Journe is going boutique only

Apr 20, 2021,18:53 PM

I was at govberg when they got the call.

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I kind of thought they had already...

 By: mdg : April 20th, 2021-19:13 with other brands that are impossible to get, I don't think it will matter much.

No, it won't except to Govberg.

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 20th, 2021-19:21

Mere mortals can't get one anyway...

 By: mdg : April 20th, 2021-19:25
...just wait until they stipulate that you have to buy 2 'cheap' ones to get the one that you really want.

They are not like that.

 By: ChristianDK : April 20th, 2021-22:30
since they produce @900 pieces/ annum they are sold out well in to 2022 and have 10 boutiques, it’s hardly a huge surprise If this happens.

i'm not certain if this was modded or if i didn't click submit - but curious what one finds at a boutique?

 By: Francoamerican : April 21st, 2021-09:40
i'm in northern California and boutique is in the south - i'm curious do they have models for sale at boutiques?

I am also in NorCal...

 By: mdg : April 21st, 2021-11:38 only experience with a boutique was in Tokyo. I would drop in occasionally and they were always very nice. I realize too late (of course) that I should have gotten something then...

There used to be two AD’s in the Bay Area

 By: cmmnsens : April 21st, 2021-14:39
Shapur and Stephen Silver. Bought my first couple of pieces from S Silver. The LA boutique is beautiful and run my an amazing staff including FP’s brother Laurent. The market for Journe has changed significantly in the last 18-24 months. You won’t find an... 


 By: Francoamerican : April 21st, 2021-15:43
I'm so happy for them that they've had the success they've worked for

Very. They helped the brand become what it is by pushing it on the secondary market.

 By: shafran : April 21st, 2021-02:14
They had just opened a new boutique with a a Journe centric space.

You mean:

 By: Jjmcd : April 21st, 2021-04:24
They manipulated the secondary market based on their cache of secondary stock... more of a picture i would paint.


 By: colton_d : April 21st, 2021-04:47

Can you really manipulate the market to liking a watch?

 By: furen : April 21st, 2021-15:13
I have heard so many times that FPJs rise is due to manipulation. I agree they did get a lot of help on the supply side. But can you manipulate people to buy a watch due to rarity? I do not see stars or athletes wearing FPJs. I just want to give credit to... 


 By: Jjmcd : April 28th, 2021-15:02
Manipulation is all about creating a desire of the unobtainable ( that is within a collectors sphere)... increase price; reflects a rarity; reflects a desirability ; or; a commodity.


 By: Jjmcd : April 28th, 2021-15:07
Always been a roger dubuis fan, the sympathie line (the earlier ones like yours) are amongst the most beautiful watches created.

that's very kind, thanks!

 By: toowoundup : April 29th, 2021-02:41

Interesting. Thanks.

 By: ChristianDK : April 20th, 2021-21:21
I will try to get a verification from Montres Journe.

I got confirmation yesterday.

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : April 21st, 2021-07:25

There is a Journe AD in Southwest Florida but he has not seen a watch from them in over 8 months...But last week still had all signage up and FP Journe logo still on their website.

 By: dkaleal : April 21st, 2021-03:49
Not even sure he knew this... last time I was there in 2018 he had around 10 Journe's so I assumed he moved quite a few! -D-

Govberg will end up pushing another brand like they did with FPJ

 By: Watchonthewrist : April 21st, 2021-00:34
Moser , ALS , DeBethune 🤷🏻‍♂️

Moser is their new Journe.

 By: cmmnsens : April 21st, 2021-04:48

Roger Dubuis too

 By: toowoundup : April 21st, 2021-16:39

Govberg is that influential?

 By: pongster : April 25th, 2021-14:10
So time to get a Moser or i missed the boat already?

I have always wanted their fume no marque dials. Just cant decide on the color. I missed out on a purple one. In touch with their regional office

 By: pongster : April 25th, 2021-14:43
I like the vantablack apple watch also. Just find it too expensive for a fun piece.


 By: Jjmcd : April 21st, 2021-05:42
While not in U-S-A, means a several years of a wasted relationship... are we to be pushed to the bottom of the queue? Not a Journe Society member, now wish i was.

Big step, but were always planning for it, I think.

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : April 21st, 2021-05:52
An independent, still run by its genius watchmaking founder, small but large enough to have a constellation of international boutiques making sales and (most importantly) service easier, financially secure: That's an ideal case and it's what Journe has ac... 

Not my information.

 By: Jjmcd : April 28th, 2021-15:09
Seems the restriction of supply is limited to the USA. My Australian distributor assured me that they are continuing supply and my name on the waiting list, for the two I am chasing, is firmly in place.