Looks great with the bracelet! Is the bracelet OEM?

Jun 02, 2024,19:34 PM

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1945, needs more love.

 By: yankbrit : June 2nd, 2024-18:21
Any of you out there ever pondered on the practicality of the dress watch? I love the look of say a gold 1966 on a fine strap but desire and practicality don’t necessarily go hand in hand. US summers are very hot and humid in much of the country. Leather ...  

Nice on bracelet.

 By: hora12reborn : June 2nd, 2024-18:25

A lovely looking piece!

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-18:28
And fits my wrist very well due to the curved case back. Any shots of it on the strap? And agreed, not that much love around for this one - shaped watches (the Tank and Reverso are exceptions) tend to generally struggle more 🤷🏻‍♂️

You have a diamond here..

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 2nd, 2024-18:34
It won’t take long before people start to appreciate what you already know. Thank you for posting, you really have made my weekend. Kind regards, Kurt.

Great watch

 By: Whitehart : June 2nd, 2024-18:36
This I my variant which I wish I had occasion to wear more more. Agree with the curvature for comfort. ...  

Unfortunately gone

 By: brauner : June 2nd, 2024-19:29
Still with me ...  

I love that black dial with arabic numeral

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 2nd, 2024-19:34

Small but nice

 By: brauner : June 3rd, 2024-16:26

I do🤧

 By: brauner : June 3rd, 2024-09:52


 By: brauner : June 3rd, 2024-16:25


 By: yankbrit : June 2nd, 2024-19:55
Yes, Bracelet is GP.


 By: yankbrit : June 3rd, 2024-00:45
For purely dress and If I could turn the clock back, lifestyle permitting, I’d do rose gold with the enamel dial on a strap. Need to see it ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. Pure class…..!

My other pick

 By: jakub04 : June 2nd, 2024-22:10
Hi there. A lovely piece I have to say. However, I was always a fan of Richeville series and have recently bought one. As for the wearability for specific occasions - I never pounder and just wear whatever I feel. People don't care and I consider watches ...  


 By: yankbrit : June 3rd, 2024-00:42
Nice! Richeville also an overlooked piece and can double duty as both dressy and a daily wear. I think you might have just offered up the best and most simple advice for us all……’wear what you feel’. In other words, don’t overthink it! Full disclosure, I’... 

Jury has decided...

 By: jakub04 : June 3rd, 2024-01:15
... To spare the sentence of wearing cheapest fashion watches for full month granted you will enjoy your watches. Just kidding of course. Cheers!

Thanks mate

 By: jakub04 : June 3rd, 2024-06:15
I guess I finally will make a post for this watch.

It is a unique one

 By: Jad : June 3rd, 2024-05:21
I love mine a lot ...  

White gold

 By: kjkt3 : June 3rd, 2024-11:38

White gold or platinum?

 By: amanico : June 3rd, 2024-14:36