Report of the Cartier Santos party yesterday in Paris

 By: foversta : April 20th, 2018-15:22
Thanks to the team of the Cartier boutique of Paris Opéra, I could attend the event dedicated to the new Santos collection which took place in another Cartier boutique of Paris: the one located on the Champs-Elysées.

Actually, I was very happy to be invited for several reasons. The first one obviously to attend the event by itself: there is a kind of Cartier Know how when it comes to this type of party. Second reason to spend the evening inside the Champs-Elysées boutique. I don't go there very often, it is a bit too off-centered for me but I was excited to visit it again two years after the re-opening after the renovation works. And of course, the last reason was to see again the pieces from the new Santos collection which was unveiled during the last SIHH.

Let's discover the pictures!

The main entrance of the boutique, located on the Champs-Elysées and very close to the Arc de Triomphe:

The boutique is housed in a beautiful building:

The party is about to start, I'm already inside the boutique!

The leaflet on the foreground is the list of cocktails available created by the barmen from the Le Syndicat. But I will come back on this point later...

The impressive decoration of the boutique:

One animation in a boutique corner was dedicated to the new Santos design wih the presence of the designer himself. I could discover some sketches of Santos Dumont who inspired the atmosphere of the watch. It is above all a matter of style and elegance.

The new Santos is a watch with a clear aim: to make the life of its owner easier. It is the reason why it features strap change and link removal systems. But it is not only a question of straps and bracelets. The case was redesigned to make the watch more refined.

This is the large version which is easily recognizable due to the presence of the date window:

We haven't spoken a lot about the movement but it is important to highlight the fact that the 3 hand versions feature an enhanced version of the in-house movement 1847. Enhanced, what does it mean? The chronometric setting were improved and the protection against the magnetic fields was reinforced. I would like to mention that the different watches of the collection offer a water resistance of 100m.

The sketch below describes the work on the case of the Santos. You can notice that a focus was made to make it as slender as possible.

My fav watch of the collection is the Santos Skeleton powered by the movement 9611MC movement. So we find again a know movement, used previously in different skeleton watches by Cartier. I love the design of the watch and since it is available in stainless-steel, its price becomes very fair and I would say: affordable even if I don't like to use this word...

The party is on!

The classy decoration of the boutique:

Do you see the book on the left? Its title is Cartier en mouvement. And I think it is a great title since the brand is moving a lot with its strategy based on two pillars: more icons and more products dedicated to women. During the last months, we saw: the relaunch of the Panthere collection, the new Tank Louis Cartier and the new Santos. Clearly, Cartier is focusing on its own references, is reducing its high-horology activity and it is a good decision imho.

This is a kind of private corner dedicated to more discreet purchases...

Of course, the Cartier Panther always welcomes the guests and clients!

Music is playing!

The details of the decoration of the boutique:

Another animation led by the French bloggers Les Rhabilleurs was dedicated to the test of the SS medium and large versions with the ability to change the straps and bracelets. The Guests could appreciate how easy is the change system. The design of the watches is highly impacted by switching between the straps and the bracelets.

I have to confess that I much prefer the Medium size: due to its proportions and the removal of the date window, this watch has clearly my preference. It is very elegant even with the bracelet.

The details of the Santos bracelet:

And the clasp which is very well integrated:

The large version and its date window.

The double wristshots picture! I couldn't miss it!

Night was falling but the guests were still enjoying the great organisation of the party:

With the Cartier team with the Santos on my wrist:

With Yuta, from the Cartier Paris Opéra team:

Now, let's focus on a very important part of a successful party: the cocktails.

The two very gifted barmen prepared delicious drinks...

Delicious and really nice to see! I almost had a trouble to drink such well presented glass!

But the true masterpiece was the amazing lemon cocktail with the cinnamon Cartier logo on top!

It is the reason why I was so happy! Have you ever seen such a beautiful glasscontent  before?

The music was still playing...

But it was time to leave the party and to walk a bit on the Champs-Elysées. The picture with the Cartier Grooms is obviously mandatory!

I would like to thank a lot the Cartier team for the perfect organization of the event and the Cartier team of the Paris Opéra boutique for the invitation.

I will come back to the Santos pieces later with better pics taken during the last SIHH.


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Thank you for this superb report FX

 By: Geo : April 20th, 2018-22:51
and it was just if I was there.
It must have been a wonderful party.

Thanks Geo! You can be sure that I was thinking about you during the party! [nt]

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:06
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Certainly seems like a determined way forward!

 By: KMII : April 20th, 2018-22:54
Focusing on the historically strong models of the brand but working on making the brand relevant for a new generation.

