I much prefer it on the bracelet 😊

Mar 02, 2020,00:45 AM

After experiencing the NATO strap for skiing, back on the road again this week with the Speedy on metal, I do prefer it this way. Have a great week!

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Thanks Reuven! [nt]

 By: 1WatchMan : March 2nd, 2020-07:44

I would have to strongly agree!

 By: Mach : March 2nd, 2020-02:41
Enjoy that beauty!

I’m the opposite (kind of).

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 2nd, 2020-03:35
I don’t think my Speedy has seen a bracelet in about 10 years. However, I could see that being different if it was a watch that I wore regularly as I do prefer bracelets day to day.

The same for me! [nt]

 By: massimiliano : March 2nd, 2020-06:30

Fortunately, the Speedy is quite versatile

 By: 1WatchMan : March 2nd, 2020-07:47
And you have plenty of strap options. It looks awesome in many different leather and NATO straps, but I do prefer the bracelet for a daily wear.

I could go either way with a black Pro. Bracelets work, but straps add . . .

 By: Dr No : March 2nd, 2020-11:13
. . . a touch of character. Either way, it's a legend. Not to mention the arguably most significant wristwatch ever. Art

Yes, Moon? ... or Marianas trench. Both are impressive feats but I'm going with the Moon!

 By: InDebtButOnTime : March 2nd, 2020-17:21
While I really like my sapphire sandwich on an Omega brown calf.. and appreciate other strap options for uniqueness I am thinking more and more of putting a bracelet back on it.

I’m with you

 By: gregcarraram3 : March 9th, 2020-18:48
I think the bracelet is my favorite!

Also agree!!

 By: dkaleal : March 26th, 2020-10:12
Love the hesalite version as i had the sapphire sandwhich but traded it in about 3 years ago and just recently purchased the hesalite version... I didnt put another watch on my wrist for over 45 days!!! fell in love Mine says hello!!! ...  

Hello! (and sorry for the late response)

 By: 1WatchMan : April 13th, 2020-01:16
I do love the look of the plexi version, but I went for the sapphire one because I wanted to see the movement. Enjoy it!