I couldn’t decide on just one.

Nov 22, 2021,01:09 AM

The three amigos

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Awesome! Congratulations!

 By: orahu : November 22nd, 2021-01:12

Thank you

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:39

I can just call them mine for now 😆

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:43
Thank you

So have you considered adding a tank to your collection :)

 By: BigFatPauli : November 22nd, 2021-01:28
Super cool trio!

Just a little 😀

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:43

Wishing you the best of luck

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:45
You won’t be disappointed.

Very impressive!

 By: MiguelFlash : November 22nd, 2021-02:39

Pure luck.

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:46

IMO, green followed by burgundy then blue.

 By: kesharoo : November 22nd, 2021-02:56
But best to buy all! Well done.

That’s interesting

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:47
I bought them just in that order.

That’s a easy decision!

 By: Monopole : November 22nd, 2021-03:03
Congratulations and all the best.


 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:47

Lovely trio.

 By: Lankysudanese : November 22nd, 2021-04:11


 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:48

You definitely love your Cartier’ have the basis covered!

 By: doubleup : November 22nd, 2021-04:15
Awesome trio, welcome !

I guess I truly do.

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:49
Thank you

Difficult to say if I love or not this trio…

 By: Alfihar : November 22nd, 2021-05:17
Thèse three have been a nice surprise… maybe the only one for me this year. I understand why you couldn’t decide on just one… Timeless and modern… But there is something « cold »… not sure to fall in love Congrats and enjoy them. Best Ø


 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:50

That's the way to go!

 By: amanico : November 22nd, 2021-07:20


 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:50

At first it was a hunt

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:51
The hunt became a great capture

😆 yes it is indeed 😆

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:51

Get them all 😜

 By: Watchonthewrist : November 22nd, 2021-08:44

Done ✔️

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:52

Congrats 🤗👊🏻

 By: Watchonthewrist : November 23rd, 2021-07:54
Excellent choice

Thank you 🙏

 By: Stonec : November 27th, 2021-01:51

Thanks truly

 By: Stonec : November 22nd, 2021-22:52

Very cool!

 By: rip9er : November 22nd, 2021-23:43
Which color do you like the most? Which is easiest to wear?


 By: jomni1 : December 9th, 2021-08:45
Wow your wrists are small. Or is than an illusion?

😂 not an illusion 😂

 By: Stonec : December 26th, 2021-23:32
Size 16, they’re made for these watches.