Hypothetical 5: Royal watch

Oct 24, 2011,15:12 PM

We all think carefully about watches to wear to significant events. So what would your wear to meet your head of state? And in particular, what watch would be appropriate for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth?


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Something formal, I suppose . . .

 By: Dr No : October 24th, 2011-15:18
. . . probably . . . . . . this . . ....  

Formal, yes, but ...

 By: AndrewD : October 24th, 2011-16:43
... you have to know your place. You can't upstage any of the Royal Family and there is a definite pecking order. Would a white metal be more understated or is coloured gold acceptable? Andrew

Well, if you're really and truly . . .

 By: Dr No : October 25th, 2011-11:04
. . . meeting the Queen, my instinctual response is that vintage is most appropriate. Choice of metal would be secondary. Just don't wear flip-flops ;-) . . .

That's California's dress code, Andrew . . .

 By: Dr No : October 26th, 2011-01:18
. . . along with a t-shirt and shorts. Don't tell me it's the same in Australia!

...Depends on context

 By: SethRL : October 24th, 2011-17:05
If my meeting was to be at, say a dinner where conversation could ensue, I might opt for something that could evoke discussion -- such as a Gruebel Forsay (had I one....) or a Haldimann (but not a H9! ...or H10, H11, see Andreas' current posting on AHCI) ... 


 By: BDLJ : October 24th, 2011-17:43

Perfect. The Royal wave ...

 By: AndrewD : October 24th, 2011-19:35
And a companion for Chairman Mao. Are there any other versions of these watches? Thanks for the great suggestion. A

Well, I was looking for a...

 By: BDLJ : October 25th, 2011-17:25
...waving Robespierre watch but no luck. Hope the tour goes well, does this mean you get a shiny new desk?

There was a Mountbatten watch like that...

 By: pplater : October 25th, 2011-22:29
...but the arm came off. Cheers, pplater.

The problem with the Maximilien...

 By: BDLJ : October 25th, 2011-22:49
...Robespierre Edition is that it stops dead when placed face up....

None other than the King for me of course!

 By: BluNotte : October 24th, 2011-17:48
How appropriate to meet a head of State with my own. Tschuss all the way! Stephen...  

An excellent choice...

 By: patrick_y : October 25th, 2011-15:38
An excellent choice, stylish, subtlety, and substance.

I could imagine the Queen saying that to me!

 By: BluNotte : October 25th, 2011-19:04
Cheers bro Stephen

It actually may not matter that much

 By: ArthurSG : October 24th, 2011-19:42
as they probably would not know I'd wear something not loud though.

But it does matter to us, Arthur ...

 By: AndrewD : October 24th, 2011-19:59
Most people don't care about or know anything about the watches we wear. But it means something to us and they are usually carefully chosen for the day or occasion. It doesn't really matter if no one knows. I wont tell you how I choose my underwear, but I... 

To your last question...

 By: Gary G : October 24th, 2011-20:10
...definitively, yes... Best, Gary

HA! I don;t wanna know

 By: ArthurSG : October 24th, 2011-20:13
about the underwear that is....

For the Queen...

 By: Gary G : October 24th, 2011-20:09
...if you can borrow one somewhere or unbeknownst to me have one stashed away, by all means a Roger Smith Series 2 -- solid dial version, yellow gold. Or a Daniels Millenium watch. Failing that, I'm thinking dressy but not flashy or too complex. So, Jules... 

Great suggestions!

 By: AndrewD : October 25th, 2011-22:40
Thanks for entering into the mind game, Gary. Unfortunately I had already ruled out the FPJ Dead Seconds as well. L I agree that a Daniels pocket watch or a Roger Smith wristwatch would be appropriate as well as a classic, preferably two-hand, dress watch...  

Of those two, the Omega

 By: Gary G : October 26th, 2011-15:59
Shows wonderful taste and restraint, and doesn't call undue attention to oneself -- a lovely watch and completely appropriate to the occasion. Thanks for the wish on POTUS -- I did surprise myself when I ran the thought experiment you proposed on myself! ... 

A "Big Crown" - what else???... :-)

 By: pplater : October 24th, 2011-20:46
Actually, there is another option with which she might be familiar. If a Harrison, Tompion, Arnold (the original English Arnold..) or Daniels are out of reach, then perhaps this little number will suffice - Will we get photographs of our HoMe mod gracious...  

Oh yes Andrew

 By: dreamer8 : October 24th, 2011-22:09
A joint wirst shot would be nice.That would be a coup . I forgot her HRH The Queen is opening the new extension to the Royal Children's Hospital and the reason for your post on which watch to wear. IMHO, a white metal or yellow gold dress watch would suit... 

Historically, a 101 from JLC for her, and for me....

 By: amanico : October 24th, 2011-20:49
Something from the crowned brand... 5517 SAS. Best, Nicolas. This message has been edited by amanico on 2011-10-24 20:50:40...  

