Help me choose casual strap for Breguet 7097?

Apr 26, 2021,22:24 PM

I spent a few minutes photoshopping some Gunny and CF straps on to a Breguet 7097. I am looking to dress the watch down, i.e., should go with jeans. My favorite is the Gunny strap so far since it has both a vintage look and dark (almost black) color that brings out the detail in the watch face. Any other thoughts?


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I’d go with the very first one in picture 1, and the gray ostrich in the second picture.

 By: Jay (Eire) : April 26th, 2021-22:29
I do like the green straps but I’d want the skin to be a matte or even distressed finish. Love the watch, it’s been on my “wish to own” list for several years.

Grey Alligator and Grey Ostrich

 By: houstonian : April 26th, 2021-22:40
But also the blue alligator makes the hands pop

I like the gray ostrich.

 By: quattro98 : April 26th, 2021-23:58

Like with ties...

 By: Dunajska : April 27th, 2021-01:26 straps are an accessory that I am attracted to by shear instant sight (color combo, texture, etc). I vote for the two on the outside, right and left side - Row #2 More serious of a question, how do you enjoy owning/wearing a watch that is all abo... 

Thank you for the feedback

 By: ecsrun : April 27th, 2021-02:04
It has been an incredible privilege to own one! It is a very different effect, having the movement on the dial side rather than skeleton works.. Breguet did a masterful job with all Tradition pieces.


 By: Dunajska : April 27th, 2021-03:02
I've never been a fan of skeletonized watches as I've always been a "dial" guy and appreciate to savor the movement when exhibited on the back. I will admit, however, that the first time I saw this Breguet, I was struck by the geometric train wheel bridge...  

Picture one

 By: sham1 : April 27th, 2021-02:07
the green strap third from left.

Blue strap top row second from the right end.

 By: Bek2 : April 27th, 2021-03:46
I like how the blue matches the hands and this blue makes it more casual. I also like your choice. Great watch - can’t go wrong since all eyes will be on the watch anyway.

Did you have a look at.....

 By: sergio : April 27th, 2021-06:01
a Nato strap? When it comes to jeans, dressing down, it should be at least considered, no? There are some pretty snazzy ones out there, these days

I would go for a brown (milk chocolate) calf leather strap

 By: Geo : April 27th, 2021-08:34
or with the grey large-scale alligator when it does not shine too much. George

Here’s an idea.

 By: BMR : April 27th, 2021-18:19
I put this beige suede on mine for a more casual look. I really enjoy it this way. ...  

Thanks so much!

 By: BMR : April 28th, 2021-00:00

I've decided...

 By: ecsrun : April 29th, 2021-19:59 go with the grey ostrich (3rd from the right in the second pic) and the dark chocolate strap (bottom pic). At some point I plan to also try one of the blue alligator straps. Thank you everyone for the feedback! I hope the pics help anyone else with ...