Nov 20, 2020,08:36 AM

I would actually be one of the few to say that trying on an FPJ is probably less important than almost al other brands. For one, Journe is known for being eminently wearable and it’s not like trying on a royal oak or a datograph. If the CB was 38 or 40 instead I’m sure I’d still have wanted it. Instead the primary factor would probably be design - if you like the design then there’s nothing else out there quite like it. 

On the boutique vs ad, I don’t think this is close either if you’re in Sydney. Building a relationship with hour glass is far more valuable since you a) actually live there and b) I guarantee you’ll develop an interest in other independents such as mbnf and de bethune and guess what; only hour glass stocks them in Sydney. You may have romantic visions of jet setting frequently to the Tokyo boutique and getting the full VIP service, but being realistic the day to day benefits of being ingratiated with hour glass Sydney are much greater (get invited to events you can actually go to, have a first look at a daytona, have a sales rep you can communicate with regularly in English). And hour glass isn’t just any AD, it’s one of the best in the world. 

As for what went into thinking about which first Journe I wanted, I was drawn to the design as alluded before and the asymmetry and in particular wanted the RDM. I ended up going with a CB though due to availability; in hindsight though it probably should have been my first choice as it’s by far the most versatile and flexible for regular wear. In this day and age, strapping on a dressier watch is less and less likely, and however impressive that watch is , infrequent likely use is a big drawback to consider and Journe is a dressy brand by nature. So I’d consider whether an octa lune for example is in practice too dressy compared to a sports Journe. Good luck! 

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Considering my first FP Journe

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 18th, 2020-19:03
Hi guys, newbie here and looking to buy my first FPJ! As this is my first foray into the brand, I am most interested in pieces towards the more simplistic end. The pieces that appeal to me the most visually are the CS red gold with gold dials and Lune pla... 

The most important thing is you have to look at it and try it on. Don’t trust the photographs. You know which one would suit you once you try them on. Follow your heart.

 By: Desmond1 : November 18th, 2020-20:10
I would prefer CS. However my first FPJ is Octa Automatique Reserve 38 mm because I needed a date watch. Later on I acquired a CS for my collection. But the followings are my PERSONAL principles: 1) Sport vs Dress 2) any complications you want 3) Dial: in... 

thanks for that!

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-11:27

Should be all questions you can answer yourself...

 By: patrick_y : November 18th, 2020-23:58
Welcome newbie! If you're in a position to consider acquiring an FP Journe, you are probably a fairly successful guy. I could be wrong and maybe you just won big at a casino, but chances are this is not the first big decision you had to make. For question... 

Patrick - not constructive IMO

 By: Robert65 : November 19th, 2020-02:14
Your words come off more as a rebuke than helpful. Something tells me you have given this type of reply before. This is a new FPJ enthusiast and probably needs encouragement more than a lecture.

I know where you're coming from. I've received countless lectures in my life...

 By: patrick_y : November 19th, 2020-11:13
I've received countless lectures in my life. Some were a little painful. But all were filled with truth. Frankly, I wouldn't have learned as much as I have over the years without some of these painful lectures. I recall our conversation very clearly and i... 


 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-11:45
Cheers Patrick I understand your viewpoint. I am usually decisive enough to not ask strangers for advice but I have heard good things about this forum being open to newbies like me. I can actually see many answers here that are super helpful. My biggest m... 

Good luck Mate!

 By: patrick_y : November 19th, 2020-12:10
It is totally difficult to get good advice, so I understand the need for someone new to watches to want a guiding hand. The salesperson at an AD might not know enough about the product to provide sound advice (although they generally will give advice on s... 

Personal insight I was hoping for!

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-17:52
I am from Australia and international travel is explicitly not allowed right now. Our border lockdown has kept us in better shape than most of the world so can hardly complain. Once restrictions lift it will be first flight to Tokyo boutique. a) Thank you... 

I also do not have a F.P. Journe

 By: Weems@8 : November 19th, 2020-02:37
Where i buy it doesn’t matter if the watch is honestly and ok. My choice for the first would be an Octa S in 42mm.

Jimmy, welcome to the forum.

 By: Jay (Eire) : November 19th, 2020-08:08
Most important I think is that you get as much hands on exposure to both of these pieces, and as many others, as possible. If the Boutique or AD can't facilitate this with stock then I suggest asking the people at either place to arrange for another colle... 


 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-12:06
I was not aware that is even possible. Will give it a go! Here is my wrist on my biggest watch, VC 42.5m OS Gen2: . I was not aware of the 40mm proportions changing over the time so thank you for that info! Yeah with travel restrictions a physical visit ... 

I would ask the AD for sure. Failing that, are there any collector groups in your area?

 By: Jay (Eire) : November 19th, 2020-15:53
I hope this could be the route to get hands on with some pieces. What else is in your collection today? The Overseas as you shared, and you mentioned Rolex too?

