Justice to this DSA watch is still very unfair, BESIDES

Jan 09, 2009,05:10 AM

I read a lot about those who want the polaris so bad I get the impression they would give their left leg to own one and honestly I dont know why, many wont dive with them and who ever REALLY uses the alarm function, Im never that far from my schedual to ever wonder what day it is so a date on a watch for me is ustless as well ( as is the moon phase unless im a WAREWOLF) Im not BASHING the Polaris and if I wated one I would get one, I just dont want one, they LOOK huge (to big for me, most images I see the watch looks like its hanging over each side of the wrist in the images) I also dont like the fact that the Polaris crystal is the only protection and looks so raised that I would also easily scratch it diving or even just around the office.

I can see where one would be like OH DARN after accidentally bumping it on the wall while walking or working around the office, WE all know that in the past when you look at the time and see that LovELY white paint mark on the face of the crystal only to find using our finger nail to remove it with a relief with a SIGH.

I have like 350 watches but can only wear one at a time (no pun intended) I have 4 Buolova Spaceviews that now are missing the crystal just by it falling off after a BUMP someplace at some time. I have some that needed scratches removed by buffing and some that look like your trying to tell time while in a smoke filled room. I guess its speculative, some say dark chocolate is better then milk and some say milk is better then dark, Men have fought in bars over which beer is better DARK or LIGHT, Draft or bottled.. ( the war rages on)

SO polaris or DSA? I think many want the polaris becuase its rare and is more advertised and promoted as hard to get and with examples here and there creates a panic desire to get one. I remeber when DISNEY movies VCRs were on moritorium and some sold for like $500 then when they released them again for $15 people were LIKE EH its not rare so who needs it. (tickle me elmo as an example)

It must be hard to own a DSA as I and a  select few other do own and if MUGGED they would not likely  say HAND over your watch just your wallett. Unless the MUGGER is a serious collector and knows the watch. I like gadgets complex movements YES even a moon phase or two which I own that are NEVER calibrated, ( I have been known to get a sunburn in Florida when my watch said I should be asleep)

SO polairs - DSA ( deep sea alarm) gold, steel, platinum, what ever, if it tells time I guess thats fine BUT having something that is desirable or to have bragging rights I guess is just human nature, If it werent we would all be wearing some quartz thing. If at a LeCOultre event im sure all the Polaris guys hang out and im sure the futurmatic group does as well BUT being the owner of a Deep Sea Alarm, WELL youll definitly recognize me, ILL BE THE GUY in the corner all by myself.. SOME JUSTICE..

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" Diving is Beautiful ", an in depth view on JLC Diving Watches and others.

 By: amanico : November 3rd, 2018-04:51
Revisiting all the History of JLC Diving watches is a passionate Dive into the Beauty. Even if I'm a Polaris Lover, there is not only the Polaris to consider, as some other very interesting watches existed, before and after this Cult Watch. For those inte...  


 By: bimbeano : January 2nd, 2009-12:58

thx - pleasure to read it [nt]

 By: foullis : January 2nd, 2009-13:04
No message body

My warmest congratulations Nicolas!

 By: E.J. : January 2nd, 2009-14:29
The article you've done is simply amazing and deserves our heartfelt thanks and congratulations. Me, a lover of diving watches, have enjoyed as a child reading and re-reading this wonderful work. And if it is accompanied by much pics, you can not ask for ... 

Impressive compilation, Nicolas!

 By: BDLJ : January 2nd, 2009-20:21
I really enjoyed that. The irony of all that is the JLC watch that is closest to a "real" diver (In My Very Humble Opinion)is the Dolphin. If only it were not so small!

Gracias, Emilio

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2009-08:52

May I add some pics ?

 By: foversta : January 2nd, 2009-14:55
A beautiful quatuor: Fr.Xavier...  

BRAVO Nicolas!

 By: ChristianDK : January 2nd, 2009-17:01
thank you for a superb article. I just came home - read it¨twice and will read it again. Collection of pictures/data will be for reference,Im shure Ill come back to this many times. The Dive watches are the mythical, mystical, they represent dreams of exp... 


 By: amanico : January 4th, 2009-09:38

just gorgeous....

 By: donzi22 : January 2nd, 2009-19:17


 By: biowatch : January 2nd, 2009-16:51
Dear Nicolas, I would like to say "Thank You" for posting this and also the formers reports about the JLC divers. Excellent pics and a perfect overview in terms of the competition. Some comments related to Vulcain: The Deep Sea was the 1st diver on the ma...  

A truly super post, thank you

 By: nasseriq : November 11th, 2018-07:44
Best Reubin

Merci, Reubin! [nt]

 By: amanico : November 11th, 2018-09:13

Great post Nicholas!

 By: ks : January 2nd, 2009-17:24
Bravo! I'm reading it again. Cheers rgds ks

this is wonderful!!!

