It really is a stunning piece, congratulations. I'm delighted that the winding crown is not on the case side so easier to grasp [nt]

Jul 28, 2020,00:30 AM

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New 2020 Resonance

 By: Warnerbw : July 27th, 2020-20:28
I don't usually post, but I've always enjoyed the photos and insights of everyone in this forum and had to share a couple pictures of the new Resonance -- it's absolutely stunning, and the new 42mm size is really perfect. ...  

Welcome here

 By: Brandon Skinner : July 27th, 2020-20:30
I'd say you're off to a great start! Pretty sure this is the first we are seeing of the new Resonance! What are your impressions so far?


 By: Warnerbw : July 27th, 2020-20:43
I have a number other Journe's -- including the 40mm 2019 Resonance. Overall, the new 2020 model wears different from the older Resonances. The dial is a little larger (seems to fill the space more), it's easier to read at a glance, the case is a little t... 


 By: ChristianDK : July 27th, 2020-21:01
I’m happy to hear that legibility has improved a bit. It’s an impressive super watch!

42mm has seldom looked better on a wrist!

 By: sham1 : July 27th, 2020-20:30
I thought it might have been the 40mm model.

Congratulations! A perfect iteration!

 By: als1678 : July 27th, 2020-20:31
It is a natural evolution, but so much more impressive than the original. From the uniform power supply to the position of the crown.

Thank you for this amazing first post and a very warm welcome here.

 By: ChristianDK : July 27th, 2020-20:54
You are the first member here to also post as a owner of the RQ. I am so in love with the RQ. I think it is an amazing evolution. It looks great in 42 mm. Mr Journe has said that he designed it for the 42 mm case But also offers it in 40 mm. I would love ... 

Thanks Christian

 By: Warnerbw : July 27th, 2020-21:34
I’ve always enjoyed this forum, and I find it’s an amazing source of knowledge. I’ll try to post a little more frequently, and I’ll upload some side by side pictures of the new 42mm and the 40mm later this week.

Thank you so much for your kind words 😊👍

 By: ChristianDK : July 27th, 2020-21:40
I would really appreciate that as I am enormously curious about the watch. The COVID-19 situation has prevented me from going to see it yet. I’m really happy you have come onboard😊


 By: Warnerbw : July 27th, 2020-21:31
I can read the new 42 at a glance.. whereas I always need to look a little closer at the 40. It’s minor side by side, but pretty obvious to me on the wrist


 By: Sgfortino : July 27th, 2020-22:22
Such a great piece. Can’t wait to see what other Journes you have in your collection!

Looks like you have a big wrist...

 By: mdg : July 27th, 2020-22:37
...most people can't pull it off so well (longing for the return of 38mm)...

Can you confirm these?

 By: nwk00 : July 27th, 2020-23:17
1) The crown looks bigger, like the one on an Optimum. The one on the Optimum is rounder and less sharp compared to the one on a 38mm Resonance. So it translates to better comfort in terms of sharp edges and torque application on the crown. 2) It should r... 

Amazing watch!

 By: NML77 : July 28th, 2020-05:30
Thank you for sharing. It’s a really impressive piece and seems to fit well Congratulations

Congrats on the new RQ

 By: cmmnsens : July 28th, 2020-05:37
I’ve tried both the 40 and 42 RQ and love both. It’s such a great watch. The remontoir(s) aren’t as loud as the Optimum which was a pleasant surprise. The 40 wears like a 38 on my wrist with the thinner bezel, but as Christian mentioned FP designed the wa... 


 By: TheMadDruid : July 28th, 2020-06:06
Congratulations! What a phenomenal piece!


 By: Kurt Behm : July 28th, 2020-07:00
just gorgeous. Kurt


 By: Skyrider01 : July 28th, 2020-08:38
It’s a fantastic piece! I can’t wait to see the rest of your collection.

A hearty welcome, and what an entry to the Journe forum and the forum as a whole.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 28th, 2020-15:39
The watch looks perfect on your wrist. I am interested though to see the side by side with your 40mm Resonance. I look forward to seeing more of this one too, please don’t hold back as it does seem you are the first here to take delivery of this piece.

Congratulations!! Stunner!

 By: ialienam_AUS : July 28th, 2020-21:35
42mm looks great on you! And I didn’t know Journe designed it for 42mm case, only I wish I had the wrist for it. I have been eyeing on 40mm since my wrist size is about 6.5inch. Would love to see if anyone has a 42mm with my similar wrist size.

I have the same wrist size

 By: cmmnsens : July 29th, 2020-05:46
I’ve tried both 40 and 42 RQ and the 40 feels like wearing a 38, but the 42 works well on my small wrist too. I’m undecided which size I would go with... aesthetically the 42 is more “correct” as this is how FP designed it.

I haven’t seen the 40mm version yet..

 By: Warnerbw : July 29th, 2020-06:48
But I really think the 42mm is the right size for this watch. I typically prefer the 40mm size (picked 40 vrs 42 for the optimum and qp), but the new resonance really works well in 42mm.

Agreed [nt]

 By: cmmnsens : July 29th, 2020-06:58