Overdue strap change - What do you think?

Oct 17, 2020,17:28 PM

I’ve had this OEM Alligator nubuck strap for a couple of years but never fitted it on my Pam 372, till today.  I am looking forward to the development of a darker patina as I break it in over time.  But for now, do you think this combination of alligator nubuck works well...or are the calf variations (which is what I had) better?

Thanks for looking.

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I love this combo! Looks amazing with that strap [nt]

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 17th, 2020-17:38

They look like made for each other!

 By: Pun : October 17th, 2020-19:36
It's a great sophisticated combination indeed.

You really are elevating my impression of this combo!

 By: ArmisE : October 17th, 2020-20:14
I don’t think i’ll be changing it again anytime soon. Thank you.

Gold hands look great with the JV TAN

 By: darrony : October 17th, 2020-20:35

The strap on the 47mm destro is a patina’d JV 26mm non tapered strap

 By: darrony : October 18th, 2020-07:04
JV strap pictured in the top picture and most to right. Other two are special tanning gator and not suede like the JV

Ah, okay, I see the differences.

 By: ArmisE : October 18th, 2020-12:28
But they are each very nice given their special feature.

The strap is nice, but my opinion is that calf would suit better.

 By: amanico : October 17th, 2020-23:57
The original, of course, of some others.

I am not at all a fan of alligator straps. Some due Look not to bad but to me they don’t fit to a panerai or let’s say to how I like to wear a panerai.

 By: Ahoi : October 18th, 2020-05:07
So my suggestion would be for the calf or an authentic 6152/1 strap from some of the strap makers.

The JV....

 By: sergio : October 18th, 2020-08:07
that's how your OEM is called (because it was introduced on PAM216 Jules Verne) is probably the most versatile strap Panerai even made. It looks great on almost every model and every model looks great with the JV on. That being said, I think that the 372 ... 


 By: Ahoi : October 18th, 2020-08:44
I agree it is indeed a very nice and versatile strap.

Your opinion and candidness is not without weight, Sergio.

 By: ArmisE : October 18th, 2020-12:26
Then I’m curious, are you saying that the JV strap is better suited to a 587? (as an example) Thanks.

I think that the JV....

 By: sergio : October 18th, 2020-12:58
...(I own 3 or 4 of them) doesn't suit any 47mm Luminor or Radiomir 1940. The cases are too heavy. 47mm Radiomirs like 249, 232, 373 etc and 44mm Luminors, on the other hand are perfect for a JV. I used it on the 2, 36, 115, 117...etc with much personal s... 

I agree... but I am one of those guys who try

 By: darrony : October 18th, 2020-15:01
To put a 47mm destro under a sleeve LOL!!! That’s when I put on the thinner JV

Oh, I misunderstood your point to be the converse.

 By: ArmisE : October 18th, 2020-16:27
I thought you were saying the 372 is too “dainty” for the JV strap...but instead you meant the JV is too dainty (or refined) for the 372 brute . It made more sense when I saw your example combinations. That being said, it is actually the contrast of chara... 

Nicely put, Sergio. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 18th, 2020-12:30