Pasha de Cartier from the '80

Sep 08, 2018,23:30 PM

Good memories of this watch.

It was not only the watch that I was wearing every day to work, back in the '80,
it is also the watch that pushed my Instagram to 10K followers this weekend.
So after more than 30 years, I still love this watch a lot, with or without the grill.
Originally I bought the watch at Cartier Zurich, with a leather strap and tang buckle.
But a year later Cartier Miami found me the Figaro bracelet, in one of their BTQs. 
In Europe it was completely sold out and was replaced by another, more masculine, 
model. This is the strength of the chain of BTQ's, finding a watch in an other town
or state. To me this is still the best bracelet Cartier made for this watch and also the
smaller version, we see on the Panthere models is so comfotable.
Have a good Sunday guys!

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Thank you! [nt]

 By: Geo : September 9th, 2018-10:42

You're so right, the date window is a pity

 By: Geo : September 9th, 2018-10:41
and in that respect the 42mm model, without date, looks much better. But it has no grill. GEO

A true iconic watch from the 80s imo .

 By: Watchonthewrist : September 9th, 2018-00:22
It looks great on that bracelet 👌🏻 thanks for sharing


 By: Walter2 : September 9th, 2018-00:22

Thanks a lot Nico

 By: Geo : September 9th, 2018-10:37
You're too kind! GEO

La Dolce Vita ...

 By: small-luxury-world : September 9th, 2018-03:56
at ist best. No surprise, coming from you, my friend As a vintage piece it gets wearable in my book, if you know what I mean. Superb

Thank you my friend

 By: Geo : September 9th, 2018-10:32
You're often an example for me. GEO

First saw these in Japan after 1991

 By: MTF : September 9th, 2018-07:23
During the boom years, many people had either a Cartier or a Frank Müller in Japan corporate ladders for office ladies. Of course, the steel models were more pravalent. Regards, MTF

Japan is such a different market

 By: Geo : September 9th, 2018-10:30
I will be in Tokyo soon and hope to discover where everybody is talking about. It must have been changed a lot since 1991. GEO

Hello Geo! Beautiful shot and a sublime watch! I well remember reading the story of how you got the bracelet ...

 By: Subexplorer : September 11th, 2018-07:30
... several years ago in the Book " The Watch" by Gene Stone, and I was delighted with that story!. It reflects how a true watch lover would think and act pursuing his grails. I follow your posts and IG and see you are a man of great taste and enjoy so mu... 

Thank you Abel

 By: Geo : September 11th, 2018-23:04
That book 'The Watch' by Gene Stone is a very nice allround watch book. It is currently re written by Gene Stone and (I think) Stephen Pulvirent and the book will be re released, with a new content, later this year. GEO

My big pleasure dear Geo! Yes, "the Watch" is a very charming little book very nice to have. Yes, I have seen the new edition offered co authored with Pulvirent and revised and enlarged...

 By: Subexplorer : September 12th, 2018-13:35
... And I hope they will keep including your article about your beautiful Pasha and bracelet in the new edition. All the best, Abel.

Thank you for the update

 By: Geo : September 13th, 2018-10:04
I did'nt know that the book was also enlarged. I am sure it will be a better book now and I will order soon, so i have it when it omes out in November. Thanks again Abel! Geo

Love this post!

 By: jamesbutler1222 : March 23rd, 2020-16:47
I love this watch! I noticed you have no scratches on the bezel, how do you maintain the gold to avoid scratches. It looks new! Thank you, James.

No idea actually, I have been wearing the watch daily to work

 By: Geo : March 24th, 2020-01:52
and it has never been really polished. Now I only wear it once in a while, it is one of my first watches. GEO