Collectors group

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-16:41
Not that I am aware of... I am in Sydney, Australia. I also have a Rolex Explorer I and a JLC Master Control Date, amongst some earlier mistakes like Tag and Baume et Mercier.

RedBar Sydney must exist surely. I know RedBar Melbourne exists and is active, so perhaps ping those folks.

 By: Jay (Eire) : November 20th, 2020-05:28
Also, check out The Fifth Wrist. I think those folks are local to you (same country) and may be able to help you connect with other collectors down under,

Redbar Sydney is inactive I believe

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 20th, 2020-15:20
Will reach out to Melbourne and see what’s happening. Thanks!

boutiques and import

 By: avseg : November 19th, 2020-08:49
If becoming a collector and eventually owning many FPJs is a possibility, establishing a relationship with a boutique can be very beneficial. But I also wouldn't bother unless I planned to visit the boutique personally. You didn't mention your location bu... 

re: import

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-12:11
Yeah so where I am from, as long as you can prove ownership for over 12 months, you don't have to pay duties. My family can hang onto the watch for a while for me to eventually pick it up Will not dare to try actual importing... Don't have the stomach for... 

Welcome and good luck!

 By: Journe1304 : November 19th, 2020-10:00
I never buy a watch without handling it first. When I see a watch in a picture, I have a reasonable idea of how it will wear on my wrist, but I’ve been surprised enough times to know that there’s simply no substitute for trying a watch (any watch) on befo... 

thank you for the welcome

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-12:18
Appreciate that. I think many members feel it is silly to purchase without seeing and I think I will follow that advice sincerely. This will actually be my first dress watch. I have been a Rolex fan since beginning of the hobby and it feels pretty liberat... 

+1 viewing timepiece in person before making the purchase.

 By: gregnascimento : November 19th, 2020-10:27
I was fortunate to acquire an FPJ CB prior to the piece becoming extremely difficult to source. In terms of how I decided on the specific FPJ, I feel this is specific to each individual in terms of what type of timepiece, complication, metal, etc. he/she ... 


 By: Jimmy Kay : November 19th, 2020-12:28
Point taken with handling the piece before purchasing. I think there is wide consensus here that anything else is bit foolish. Yeah buying either piece at my AD will elevate me to "VIP" status, which will help me get access to other brands too. Since gett... 

Hi Jimmy welcome to WPS

 By: ChristianDK : November 20th, 2020-07:28
I think you got some good feedback from some of our members. I see you are located in Australia. FPJ are represented by a retailer in Sydney. You can find the info on the FPJ website.

Thank you Christian!

 By: Jimmy Kay : December 10th, 2020-21:44
I have just made my first FPJ purchase without seeing it, basically against everyone’s advice there. Will post photo when the watch is with me.


 By: Lanteanflux : November 20th, 2020-08:36
I would actually be one of the few to say that trying on an FPJ is probably less important than almost al other brands. For one, Journe is known for being eminently wearable and it’s not like trying on a royal oak or a datograph. If the CB was 38 or 40 in... 

Thank you for the response

 By: Jimmy Kay : November 21st, 2020-05:29
This was the way I was leaning, I was so impressed by the aesthetics of the CS and willing to pay for it without seeing one. Luckily, hourglass couldn’t order for me (still newish relationship) so either way I have to wait until March for first peek. Yes ... 

Cs in Sydney

 By: Lanteanflux : November 21st, 2020-05:35
Not sure if they still have it but time keeper in the strand had a CS last year - could ask and try it on if they do. They just sold a CB recently for 80 odd.


 By: Jimmy Kay : November 21st, 2020-17:24
Just called them, they changed ownership recently and the rep has never heard of the brand. I pointed out there is a CS on their website and uhhhhh, she says the website belongs to the old owner and has nothing to do with them... Thanks though


 By: Lanteanflux : November 21st, 2020-20:11
My bad was circle red that sold the CB recently; but you’d think they’d still have heard of Journe! Lol yeah time keeper now specialize in selling Rolex sports well above market price

Change in taste.

 By: Jay (Eire) : November 21st, 2020-19:40
This is a very valid consideration. I think for all of us taste evolves, but I do think in the early days taste can change very quickly so you are right to be aware of this. I would not have been interested in Journe in my first several years of collectin... 

Thanks Jay

 By: Jimmy Kay : December 10th, 2020-21:55
I hope this will be the first of many. The FPJ universe is just intoxicating!

Lots of good advice here

 By: cmmnsens : November 22nd, 2020-08:06
Make sure to take your time and try on the pieces in person if possible. See which one “speaks to you.” You’ll know when the *right* Journe is on your wrist. Tastes change. I’m still evolving as a Journe collector and have let go of some pieces I thought ...