Minerva calibre 13.21 powering my Montblanc Villeret chronograph

May 20, 2020,16:48 PM

View under a loupe.
Enjoy smile


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A real feast! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 20th, 2020-16:55

Indeed !

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-05:45
I don’t get bored of this one

Beauty Robin

 By: Tick Talk : May 20th, 2020-17:25
Wear it (and photograph it) in good health

Thanks a lot Dean !

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-05:46
Good to hear from you again

That's it!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 20th, 2020-18:07
A true beauty

Welcome back Robin!

 By: patrick_y : May 20th, 2020-20:56
Missed you very much!

Beautiful view Robin

 By: singingbee : May 20th, 2020-22:50
Loves it!

Thanks bro ! :) [nt]

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-05:46

Thanks mate ! [nt]

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-05:47

Have a look

 By: Weems@8 : May 21st, 2020-02:57
When it comes to movements, calibre 13.21 is a stunning movement. It sets me thinking, get a watch with a balanced adjusted balance wheel.

I don't often post on this board, but for you? Great to see you my Friend!

 By: MichaelC : May 21st, 2020-07:09
Awesome movement shot too. Hope all is well your way.

All well here amigo :)

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-17:02
Nice to hear from you ! Take care and stay safe Cheers Robin

The history of the Minerva 13-20 (now 13.21) - nearly 100 years old.

 By: chezlaskin : May 21st, 2020-07:41
I too have one of these. Mine is from that period of time when the Frey family sold the company - and before they became affiliated with MontBlanc (the early 2000's). Spectacular movement. The original Minerva 13-20 dates from 1923. And these newer versio...  

+ 1 ! [nt]

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-17:03

Beautiful dial and movement !!

 By: jrwong23 : May 21st, 2020-17:03
Thanks for sharing ! Would love to see how Montblanc celebrates that anniversary Cheers Robin

WOW! This is gorgeous

 By: singingbee : May 21st, 2020-21:53
Really hope MB will release something similar to this for Minerva anniversary! And if you decide to let go off this beauty one day, please let me know! I know I am just trying my luck.

my 13.21. says hello

 By: penfriend : May 22nd, 2020-02:41
although I must admit that the earlier produced Villeret calibers like yours are even better finished than the more recent ones like mine. as I own the 16.29 (snake dial chrono) and the 16.32 (tachydate) from the Villeret collection I have compared a lot ...  

That I totally agree! [nt]

 By: singingbee : May 22nd, 2020-03:26

+1 [nt]

 By: jrwong23 : May 22nd, 2020-06:13

Yes bro

 By: singingbee : May 22nd, 2020-07:32
Then we need to find someone who have the more recent models featuring the 13.21. With regards to the other larger Minerva calibres, I have no comments as I have nothing to compare against. Maybe Winston will know more?

Yes bro ! 😀 [nt]

 By: singingbee : May 26th, 2020-01:17

Nice shot !

 By: jrwong23 : May 22nd, 2020-06:13
I didn’t realise earlier vs later periods Minerva calibres from Villeret have different finishing levels. I assumed they are the same. Will try to check out next time