 By: donzi22 : January 2nd, 2009-18:27
Nicolas I have more diving watches than I can count, and many are vintage. but this post scrambles my brain!!! Unreal!!! ....... thanks for posting....and educating us all. outstanding!!! I have always loved the Master Mariner....what a beauty! Cheers mon... 

Hi, Donzi

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2009-11:40

Great article, Nicolas!

 By: dxboon : January 2nd, 2009-22:58
As always, you present great information and fantastic pictures as reference points.  I truly learn so much every time I read one of your postings.  This article was so timely for me as well, because I am hunting for a new diver to purchase this year.  De... 

So, Daos, will you go on the Vintage or the Modern Ground ?

 By: amanico : January 4th, 2009-11:42
Finally, the question has to be asked... So many Beauties, here. What I personnaly love, is to make a duo of an original model, and its modern re edition. I love this game. Thank you for your nice comments, my friend. Nicolas

Undecided still, Nicolas

 By: dxboon : January 4th, 2009-19:08
I tried to pick up a vintage JLC Memovox the other day, but wasn't quite quick enough on the trigger, and lost out to another party.  Sometimes things are not meant to be.  You already know that I'm a fan of the Legend Diver reissue, so that's in the mix.... 

Amazing work my friend !

 By: DrStrong : January 3rd, 2009-00:28
I have learned a lot and have enjoyed reading your great article. Only the PuristS offer these kind of reviews, thanks a lot for spending your time educating us ! Cheers Jeff

Now I want to learn to DIVE

 By: drehy : January 3rd, 2009-01:16
What a superb post and great collection.

I am impressed!

 By: Marv : January 3rd, 2009-01:54
What an amazing post. It really requires a deep breath, Congratulations!

Aaah, Marv,

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-05:23

Some remarks...

 By: Ilja : January 3rd, 2009-05:20
Nicely written article Nico! Some remarks: The hands on your watch do have lume, check the hand's tips carefull. A 1961 German pricelist at least refers to the DSA. I don't buy the story the american brench had the idea of creating the DSA, more or less I... 

I knew you were going out of the Wood, Ilja

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-05:41
LOL Thanks a lot for your very valuable comments, Ilja. As for the DSA, 2 things: 1stn before I forget, if you have a scan of the 1961 German Price list re to the DSA, I would love a lot to see it, and to save it for my personnal collection of pics and do... 


 By: Ilja : January 5th, 2009-12:30
...I'm too predictable. Will send you a scan, but be warned, I'm somehow a timeless person. To be honest, I have some kg of vintage JLC material that *should* be available to the public but on the other hand I'm freakin lazy - it was easier to go to DC to... 

This prompts me to pay my JLC AD a visit tomorrow

 By: samwan : January 3rd, 2009-06:38
And if my wife is upset about me buying yet another watch... I will blame it on you. A truly magnificient post Nicolas. Please accept my hearty congratulations! Sam

I'm made for that, Sam

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-05:44
To give every husband a good excuse to their wife... In fact, this is my very first Job...LOL A thousand thanks for your very nice owrds, Sam. Let me know how dangerous was your visit to your AD. Best, Nicolas

I just joined the queue for the Polaris

 By: samwan : January 5th, 2009-08:34
Should arrive any minute now...

Excellent news, Sam!

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-12:03

Your passion is inexhaustible my friend

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 3rd, 2009-07:45
and your love for knowledge sharing is unsurpassed and limitless I have rarely seen someone alike and as a professor I must say that I admire you now The Vulcain Cricket Nautical has one of the strangest and very very appealing dials to me that I have see... 

OMG, Mon ami, dont you ever sleep?

 By: BluNotte : January 3rd, 2009-08:13
I am in awe as usual of the depth and detail of your report! I'm a little embaressed and have a lack of confidence, if my platinum report will be "Report a la Nicolas"! Cheers Stephen

No he is not TRUST ME! :0))) [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 3rd, 2009-11:47

Fantastic treatise on dive watches

 By: nwp627 : January 3rd, 2009-10:06
Thank you Nicolas that was an amazing post on dive watch history and beauty. I have been wearing dive watches for more than thirty five years mainly because they are functional and durable. My first JLC was the MC Diver GMT on Ti bracelet. It was bought n... 

Nicely said, Neil

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-11:53

I drown in this scans typhoon :)

 By: Fred.N : January 3rd, 2009-13:13
Thank you Nico for your research and for this ultra-complete review ... an instructive and very visual 360° view on the diving watches!!

Amazing post!!

 By: javierleon : January 4th, 2009-01:54
Now i´m thinking in a Polaris, anyway today i will wear a Sub

Fantastic post

 By: Bretta : January 4th, 2009-03:39
Forum posts don't get better than this... fantastic stuff. Thank you so much.

wonderful review...

 By: Stefan : January 4th, 2009-06:46
hi Nic, as usual, you have posted outstanding review again, it can show you have very indepth understanding of these watch models. enjoyed reading it and learnt something new again. for these diving watches apart from JLC, i have not come across the unive... 

