Modem Burner: The Many Watches of Pierce Brosnan

Aug 04, 2022,16:02 PM

Modems seem to represent the time when Pierce Brosnan was at the peak of his career. 

I must be watching too many Brosnan movies. I got to admit, this Irishman is my favourite Bond, for unknown reasons. I should be liking Daniel Craig or Sean Connery more, but I gravitate towards the Brosnan era Bond films a lot. 

(Maybe, he is the most rakish of the Bonds. A mix of ornate styling, fitness and a debonair air, AND dishing out innuendos to women in his movies without looking like a creep/predator which sometimes Roger Moore or even Sean Connery could fail at) How does he do it?

Therefore I will write today of the watches worn by this well-known actor.

Most are identified. Some are not. Can you identify those unknown ones in the picture? Are there other pieces not featured here? 

Here goes (Modem Burner):

Omega 1938 pilots watch Museum re-edition. Credit: WatchID

A Panerai, referenced a lot in the saucy film with Salma Hayek. Credit from Lankysudanese’s favourite website: Quill & Pad

A short lived period where he was ambassador to Peter Speake-Marin. Brosnan acted as the “watchmaker”, an evil terrorist posing as a watchmaker. Credit: GQ

In his early days, he was seen with the underappreciated Cartier Pasha, and Panthere too. Credit: Time & Tide

In November Man, he wears a Lorus. Lorus is an offshoot of the ubiquitous Seiko. Credit: Bond Lifestyle

An interesting Movado in the film No Escape. Credit: Spotern

Omega daze (days): Credit: Alamy

Here he is wearing a Blancpain Villeret. Credit: Fashionisto

Here, he wears the JLC Reverso Squadra. Also seen with a Reverso duoface in The Thomas Crown Affair. Credit: Supermanwatches

Aha! He wears a GP 1945 Credit: WatchID

Unknown watch Credit: Alamy

Unknown watch in Tailor of Panama Credit:

Unknown watch worn in Ghost Writer. Credit: IMDB

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Which of the featured watches do u like most?

 By: Cookies : August 4th, 2022-16:10
I always had a hunch this actor is a watch afficionado. He has another piece given to him by his late-ex-wife whom he tragically lost to cancer. I read it somewhere, but I cannot seem to find the page today. GP Vintage 45 is lovely, especially the curvatu... 

Not sure on how many are his watches and how many are movie prop pieces. (real or not)

 By: Blansky : August 4th, 2022-16:17
Not my favorite Bond but a fun actor to watch non the less. Not sure if he's a Speake-Marin spokesperson any more but he did apparently hit it off with Pete, partly due to the movie. Now that Peter is gone from the company, not sure. Thanks for the post.

Blancpain and Cartier

 By: Cookies : August 4th, 2022-16:22
Known to be in his personal collection. I found the interview when he said his late-ex-wife gave him a Cartier, and his wife gave him a Blancpain. I like PSM and read his website very regularly. Now without him, PSM is in a very strange position, much lik... 

Yeah, fun movie. I have 3 Speake-Marins so I follow them somewhat. Not liking the newer versions much.

 By: Blansky : August 4th, 2022-17:22
I wish Peter would start up again and design some new watches. Fun Fact...I used to get massages from Pierce's sister in law Aubrey Duerr, who is/was a massage therapist. Keely's sister.


 By: Cookies : August 5th, 2022-15:43
Very small world indeed. I just watched his new movie called the Misfits on Netflix. U might like the movie. It is quite funny, with countless references to watches in the movie.

The only thing I get from this is...

 By: mdg : August 4th, 2022-16:44
...he has fantastic hair : )

Well said..i burst out laughing

 By: Cookies : August 4th, 2022-16:47
Wish I can keep the crown when I reach his age. Wonder what his secret is? He should be ambassador to Revlon, or some shampoo company too.

hahaha... superb thread!

 By: nacelle : August 4th, 2022-21:15

I don't think that is a Reverso Squadra

 By: whatmakesmetick (andrea) : August 4th, 2022-17:13
It looks like another pic of him wearing the GP 1945.

Yeah the lugs look like a GP.

 By: Blansky : August 4th, 2022-17:19

Beautiful 1945 Blansky

 By: Cookies : August 4th, 2022-17:23
I like the unique hands, curves of the case, lugs, and the dial too. And the strap too.

Such a beauty.

 By: amanico : August 4th, 2022-17:39

Yes now that you’ve mentioned it

 By: Cookies : August 4th, 2022-17:24
I fully agree. It doesn’t match up. It looks more like the GP1945 in that pic.

Best watch was the Reverso in Thomas Crown Affair...

 By: patrick_y : August 4th, 2022-18:19
Arguably one of the better movies Brosnan has starred a major role in.

It tied it so well with his character

 By: Cookies : August 4th, 2022-18:29
Showing the duality of his secret fetish with stealing art, versus his businessman id. I think i watched that movie twice. Wonderful movie. Which is your favourite Brosnan movie, Patrick?

Definitely enjoyed The Thomas Crown Affair.

 By: patrick_y : August 4th, 2022-19:25
I rewatched it recently, and I liked it. I've seen the movie multiple times.

Just watched his new movie

 By: Cookies : August 5th, 2022-15:41
Called the Misfits, on Netflix It is a watch afficionados dream movie i think. Countless references to pieces on it. He was wearing his gold Piccadilly on the movie.

I recall I saw the movie.

 By: patrick_y : August 5th, 2022-19:10
I saw the movie on the plane and I found it to be an abominable movie. Terrible screenplay. Terrible direction. And what an odd cast of characters. Just an awful movie. I don't recall if I noticed the watch. But those airplane screens in 3rd Class are pre... 

Wow, where did you fly to?

 By: Cookies : August 6th, 2022-00:49
I’m due to travel only in a couple of months. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been away. Yes it is a little cheesy for a movie. There are some moments of comedy in it too. One watch moment was when he was surveying the “Kuwaiti prince” at the bar. H... 

I don't recall my flight destination.

 By: patrick_y : August 6th, 2022-22:37
I will say, people are extremely badly behaved on planes. On one flight by Virgin Atlantic to London Heathrow, someone was smoking marijuana on the flight. They never caught the guy/gal. On another flight to Istanbul on Turkish, someone was smoking in the... 

The world these days

 By: Cookies : August 7th, 2022-06:36
Everytime i fly, I see customs officers confiscating biosecurity-risk items and sometimes contraband ciggies too. It’s a whole new wild frontier out there.

I read someone was fined $2000 for bringing in a McDonalds sandwich into another country...

 By: patrick_y : August 7th, 2022-20:02
I think that was your country. Apparently, even cooked foods (that are super highly processed) can be a risk in certain environments.

I've never seen him in anything

 By: Thomas_3 : August 4th, 2022-18:57
that wasn't good.


 By: Cookies : August 5th, 2022-06:39
Yes indeed. A McGonigle will stand out so well.