Thanks SJX......

Aug 27, 2007,12:15 PM

I've been looking forward to the 'real' shots (with fingerprints too..!!) for ages.  Looks impressive.
Thank you.

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Exclusive photos of the highly anticipated Sinn U1 All Black for TEMPUS 2007!

 By: SJX : August 27th, 2007-10:15
As discussed before on this forum, Sinn will issue a limited edition of 250 Tegiment U1 watches for The Hour Glass, in conjunction with the TEMPUS - Temple of Time event to be held from Sep 5 - 9 here in Singapore. I am pleased to present exclusive photos...  

Thanks JX for the photos...pretty good though! More real with finger prints :-)..

 By: Kong : August 27th, 2007-10:59
Congrats Harry on the new piece! Are the hands metal? The date window seems a bit too small for the date, or is it parallax ? Kong

Thanks Kong

 By: HarryTan : August 29th, 2007-20:43

Thanks SJX......

 By: Andy : August 27th, 2007-12:15

But but...

 By: K T : August 27th, 2007-18:40
I wanna see Harry in camos wielding a large serrated dagger with soot streaks under his eyes...


 By: IWC2006 : August 27th, 2007-19:40

just beautiful.....

 By: teckmeng : August 27th, 2007-19:53


 By: Laurence G : August 27th, 2007-20:16
Congratulations Harry! And thanks to SJX for bringing us the initial shots! This is just cool! LG

Thanks Lawrence! [nt]

 By: HarryTan : August 29th, 2007-20:44

Tnanks for sharing..

 By: Raymond : August 27th, 2007-20:48
waiting to see them at the upcoming Tempus..

Finally! Some pics of the Black U1

 By: kglaw : August 27th, 2007-20:50
Looks fantastic! I have been waiting impatiently for the pics of this Tempus Black U1 and it does not dissappoint. I do hope they will have some on display during Tempus. The black, white and orange colors really pop up and look superb on the dial and bez... 

The buckle

 By: SJX : August 28th, 2007-00:07
I am unsure if it is Tegiment also, but I suspect it is. Will post here once I know for sure. - SJX

I was thinking that everything is orange instead of just the hands

 By: Jokoh : August 27th, 2007-21:12
Now to find a nice strap that goes with it ;-)

Once you have tried the rubber it is hard to go back

 By: Bill : August 27th, 2007-21:15
Having said that a nice - thick - black - calf strap with orange stitching would be sooooo cool. I am sure someone has the strap already to go. sweet watch in any color.... Bill

A leather strap with orange stitching

 By: SJX : August 28th, 2007-00:03
I already have a strap ready for it, same strap as the one on the Glycine. :-) - SJX...  

Very nice strap SJX

 By: Bill : August 28th, 2007-17:08

A striking watch, congratulations Harry

 By: Dirk : August 27th, 2007-21:29
As I may have said before - if only I could bring myself to like the hands ... Dirk

Thanks JSX for sharing.

 By: jimsbk : August 27th, 2007-23:34
Harry congratulations for the being first to own it. Look lovely from the pics and I too wished the numbers are in colours instead of white. Looking forward to having it on my wrist soon. Cheers Jim

NB: The edition is officially sold out

 By: SJX : August 28th, 2007-00:37
Statement from The Hour Glass, "though we are clearly delighted by the interest this The Hour Glass Edition has received, the 250 pieces produced are already spoken for and that we have no more left to sell." - SJX This message has been edited by SJX on 2... 

Finally here!

 By: patrickmaniac : August 28th, 2007-06:13

Thanks, JiaXian, for the photos...

 By: CS Tan : August 28th, 2007-08:51
and congrats to Harry for the beautiful watch. I look forward to admiring it! Cheers, CS

Thanks CS! [nt]

 By: HarryTan : August 28th, 2007-09:34

Great shots JX! Just picked up mine too....

 By: huaffy : August 28th, 2007-09:30
but couldn't bear to cut the rubber strap so I'm wearing it with an old aftermarket rubber strap with a SS buckle. Looks quite ok actually - colour combo kinda reminds me of the black-cased GG Arena Biretros (which mostly come with black rubber straps w/ ... 

thanks Harry & SJX :-)

 By: decksurgeon : August 28th, 2007-09:42
here's another one. "Day & Night" [img][/img]

Hands and 1000m

 By: BDLJ : August 28th, 2007-18:34
Handsome watch. Not sure about the hands on the U1. How do they look illuminated? Any night shots? Can we add "Tegimented" to the list of precious watch terms (a la the Silicium thread), as far as I understand it's just a super-hard coating. Can anyone en... 

1000m watch....

 By: decksurgeon : August 28th, 2007-18:50
put it this way, you would have stopped ticking was before the watch if you attempted a decent to 1000m without specialized appratus. LOL! i recon the ladies at the pool might like it tho...... ;-P


 By: BDLJ : September 3rd, 2007-01:31