Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto🏎️🏁 a few months later

Feb 12, 2024,23:35 PM

I am really enjoying my Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto watch after owning it for a few months now! It's super light and comfortable to wear. Although I have noticed some scratches on the bezel, I'm not too worried about it as I like to wear my watches. It's understated and has great precision. Overall, I still love it! ❤️

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Super shot!

 By: amanico : February 13th, 2024-00:17

Great looking watch

 By: EinPa : February 13th, 2024-00:36
Wear it in good health

👏Thank you!

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2024-09:34

Looks amazing

 By: keks : February 13th, 2024-00:49
Interesting piece indeed!!!

🏁 thank you! Is really different than the RO or the Nautilus

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2024-09:35
much nicer movement, strong lume, comfortable bracelet

I don’t mind saying how envious I am.

 By: myles721 : February 13th, 2024-00:54
One of my grails…stunning…steel?

🏁thanks ! it is in Titanium

 By: christianch : February 13th, 2024-09:36
so lighter, wears/looks smaller than the size would suggest

Great pic

 By: sschew : February 13th, 2024-05:54
What a lovely watch

I can easily understand you are enjoying it a lot!!!

 By: Mike H : February 13th, 2024-08:32
It really looks amazing 🤩, uber cool 😎, and though below the radar which is actually perfect nowadays 😉

One of my favorite sport watches…

 By: MiguelFlash : February 15th, 2024-05:09
Elegant and sporty. And that dial! Looks fantastic on your wrist!