GP 2598 - Black dial Asia special edition 38 mm cushion case

Nov 20, 2023,15:28 PM

Hello friends ☀️

Today we continue talking about NEO-vintage Cushion case designs from Girard-Perregaux from 1999-2005. I encourage all to look into NEO-vintage of your favorite brand (very different from vintage). This category of watches sit between vintage and contemporary and hold the best best of both worlds IMHO.

We have seen pics of my other cushion cases Ref 2498 and 2499 with the gullioche dials. We have also looked at the ref 2598 “military” black dial and the 2598 Ivory dial. We have also seen the Klein blue 2598 with 50 pieces made. Do a search on my other posts to see them if you like.

I will add the videos on my IG: r

Here we see the reference 2598 again but in a deeeeeeep black dial. 🖤

I put it on a black silicon strap for sporty change from leather. There is also an original steel bracelet which I use. It transforms the piece, giving it even more wrist presence. Heft would be an understatement.

This was a special edition where 30 pieces were made. And again, this was off-catalog, so most may not know if it’s existence. In-fact, there are very few pictures of this model (most of what you see online will be the ones I posted). When a dealer first contacted me about having this for sale, I did not recognise it. I initially thought this was a franken piece as there were no known pictures of it. 😃 Luckily I managed to speak to a GP guru friend and he too was equally shocked. He was in a meeting but he left the meeting excitedly and we got one call to discuss further. We then discovered that this was the “fabled” asia special edition 2598. Naturally, I immediately wired the money to the dealer and nervously awaited the fedex delivery.

How beautiful it was when I first saw it in person. 🥰

I still marvel at it … especially in pictures that show the beautiful contrast of colors of hands and markings to the jet black dial. I especially like the silver-white sub registers and tachymeter.
38 mm case diameter with a central chronograph. Rectangular chronograph pushers where with bezel and crown are the only high polished parts of this piece. The case is satin brushed with lateral and vertical orientation to give definition and contrast.

Breguet numbers are applied and there is no lume. Leaf hands. All in a white metal (I am checking to see if it is white gold). A classic look with some splashes of red which is the signature of GP for this timeframe.

They are lovely little gems to have. 38 mm case diameter and they can look good on a variety of wrists sizes. GP was/is especially famed for well balanced dials with exacting proportionality.

Condition is everything and it is even more of a “treasure discovery” when one knows that this piece is 20 years old.

As always, do comment and also ask questions. I’m happy to help where I can and it encourages me to make more of such posts when I hear back from folks. 😊


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Pretty one.

 By: hora12reborn : November 20th, 2023-17:09

Thanks. “Pretty” is quite apt

 By: SingaporeMarc : November 23rd, 2023-08:26
… I quite a delicate look and I often call it pretty too. Quite different from the other more macho looking cushion cases from GP.

That was a very good one!

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2023-18:18

Thanks 😊

 By: SingaporeMarc : November 23rd, 2023-08:24

Yowza, that's a nice one. I love the cushion case

 By: Thomas_3 : November 20th, 2023-19:54
and the black dial.

Thanks Thomas

 By: SingaporeMarc : November 23rd, 2023-08:25