I went for a walk this afternoon

Jan 25, 2024,23:06 PM

When I sat down to look at the view I also admired this compact masterpiece.
Double the pleasure!

Thanks for looking

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I love it!

 By: andrea~ : January 25th, 2024-23:36

Me too!

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:01

Top class!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 25th, 2024-23:47

A top beauty!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : January 25th, 2024-23:48
As a curiosity, when describing the dial and guilloche... Do you say - gee-o-shay. Or gee-osh ?

Gee oh shay

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : January 26th, 2024-01:12

Me too

 By: TeutonicCarFan : January 26th, 2024-01:16
I watch many videos where they say other way so was wondering.

Yes, the accent on the end, guilloché, tells us it's shay

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : January 26th, 2024-01:19

...shay (guilloché) is the product of guillocher ...

 By: Marcus Hanke : January 28th, 2024-11:47
... which has the same pronounciation, but as a verb is describing the procedure of making the pattern. Instead of guilloché, the terms "guillochage" or "guillochis" are also used for the end product. Marcus


 By: TeutonicCarFan : January 30th, 2024-17:01

A guilloche is the engraving pen used to create un cadran guilloché (an engraved dial).

 By: rvdb : January 30th, 2024-16:52
First use is -osh, the second -shay (and engraved is a simplification here of course, for the purpose of an example sentence). Also, love the watch

Makes perfect sense now!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : January 30th, 2024-17:01

A Classic Beauty

 By: SALMANPK : January 25th, 2024-23:57

Indeed it is!

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:03

They're on a roll!

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:03
I hope that all is well with you. Kind regards, Antony

One of the Stars from 2023.

 By: amanico : January 26th, 2024-01:51


 By: amanico : January 26th, 2024-14:52

Truly a masterpiece!

 By: CR : January 26th, 2024-02:44

And more power to it.

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:04

A fantastic piece

 By: hora12reborn : January 26th, 2024-03:58


 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:05
What a beautiful pic, congratulations. Regards Antony

Thanks. Congratulations back.

 By: hora12reborn : January 26th, 2024-13:54

Such a cool picture

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 26th, 2024-11:19

The sunlight was ideal😉

 By: hora12reborn : January 26th, 2024-13:54

Great so see how this watch and the xps have

 By: ChetBaker : January 26th, 2024-06:20
brought Chopard back into the limelight with collectors. And righlty so!

I entirely agree

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:06
LUC is wildly under valued. An open secret for those who know. Kind regards, Antony

Perfect dress watch

 By: MilDiver : January 26th, 2024-08:00

but this "tad sporty" need

 By: MilDiver : January 26th, 2024-17:21
justifies the AE XPS... and then some more sport activity.

I am entirely in favour

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-18:08
of refined 'sporty activity'!

Fits your wrist well!

 By: sham1 : January 26th, 2024-09:00

Thank you Sham

 By: ant : January 26th, 2024-10:07
I hope that you and yours are thriving. Kind regards, Antony

This could be a Sham1 Watch (tm)

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : January 26th, 2024-11:53

You are not helping my agenda to cull the number of watches I own! :-)

 By: sham1 : January 26th, 2024-21:46
But you are right - this watch is so me!! The right size, dressy, good movement but sometimes we must try to resist the temptation!

Do not resist! It is a You Watch!

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : January 26th, 2024-23:27

I am glad you do not live close to me

 By: sham1 : January 27th, 2024-05:53
or else I would be bankrupt by now!!

go for it Sham...

 By: mahesh : January 27th, 2024-08:33
37mm in steel...

Even better Mahesh

 By: sham1 : January 27th, 2024-09:09
36.5mm in steel and I am resisting this with much discipline!!

This is a conspiracy

 By: sham1 : January 27th, 2024-09:12
to empty my bank account

it is always a pleasure to see this timepiece...refined, elegant !

 By: mahesh : January 27th, 2024-08:30
bonus is the lovely micro rotor movement & very classy case size...one couldn't ask for more. enjoy it sir. Best, mahesh.,

 By: Drslow : February 4th, 2024-11:20
Maybe they could delete that "automatic" and change it to "LUC" or others.

 By: Drslow : February 4th, 2024-11:19
Great piece.