For the vintage divers fans: 3 Longines Nautilus skin divers

Oct 18, 2015,10:42 AM

Hi all,

For the vintage diver fans, with the courtesy of a good friend, here is something rare, 3 Nautilus skin divers together...

Clockwise 6921-1, 6921-1 US, 6921-2



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I love posts like this...

 By: Dave G : October 18th, 2015-11:06
Rare enough to see one of these treasures, yet alone three. Thanks for the great shots. Dave

3 Divers...3 bezels...

 By: BDLJ : October 19th, 2015-06:13
and...The variants need more research. Then again, does it matter in such lovely watches?

No wonder I can't find any for sale! You guys have hoarded all of them!

 By: cholack : October 18th, 2015-16:01
Great shot. If I only have one of them....=P Cholack

Very, very, very nice! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 19th, 2015-13:22
Thank you for sharing! Best Blomman

thanks my friend

 By: MattS : October 21st, 2015-09:07
Just like you with the DSAs...not easy to find a Europe and a US Nautilus!...But I am the lucky one!... Matt

Great trio of Vintage Longines Divers.

 By: Bill : October 19th, 2015-14:04
What is the distinction between the two bezels. Very nice patina all round. Bill

Without handling them...

 By: BDLJ : October 20th, 2015-06:38
...the photos appear to show two types of plastic bezel (deep side profile and thin) plus an aluminium (?) bezel. And two thin lug cases with top hat plexi plus a thick lug with rounded plexi. Even less sure about the crowns two narrow, one wider? More re... 

All rersearch done and all info in house

 By: MattS : October 21st, 2015-09:05
will see if I have the time to do a review on this, but you have part of the answer in there! 6921-1 6921-1 US 6921-2 Cases and back cases are identical, metal bezel specific to US version, the 2 acrylic bezels are similar, one is missing some paint in th... 

I've never seen

 By: BDLJ : October 23rd, 2015-04:28 hat plexis on SCs. I hope we can be enlightened. The crystals on SCs are a key part of the construction, I do hope this means we have alternatives to cannabalising the likes of ruined SC cases for their good plexi (as I have done...bad, but sadly n... 

Very nice and inspiring [nt]

 By: watchthatman : October 21st, 2015-09:24