Anyone have a fix for deployant clasp sticking out?

 By: mattg6 : January 13th, 2021-04:46
Would love if this could sit more flat (perpendicular) to my wrist rather than sticking out. Maybe just need a new strap? Or anything else I can do to fix?

I think it is because the strap is too long for your wrist. Getting a shorter strap should solve this problem. Best, Henry

 By: joenghenry : January 13th, 2021-04:49
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My other deployant lies much more flat and I think is same size strap

 By: mattg6 : January 13th, 2021-06:29

Hmm.... that's strange. I think the reason for the deployant clasp being not "flat" is because the strap at 12hr position is too long, hence pushing the clasp forwards and opening it up.

 By: joenghenry : January 13th, 2021-06:42
Hence a shorter strap (at least at the 12hr side) should be helpful. Perhaps a visit to the PP service center will be helpful? The staff there should know better on this issue.

On second thought, I have got it wrong. It should be the 6hr strap holding the deployant clasp. Hence the strap is probably too short and therefore pulling the clasp and open it up??

 By: joenghenry : January 13th, 2021-08:25
Anyway, probably better seek advice from PP service center.

i suggest you to change the direction of the strap

 By: patrickh : January 13th, 2021-05:22
Wear your watch with the crown in direction of your shoulder and you will see if the fact to change the 2 lugs fixations will resolve your feeling ;-))

Same issue when reversed unfortunately

 By: mattg6 : January 13th, 2021-06:17
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custom strap will solve the matter. I had Lange deployant clasp, which was very uncomfortable. custom strap solved it like magic!

 By: woodman : January 13th, 2021-06:00
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Reverse the straps. That solution has worked . . .

 By: Dr No : January 13th, 2021-07:01
. . . for one of mine.


I had the same problem with the PP single fold over clasp and could never fix it.

 By: NautNut : January 13th, 2021-07:09
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Whichever the problem with your clasp, I'd suggest a quick visit to any AD in your area (there are some) with at least one asterisk on Patek's official site, listed as "Quick service centers"...Hopefully that will quickly solve the issue.

 By: FabR : January 13th, 2021-07:29
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New strap needed

 By: MIKETULLER : January 13th, 2021-09:16
had same problem, PP in NYC informed me that the strap I had was incorrect

Maybe your strap is too thick?

 By: MikiJ : January 13th, 2021-10:39
I had a similar issue with an older Patek logo Deployant similar to yours' on my 5000J.
Most Calatrava models require an unlined, thinner, style strap. See if your strap is too thick.

Use needle and thread to tie one of the crosses in the Calatrava cross to one of the holes in the strap.

 By: patrick_y : January 13th, 2021-16:32
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Too funny but great idea!

 By: mattg6 : January 13th, 2021-17:49
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Not intended to be funny at all. Lots of people do it for that very problem, it sticks out on many wrists.

 By: patrick_y : January 13th, 2021-21:34
It's just not quickly noticed, but you might've seen it before, just didn't really notice it!

Replace the folding clasp with a pin buckle. Then follow tradition and attach the buckle side to the 12.00 lug. If the strap is too long, order another. Whatever, enjoy the process.

 By: kjkt3 : January 13th, 2021-18:18
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