some classics lounging

Jun 11, 2024,15:03 PM

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 By: hora12reborn : June 11th, 2024-19:34

Nice duo.

 By: smironov : June 11th, 2024-16:01
May I ask which one do you like more and which one wear more often? Is it the same watch?

that is easy to answer

 By: VinnieD : June 11th, 2024-17:25
the AP is mine, whilst I am just toying with the idea of the Patek. Rectangular watches are not friendly to wear on my wrist but the Gondolo 5109 is quite delightful : nice powder dial, beautiful numerals...

5196p has a lot in common to this 5109

 By: smironov : June 11th, 2024-17:41
But the price is 3x...

sorry cannot post that

 By: VinnieD : June 11th, 2024-20:02
you would say it looks great and then I would have to buy it


 By: smironov : June 11th, 2024-20:15

Both lovely...

 By: mdg : June 11th, 2024-17:41
...and we don't see enough APs like this...

Lovely pieces!

 By: patrick_y : June 11th, 2024-18:23
I really like the dial texture of the Patek Philippe. Sometimes I wished I had bought the Patek when I had the chance. As I remember it looked quite good on my wrist.

These two are aging quite well!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 11th, 2024-22:21

They are both so charming

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 12th, 2024-17:28

Hummmmm, very class.

 By: amanico : June 13th, 2024-16:07

A great pair of underrated gems

 By: andrea~ : June 13th, 2024-12:01
The Jules Audemars line was fantastic... It's a shame that they killed it


 By: andrea~ : June 13th, 2024-12:02