I thought this pic from Chrono24 looked good.... until I looked closely.

Feb 02, 2024,01:35 AM

the seconds ring and "Swiss Guilloche Main" are printed right on top of the Clous de Paris and Gran d'orge Circulaire. plus the day and date windows aren't right for the 7337 as shown on Breguet site,

Just not right....is it?

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Not sure I can see any differences...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : February 2nd, 2024-01:43
I added the Breguet picture to your post so we can compare. Keep in mind that the Breguet picture is computer generated and may not be 100% accurate.

The number is the same as the one

 By: Champthekid : February 2nd, 2024-02:06
India Whiskey Charlie posted from the Breguet website. WOW!

So interesting. Breguet serial numbers have

 By: xto : February 2nd, 2024-02:24
extra alpha characters that don’t appear on the dial so that could be two different watches…or the seller has the one Breguet used! I still an not a fan of that printing, sorry

the pic that India Whiskey Charlie found on the site (7337 Calendrier) didn't pop up when I searched for 7337

 By: xto : February 2nd, 2024-02:34
so it's not a "replica" (and might even be the model that Breguet used) but both pics have printing right on top of guilloche - the seconds chapter and the words at the bottom. I don't think I've seen them print on top of guilloche before - usually the pr...  

Yes, I see what you’re saying now…

 By: ArmisT : February 2nd, 2024-02:41
I agree, that is an odd thing to see such distorted printing.🤔

My 7337

 By: MDT : February 2nd, 2024-02:53
Photo from when i bought it. I do love it. Have a great story about it, for another post… ...  

I can tell you that I've discussed with Breguet how website images are sometimes from prototypes.

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : February 2nd, 2024-03:00
Chrono24 images are often pulled right out of the rear end.

It somehow seems that the new model is more simply finished

 By: hora12reborn : February 2nd, 2024-06:45
than the former version.

agreed on that point

 By: VinnieD : February 2nd, 2024-08:08
and the chrono24 seems legit to me

Photos on Breguet's website show both styles.

 By: Uncle Chico : February 2nd, 2024-08:07
The first two variants of the 7337 show the words printed on the guilloche and the remaining variants display the words printed on a smooth plate within the guilloche.

What? It sounds like you are saying the watches match and that's a concern for you...

 By: BigFatPauli : February 2nd, 2024-12:24
The watches are, indeed, the same. As stated the most surprising thing is that that SN matches the stock photo.

I don’t see the problem….

 By: robsallnow : February 2nd, 2024-15:10
Other than the fact that this is indeed how Breguet has cheapened (in looks, not cost) a previously beautiful dial. It looks like something Longines or Rotary would do.

This is maybe their least successful dial refresh.

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : February 2nd, 2024-15:50


 By: hora12reborn : February 2nd, 2024-19:20


 By: TheMadDruid : February 2nd, 2024-22:31