Other than weight, are there

Sep 13, 2021,21:37 PM

any other advantages of titanium over stainless  steel?

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no corrosion

 By: VinnieD : September 13th, 2021-21:55

Titanium …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 13th, 2021-21:56
It’s virtually corrosion resistant and can be exposed to salt water without corroding. It’s also antimagnetic.

Repels greater and lesser flying demons.

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : September 13th, 2021-22:16
This was actually the reason it saw use in aerospace applications. That, and the weight/strength profile... Grade 5 titanium is more scratch resistant than the usual types of steel used in watches. Titanium is more difficult to machine, I've read.

It repels tools just as it repels demons

 By: cazalea : September 13th, 2021-23:08
It tastes better too! Seriously, read this thread for more data about titanium.

Thanks for this!

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : September 14th, 2021-12:33

Your friends will think it's cool.

 By: BigFatPauli : September 13th, 2021-23:42

Better resonance.

 By: mkvc : September 14th, 2021-00:47
Helpful if you are in a position to consider a repeater. I usually use a titanium 'cello endpin and fine tuners (as opposed to steel), as I like their effect on the sound of the instrument.

Scratch and ding resistance are really big leaps over stainless

 By: Fastwong : September 14th, 2021-15:22
I haven't been able to put a ding/dent in a ti watch and scratches tend to be very light, visible in the finish but not actually digging into the metal. This means any decorative polishing or brushing tends to hold up better over time. Color may also be a... 


 By: m2 : September 14th, 2021-17:00
Titanium is better than SS in almost every way possible IMO. The only reason it's not more popular is because people correlate weight with quality (lol) It also "self heals" a bit as oxidation on titanium basically fills in light scratches and makes them ...