Breguet’s detent escapement

Jul 17, 2022,03:26 AM

The other day I came across this 12 year old YouTube video on Breguet’s channel referring to a new detent escapement they invented in 2005. I was able to find a corresponding patent for it, but otherwise I’ve never heard or seen anything about this. 

Does anyone know anything about it? Was it ever demonstrated in public or released in a wristwatch, or was it just one of those inventions that didn’t make it to manufacturing?


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I see your Breguet escapement question and raise you a fully magnetic Breguet escapement

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : July 17th, 2022-15:57 "Because silicon components are immune to magnetism, Breguet was able to use powerful micro-magnets to create a magnetic field around the balance staff. The magnetic field serves as a shock protector for the staff, improving its r... 

Yep, waiting on this one too

 By: prachi : July 17th, 2022-16:55
Yep, I had seen this awhile back. Given that they were working on it in 2018 and they say 3–5 years in the article, I’m hoping we see something in 2023. Who knows what impact the pandemic had on their timelines though.

Also, someone on the found a bunch of Rolex patents for things like a high beat escapement

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : July 17th, 2022-16:03
Which Rolex will never use, but is still looking into. The Breguet magnetic escapement, on the other hand, is coming. Maybe Nico or Patrick_y can tell us more?

This is news to me I'm afraid...

 By: patrick_y : July 17th, 2022-16:15
Breguet's PR lady (the one you've recently met) doesn't tell details about this kind of stuff.

I think GP used it.

 By: amanico : July 17th, 2022-22:37
Pivoted detent and Phillips terminal coll... ...  

Interesting, thanks!

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : July 18th, 2022-01:26
A watchmaker who is familiar with this kind of escapement recently told me that the trick with these detent escapements is that the methods used to make them suitable for a wristwatch (increased protection from skipping during a shock) tend to add complex... 

Cool escapement. Reminds me slightly of the Robin Escapement by AP.

 By: patrick_y : July 17th, 2022-16:14
Still very different, but has that rotating concept as the Robin Escapement by AP.

Yes! I thought the same thing.

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : July 17th, 2022-17:19
AP didn't get their AP escapement to function so well, hopefully Breguet will have more success. The 7727 works beautifully, so there's hope. Having said that, Breguet did have a magnetically actuated minute repeater which they announced but didn't quite ... 

The PR team wouldn't even know what that project is!

 By: patrick_y : July 17th, 2022-21:33
The experimental balance wheel in XB5.0 is probably either still under testing or is going to be shelved. Since it doesn't add a lot of value to most consumer's eyes, selling it nor marketing it doesn't add a lot of value. Consumers don't think much about...