted and risked drowning in the enamel if each firing is too long or too hot 🥵.  These dials undergo multiple (6 to 10 times) firings in the extremely hot kiln.

Monkeys: They are so tiny and getting their hair done properly was very difficult.  These dials are some of the most challenging ones made by Anita and her team.  Apparently it would be easier to use enamel painting for these tiny creatures but I guessed AP wanted a challenge ! 💪

Hope the above information poisoned ☠️ you guys deeper with enamel dials 🤣

What are your thoughts and which one to you like most and why ?

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Probably the zebra

 By: Mr.Gatsby : April 28th, 2022-16:28
As I don’t quite like monkeys LOL.
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Good choice with the zebra !

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-13:56
Same for me
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Holy cow, or should I say zebra!

 By: takman : April 28th, 2022-16:28
They all look amazing taking into account the skill and time involved. My favourite would be the zebra, only because the monkey faces creep me out a little. Thanks so much for the info and the images.
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You are welcome takman !

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-13:57
The black & white horse is my choice over the monkeys
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Is your pick The monkey with a

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-13:59
fruit in its hand ?
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Yes, the light coloured monkey 🐵 with a fruit

 By: COUNT DE MONET : April 29th, 2022-15:52
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Hi Count, Hope you

 By: GLau : April 30th, 2022-12:08
catch the monkey 🐒 with the fruit 🍑 ! An earlier version for Chinese zodiac year of the monkey with a peach ...  
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Fortunately nothing for me this year...

 By: patrick_y : April 28th, 2022-16:46
That Rousseau Lion still takes the cake as far as the fauna goes.
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You are welcome COUNT ! Now the big question is which

 By: GLau : May 2nd, 2022-05:42
version do you like more ? FYI, Here is another post explaining more about the Chinese zodiac year of the monkey 🐒 www.watchprosite.com
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Beautiful! Monkey dial with brown strap is my favourite

 By: paulscurfa : April 28th, 2022-16:48
along with the Ellipse model
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I posted a fourth one. Will your choice

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:01
still be the same ?
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Gordon, thanks for your excellent write up and photographic essay! Glad that you had the opportunity to communicate with the exceptionally accomplished

 By: patekova : April 28th, 2022-17:18
enamel artist Anita Porchet. While the work to create the marvels you posted is exceptionally complex and artistically challenging, I must say aesthetically I am not captivated by any. The best for me is the monkey with the light brown strap. The ellipse ... 
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You are welcome Patekova ! Thanks for your kind comments !

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:03
The lion, rhino and buffalos are really great ! Best of luck in getting one or more of these pieces !
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These are exquisite!

 By: KCLQMULKU : April 28th, 2022-17:52
For me the south-east photo is my pick. A very nostalgic portrait. As our resident enamel expert/enthusiast, can I ask, how many mistakes happen often, say with PP dials during the enamelling process? If so, are the dials simply destroyed, and if that is ... 
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To clarify, do you like most the

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:05
monkey with a fruit in its hand ? Good questions BTW ! I need to ask THE enamel MASTER AP before replying to you.
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Thank you for the great follow-ups

 By: PP888 : April 28th, 2022-18:23
These are amazing work by the team and Anita Porchet! Definitely elevates these watches to another level with such exquisite art work. Watches are now works of art that future generations will appreciate…
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Intriguing designs.

 By: lavrentivs : April 28th, 2022-19:06
Thanks for the photos and information, always good to learn more about the processes behind the creation.
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Glad you found the information useful ! So

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:08
which one is your pick ??
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Someone spent a lot of time

 By: Thomas_3 : April 28th, 2022-20:10
"monkeying around".
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Perhaps AP + team wanted to spend time to relax by

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:09
"monkeying around" !
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Wow, !!

 By: Miranda : April 28th, 2022-20:16
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Yes, Imran, it was WOW

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:09
WOW WOW for me !
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Seems Zebra is easy to match different clothing.

 By: pptraveltime : April 28th, 2022-20:28
I think I can daily it 😂
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good luck in

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:10
getting to ride the wild zebra !
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Thanks Gordon for such an excellent write-up as usual

 By: Huei : April 29th, 2022-02:52
Love your true passion for enamel dials and it is always something new to learn about from your threads. In your opinion, which of them is harder to make (understand they must be all so difficult)? Aesthetically, I prefer the zebra as the monkeys are a bi... 
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Thanks Huei for your kind reply ! I do like

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:12
zebra more than monkeys in terms of the motif. To me, I think Zebra is harder because of all the wires needed. Your thoughts ?
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Yes, although the motifs are not to your liking, the

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:13
time and efforts needed are simply amazing !
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Absolutely. They are masterpieces.

 By: Ping.Timeout : April 29th, 2022-14:30
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Thanks for the great photos!

 By: xiu laba : April 29th, 2022-06:17
Anita is definitely one of the best at this art. I am particularly enamoured of the zebra piece. From far the stripes seemed random if I didn’t try too hard and the zebras come to life closer!
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yes, Anita Porchet is the Emperor of

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:15
enamel dials for watches ! I like zebra the most as well.
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Many thanks for posting the details and the pictures

 By: DOCSF : April 29th, 2022-06:52
Zebra is my favourite.
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Your are welcome !

 By: GLau : April 29th, 2022-14:15
The wild zebra is also what I like most !
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Dear Gordon, many thanks for your magnificent photos and first hand intelligence from Anita Porchet.

 By: joenghenry : May 2nd, 2022-07:09
I am less picky this time and would gladly embrace any one of these. 😊
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Yes, but I think 🤔 you really deserve the

 By: GLau : May 3rd, 2022-17:09
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While these pieces are not particularly my cup of tea, always a pleasure to read your articles. Your passion radiates!

 By: Horology_Ancienne : May 6th, 2022-17:14
But I do have my rarehandcrafts I love. I guess they’re such an intensely personal affair
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Thanks H_A for your kind reply !

 By: GLau : May 7th, 2022-12:57
Yes, these animal motifs might not work for everyone. The artistry is amazing no matter what the enamel dial is about. 😃 Glad that my passionate “poison” ☠️ radiates 🤣 Rousseau enamel lion 🦁 agrees with you 👍 ...  
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 By: Watchclog : July 25th, 2022-15:54
I just git news that i have been allocated one the monkeys!
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Huge congratulations 🍾!

 By: GLau : July 25th, 2022-16:51
Hope to see your wrist shots soon !
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 By: BenJones : August 4th, 2022-20:40
That’s awesome - well done
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Which monkey 🐒 do you like most Ben ?

 By: GLau : August 12th, 2022-13:08
No monkeying around in your reply please 🤣
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