Hi, Stefan

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-12:14
I have only an in depth passion for these watches, not an in depth knowledge, as I can tell you that I learn new thing every day... As for the U.G Polerouter Sub, Steve G made an awesome post about it, with magnificient pics I used for this review. You ma... 

Very impressive...

 By: Tony C. : January 4th, 2009-12:49
and comprehensive report, Nicolas. And what a collection of divers! But I am confused about one thing: how do you find the time to practice law? ;>)` Best regards. Tony C.

Thanks, Tony

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-13:08

Your best report yet Nicolas (IMHO)...

 By: matrix : January 5th, 2009-13:36
Hello and Happy holidays to you N., I just got back from being away for the holidays and your post was the first I've read in our forum in the past few weeks. And what an awesome way to join our fine community here once again! Thank you so much for puttin... 

Welcome Back, Matrix

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-23:53

Got me thinking...Uh oh!

 By: respo : January 5th, 2009-13:59
Great report and overview of the divers, even if this is not my favorite theme for collecting. You've even got me thinking I should consider one of these JLC divers, especially the relatively new MC series of diving watches -- so hard to choose. I really ... 

Aaah, Respo

 By: amanico : January 5th, 2009-23:56
I perfectly understand that you're on trouble... I too consider one of these new Diving wathces, to live with, and to have fun with, during my next summer holidays. Also, it is interesting to make the link between the Vintage I already own, and the modern... 

Nice diver time

 By: chronomtr : January 6th, 2009-07:45
Thank you for the nice writing with photos. Great. I was killed or at least poisoned. May I add one...  

made in russia

 By: chronomtr : January 6th, 2009-08:26
From the packing and paper, you may notice it is from russia. It is the original one and it was replica by a company, However, I cannot remeber the replica name even I opened the back, it said it made in Japan. The replica: This message has been edited by...  

So, Beranrd, you too play the game of the

 By: amanico : January 6th, 2009-08:36
Original and Re Edition together? Interesting and exciting game, isn't it? You should make a small review of this one, my friend. Best. Nicolas

It just an occasion.

 By: chronomtr : January 6th, 2009-08:41

Justice to this DSA watch is still very unfair, BESIDES

 By: Grant : January 9th, 2009-05:10
I read a lot about those who want the polaris so bad I get the impression they would give their left leg to own one and honestly I dont know why, many wont dive with them and who ever REALLY uses the alarm function, Im never that far from my schedual to e...  

Thanks for your contribution to this post, Grant

 By: amanico : January 9th, 2009-14:28
As you can read, I was not talking that much about the Polaris, here, but more about ALL JLC Diving watches, and even, about their competitors, Vintage or Modern. But it is always a pleasure to see this lovely ( yes, you're absolutely right, this DSA is r... 

Thanks Nic

 By: Grant : January 11th, 2009-06:11
I havent been here much, I have nothing left to say that has not already been said. I did meet a man who has 4 deep seas and wants me to make the rings for his bezels when they are finished. I am still looking for a bezel part that has the ring in it, it ... 

Agree, Grant

 By: amanico : January 11th, 2009-06:19


 By: christoffer : January 15th, 2009-13:53

What a stellar post .. Great & comprehensive read.. 5 yrs late, but ..

 By: hs111 : April 30th, 2014-22:03
.. please take my gratitude & Congrats for this super write-up !! - Thanks to your comment to a post then, the article was reappearing , great !! As per your reply to this post, it thereby resurfaced and provided a fantastic morning read for me. - Educati... 

I was using our search engine for something and fell on an old answer I didn't notice.

 By: amanico : April 30th, 2014-22:50
These Vintage JLC diving watches are, this is not a secret, among my favourite themes of collection. Luckily I achieved to almost get all of them. I am still running after one ( or two ), but with a bit of luck, it will soon be done. Thanks for your nice ... 

Just now I see this old post.......

 By: shipkeeper : May 2nd, 2014-17:03
.........when I am using this beauty on my wrist....coincidence!!!! All the Best. Juan ...  

classic Nico post. Pure passion

 By: Bill : November 3rd, 2018-04:54
. Thanks you

They need to gamble a bit and put out a new..

 By: Echi : November 3rd, 2018-21:13
Master Mariner line. That case shape is beautiful! Imagine if they revived this one with a plexi. And that strap! It doesn’t even have to be exactly like the original as long as the dimensions are.. maybe a really dark choco or dark blue variant along wit... 

thanks for this article so awesome Nicolas..

 By: fherradon : November 4th, 2018-01:59
is one of those who keep the passion for JLC's watches alive. Fernando

Only took me 9 years

 By: Brandon Skinner : November 4th, 2018-17:59
to thank you for this article. I found it while doing some research. Thank you so much Nico for this incredible contribution!!!