Breguet 3350 tourbillon 1st serie

Nov 19, 2023,14:07 PM

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A classy evergreen.👏

 By: hora12reborn : November 19th, 2023-14:19

 By: Fred Le Blanc : November 19th, 2023-14:29
I do not have a WG chrono QP. Just platinum😝

oops :-)

 By: Bruno.M1 : November 19th, 2023-14:33

 By: Fred Le Blanc : November 19th, 2023-15:18

Classy classic!

 By: NautNut : November 19th, 2023-16:12

a tourbillon may not improve modern timekeeping much, but...

 By: xto : November 19th, 2023-16:22
...done as beautifully as this it is a wonder to behold! Thanks for sharing.


 By: theknighterrant : November 19th, 2023-16:24
Very nice!

Mechanics as art.

 By: lm6 : November 19th, 2023-16:25

So nice!

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : November 19th, 2023-16:33

Pure Breguet DNA. Bravo!

 By: amanico : November 19th, 2023-18:07


 By: eklektik : November 20th, 2023-12:47