All satin or a mix of satin and polish bracelet?

Sep 18, 2023,14:56 PM

As most of you will know, I’m a big proponent of neo vintage. (1990s to early 2000). Not just for GP. Other brands as well such as Daniel Roth, Breguet, AP (with the exception of the 16202), etc.

I’m not saying don’t buy production pieces, but I am saying to keep you eyes open and do your research.

Why neo vintage? First of all, I find them beautiful. As always, buy what brings you joy.

Next, they typically have more provenance. History. A Daniel Roth from 1995 is very very very different from a Daniel Roth from 2023. Same brand name but that’s pretty much it. Also with Chopard LUC with a 1.96 movement from 1997 vs a production chopard having a 3.96 movement.

Next, scarcity. Collectors always get a kick out of collecting rare watches. Made by the original designers. Whether it is a baseball card, or a car, the rare ones are the ones they prize.

With scarcity comes value retention. Basically, no new supply, so if you have an AP Royal Oak with a dial made under the Stern family, it will be prized much more. You will always have demand as collectors want to add these rare pieces to their collections.

In addition, keep in mind that production numbers in the 1990s were much less. They didn’t churn limited editions every few months. They made far less watches in general. The giants like LVMH, Richemont, SWATCH were still in the midst of their consolidation of their acquisitions.

Anway, back to GP. I have a special fondness for thr 38 mm cushion cases that were only made from 1997-2002 in a few different models. Ref 2598, 2498, 2499, 9012. I find them to be extremely beautiful. Case, dial, pushers, size. Balanced to the point of perfection.

Recently, I asked for opinions of strap via rubber for my Klein blue 2598 of which only 50 pieces were made. I eventually decided to put on the bracelet.

Here I have my other favorite… the 2499 black. About 123 pieces made. And of that, only a few with the Khanjar engraving on the back.

Also on bracelet which is a strange bracelet. The 2499 bracelet will fit on ALL the GP cushion cases. But the 2598 bracelet will only fit on the 2598. Not many people know this. The 2499 bracelet is no longer available. There is one grey dealer that has it listed for sale, but I have pointed out to him that he actually has a 2598 bracelet and not a 2499 bracelet.

Anyway, here are some side by side pics.

You may notice that the bracelet of the Klein blue (2598) has an entirely satin finish.

The 2499 black has polished and brushed finish.

How come? I had the Klein blue 2598 bracelet given a satin finish by special request. 😃

Can you see the difference?

Which bracelet do you like better ?

Thanks ☀️

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Oh yes. Good point.

 By: SingaporeMarc : September 19th, 2023-09:21
The raised polished bezel of the blue … makes sense. Thanks for the input. I saw a 2498 black on c24 at a good price. Fyi

Thank you. Glad someone reads them 😅

 By: SingaporeMarc : September 19th, 2023-09:19
My wife reads them when she can’t sleep. Says it knocks her right out 😳 I’m inclined toward the full satin as well. But the 2499 has a polished case base so perhaps the polish on the bracelet picks up the polish on the case base. Just general musings. Tha...