Real or Replica ??? I need help please !?!?

Mar 07, 2016,09:21 AM

hi i have an officine panerai firenze 1860 , i bought it from an auction but can't find the model on the net to find its true worth . the front of the watch reads " luminor gmt , panerai automatic , the back reads officine panerai firenze 1860 , ozean chronometer Automatic, QP6635 , BB1148126 , Stainless Steal , 300 m . the clock is very heavy and looks quality .  Can someone please help me out and identify whether this is a fake or or ? 

many thanks for your help

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without pics, no one can determine if it's fake or real, unless off course if

 By: raymond74 : March 7th, 2016-09:40
you tell us you bought it on a beach for roundabout 20 euros!

well, pictures would help.....

 By: Tonneau1 : March 7th, 2016-09:49
but if it truly says 'stainless STEAL' on the back, as you mentioned, then I'm sorry, but you're money was indeed stolen. while fakes have gotten to be a lot better quality in recent years, misspellings are still a dead giveaway.

I see ...

 By: P@trick@Belgium : March 7th, 2016-10:56
bad weather coming up at the horizon look at the BB number which is coincidential the same as yours (that's a fake FYI) just google Panerai+BB1148126 ...  

The case number points to a: OP6635 Luminor Power Reserve 44mm "Regatta 2005" PAM 222

 By: sergio : March 9th, 2016-19:20
Without a clear picture of the dial, it's impossible