Yes Nico, HRH wore the 101 at her coronation

 By: dreamer8 : October 24th, 2011-21:16
One of the smallest movement made.Not much bigger than a matchstick head. Cheers,dreamer

Correct on all. [nt]

 By: amanico : October 24th, 2011-21:18
No message body

Probably a pocket watch.:) [nt]

 By: fernando : October 24th, 2011-21:53
No message body

I'll opt for current masthead

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : October 24th, 2011-22:19
Lang & Heyne Friedrich August I Best Damjan

This one!!!!!!

 By: moc : October 25th, 2011-03:59
Maybe it might not be too appropriate for the occasion but.......it will be appropriate for me,,,,my wrist will be in the presence of Royalty! Mo...  

For that meeting ...

 By: small-luxury-world : October 25th, 2011-07:39
I would wear a Lange 1 and for the Queen I would recommend any watch from Daniels or a "ladies" piece unique from Roger Smith. Oliver

Hmm..a gold tone Ellicott Majesty.

 By: bernard cheong : October 25th, 2011-07:46
It may offer a chance of starting a small conversation.

A true Royal watch doesn't have any brand name on the dial.

 By: foversta : October 25th, 2011-10:32
A watchmaker couldn't put his name on a watch dedicated to a king. So: Fx...  

Well I am happy you think that FX...

 By: moc : October 27th, 2011-08:46
I always thought that the lack of name is a big sign of confidence and elegance........ Mo

something understated and formal. she doesnt worry about that sort of thing

 By: G99 : October 25th, 2011-12:53
she wont take any notice of it if its understated, but might if its huge and blingy so go for the understated. i've never met her personally, but she has walked past me a number of times when i was in the Army. quite a sweet old thing really, a bit like m... 

Surely it would have be something from George Danels!! [nt]

 By: watch-guy.com : October 25th, 2011-18:05
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Perhaps something made by Roger W Smith :-) [nt]

 By: aditya : October 25th, 2011-19:31
No message body


 By: aditya : October 26th, 2011-02:59
I see that this has already been suggested.

Is she there yet? :-) [nt]

 By: aditya : October 27th, 2011-04:52
No message body

C'mon, Andrew, photos!!!...

 By: pplater : October 26th, 2011-04:13
We know you've got 'em! Cheers, pplater.

It was a hypothetical. ;-) [nt]

 By: AndrewD : October 26th, 2011-17:17
No message body

Blending in or standing out?

 By: long71 : October 26th, 2011-04:33
I've confronted this issue a few times (not ERII, but various dignatories from assorted countries) and the answer tends to be that being noticeable is not an asset. Everyone present is trying to ensure that event is successful (usually understood as meani... 

Thanks for the practical advice, Conor ...

 By: AndrewD : October 26th, 2011-14:24
... I agree with all your suggestions. A petite VC skeleton under a perfect discreet French cuff would ge very nicely. And it would be largely your private pleasure. Andrew

I'd carry this as a pocket watch

 By: dshao1 : October 26th, 2011-04:55
It's a VC deck watch that was made for the British Admiralty in 1944. Subtle, not visible in my pocket (maybe the chain would be noticeable), but it still has an interesting English connection. It's not small, at 60mm in diameter, but I also have a VC poc...  

Great choice, Dan. It's more a personal ...

 By: AndrewD : October 26th, 2011-14:10
... statement and connection because only you are likely to know what resides in your waistcoat. Andrew

true, but the chances of a discreet, dress, watch on the wrist

 By: dshao1 : October 27th, 2011-00:21
not being noticed by anybody else but the wearer is also high as well, Best Regards, Dan

enjoy :-)

 By: netforce : October 26th, 2011-07:42
Before thinking about the watch to wear, one must of course do some research about how a meeting with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would go. Enjoy vodpod.com www.youtube.com Our Dutch Queen Beatrix is often seen with two types of watches: - PP ... 

Nice problem to have ...

 By: donizetti : October 26th, 2011-12:21
In Germany, with politicians, including the chancellor and president, Nomos is the best choice, it is patriotic, stylish, obtrusive, and lots of people in the government wear one too. In your case, I guess I would pick the Reverso. It is classy and carrie...  

Does it help if it says "ROYAL"?

 By: SteveG : October 27th, 2011-07:51

It does help... A lot! :)

 By: amanico : October 27th, 2011-07:57
A sublime watch, Steve. Can't get rid of admiring yours. Best, Nicolas.

Very appropriate, and thank you...

 By: dshao1 : October 27th, 2011-08:31
for the inspiration on a V&C Deck Watch. It's your pictures and description that started me on the hunt and eventual acquisition! BR, Dan


 By: AndrewD : October 27th, 2011-17:50
Both the name and the elegant understated VC. Along with pplater's "Big Crown", the "Chonometre Royal" is the perfect choice. Thanks for thinking of it! Andrew

JLC Reverso for me on the left wrist...MBF HM3 on right wrist

 By: Hororgasm : October 27th, 2011-13:04
becoz she wore the 101 for her coronation or wedding, cant remember. MBF because, she will probably remember the watch...might even whisper to Prince Phillip to watch out for me... Best, Horo


 By: Timertom : October 30th, 2011-11:03
Yes, The vintage VC Chronometre Royal would be just perfect, and my choice too. Rishad