Now if only CPCP was to return... smile

Thanks a lot for your extensive coverage of the event, Forevsta!

Thanks a lot! I'm happy to see Cartier on the move... [nt]

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:06
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Thanks so much for the great coverage!

 By: singingbee : April 21st, 2018-04:25
I am a proud owner of the new Santos medium model since launch day.  Really loving this awesome versatile piece, looks great on the bracelet as well the calf strap.  And you are right about the 1847MC being enhanced.  It is extremely accurate, in fact much more than the 1904MC in the Cartier Drive which I used to own.

Sadly there is no launch event for this iconic piece in Singapore.

Thanks for your comments and congrats for your purchase! You will enjoy it a lot! [nt]

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:05
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It's great report.

 By: TheMadDruid : April 21st, 2018-06:15
I agree that the medium is the way to go. Does it come with both a bracelet and a strap?

I also miss all those rooms with the models. You know, the rooms you were sneaking into the last time you did a Cartier report?

Yes Mike, the SS versions come with a bracelet and a strap

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:05
About the rooms, do you mean the rooms of the Cartier boutique rue de la Paix? Cartier is now working to define an identity per flagship store. And I think it is a very good idea. But it is very difficult to be more charming than the boutique Rue de la Paix...

I think Mike means the various rooms

 By: Geo : April 23rd, 2018-12:06
of the pop up Boutique you posted on december 17th.

I am interested in the new Santos design

 By: MTF : April 21st, 2018-12:32
Thanks for the report and await a more formal watch review.
The redesigned Santos mid-sized without date display is interesting and the quick change straps or bracelet sounds user friendly.


And the mid size in PG is stunning believe me! Thanks! [nt]

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:02
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Looks like a nice event.

 By: jomni1 : April 21st, 2018-18:10
I’ve tried both mid and large sizes. Still undecided on what I really want. But leaning in large size.

THanks! You can't be wrong with any...

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:01
It is after all a matter of style, of purpose. One of the guests told me that he was preferring the large size because for him, the watch was looking slimmer. So as you can see, it is a matter of taste!

Excellent coverage, very enjoyable

 By: Tim_M : April 22nd, 2018-05:40
Thank you for sharing, and one Cartier Santos Skeleton in steel for me, please! The Santos arrives as exactly the watch Cartier needs right how. Short of a Roadster revival, this Santos family is the best mainstream introduction that Cartier could have chosen for 2018. In particular, the solidity of the tool-free bracelet sizing and quick release lugs impressed when I handled the watch at SIHH. Add 100-meter water resistance (which should be an industry standard) and beautifully finished skeleton in stainless steel... this is a formidable watch.

Thanks Tim and I do agree with what you said about the Santos collection. [nt]

 By: foversta : April 22nd, 2018-15:01
No message body

Looks amazing!

 By: keks : April 23rd, 2018-21:25
Thanks for sharing this wonderful reportS

Cartier has done well with this new release. Skeleton Santos in steel is very cool!

Cartier has just sent me a bunch of marketing collateral...

 By: jomni1 : April 23rd, 2018-22:16
Inviting me to view the Santos in the boutique. Too late, I’ve already gone and tried them. This is indeed a contender to be my next watch (maybe next year).

Solid report and superb photos!

 By: Teacher Yang : April 27th, 2018-17:07
Thanks for sharing Fx!


Wonderful report FX!! Fantastic event and a superb watch. As a matter of fact I had the opportunity to view...

 By: Subexplorer : May 2nd, 2018-13:09
... both the big and medium size models a few weeks ago and inmediately fell in love with them.
I finally decided for the medium no date version due to its size and lack of date window and took it home. Hope to post some pictures soon.
Definitively a very charming, elegant and classy timepiece!
The easy link feature and the easy change of bracelet for straps make for an additional attraction. I really love this watch!
Thank you for sharing these great shots and your comments about both the watch and the event!
Cheers! Abel.

Congrats Abel! Enjoy wearing your new Santos in good health! [nt]

 By: singingbee : May 2nd, 2018-21:03
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Thanks a lot Aarniusi!! I am enjoying it so much! Wish same to you! Cheers! Abel [nt]

 By: Subexplorer : May 3rd, 2018-08:25
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 By: Weems@8 : April 6th, 2019-13:08
Timeless watch. 
In my opinion a Santos get’s better and better. It is compare to cars a Porsche 911. But still the classics are worth to collect. 

I do not get homesick to date windows, because i am to laizy to set the date. Maybe a perputual calendar is something for me, because i have no worries about setting the date.