such a pity...

Nov 12, 2023,01:01 AM

In my ongoing search for a mechanical desk clock, I stumbled onto the Chopard website and discovered they sell "table clocks". Here is one such listing:

(Screen shots all from Chopard website)

Note that under tabs "Description" and "Specifications", there is NOTHING about what ticks inside... Quartz or mechanical? If mechanical, what is the movement, movement size, power reserve, etc etc

However, if we look at the Alpine Eagle webpage, we find "Description", "Specifications and "Movement" tabs.

I can only conclude that since ALL of the Chopard "table clocks" have NO "Movement" tab on the webpages, they are ALL quartz clocks with a hefty pricetag for the luxury label and design, despite housing a $10 quartz movement for the beating heart.

It continues to sadden me that no modern manufacturer has any interest in producing modern, beautiful mechanical desk clocks.

I hope those with similar interest find this informative. Maybe some executive from Chopard will rethink their position if he/she reads this, because the executives from JLC, despite it's amazing history in this regard, certainly have no interest in these objects anymore.

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In this regard, it is very interesting to contrast the luxury house Chopard with Cartier:

 By: remarque : November 12th, 2023-01:44
Cartier makes watches with quartz movements, and unabashedly acknowledges those watches with quartz movements. Whereas Chopard, with regard to these table clocks, makes no mention of the movement within at all, leading one to infer that Chopard is embarra... 


 By: hora12reborn : November 12th, 2023-17:59

There are a few nice mechanical clocks I know of, JLC's Atmos line and l'epee/mb&f come to mind.

 By: jleno : November 12th, 2023-05:06
I'm sure the market for clocks is much smaller than the market for watches, so I'm not surprised that the options are slim. I do think $1k is on the reasonable side for a quartz desk clock from a high end brand. AP's royal oak quartz desk clocks go for a ... 

I was thinking the same…

 By: ArmisT : November 12th, 2023-07:09
it just doesn’t seem like good business sense to invest your manufacturing resources into mechanical desk clocks with such a small market to justify it.

You’re in luck! There is the L.U.C. Quattro Mechanical Table Clock

 By: Carlos22 : November 12th, 2023-15:54
L.U.C. Quattro Mechanical Table Clock ...  

That is a great one. It has been released a good decade ago. They must have

 By: hora12reborn : November 12th, 2023-18:00
stopped commercializing them.

Not really a quattro

 By: jaspermccrea : November 13th, 2023-11:22
I see only one barrel

I confirm it unfortunately has a quartz movement. I was intrigued

 By: hora12reborn : November 12th, 2023-17:59
by it as well as other Chopard table clock models but they all those I saw had quartz movements.