Might be the coolest time only dress watch

May 08, 2021,17:26 PM

Blancpain really is a criminally underrated brand, remarkable finishing and innovation! From my perspective I can’t discern their finishing quality from Patek or Lange, the mirrored anglage is just spectacular! 

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Think they got what they deserve

 By: Hulkbuster : May 8th, 2021-17:52
At least in HK, coz they treat their customers like crap. All of a sudden late last year they closed all their boutiques, 3 or 4 of them without telling their customers. Then this year they came out with the boutique only Fifty Fathoms No rad, and I had n... 


 By: Weems@8 : May 8th, 2021-18:09
I read your reply. Yes, it’s a pity Blancpain do not take customers in HK serious. I do not know if it is arrogance of Blancpain? This mistakes maybe bad for Blanpain. Prices are not low. Not a design to separate from competitors. Thinking their big, in a... 

Sorry to hear that

 By: afaleh : May 8th, 2021-19:00
Horrible when brands don't appreciate their customers. I had a similar bad experience with Lange in Bahrain. I know they faced financial issues and had to scale down and close many branches as well as reduce operations. They might even stop doing unique i... 

It needs attention

 By: Weems@8 : May 8th, 2021-17:55
Good to post the scream for more attention for Blancpain. Here actually, and the love for the fifty fathoms diver is good. You would say, globally at watch communities Blancpain is underrated. Thats tru. Thats why here is a good place. My concerns are onl... 

More pictures, please!🙏🏻

 By: Brandon Skinner : May 8th, 2021-18:56
Bring me closer!👀

Trying to get a better picture

 By: afaleh : May 8th, 2021-21:00
Will put up the camera and a light box soon ...  

My daughter agrees 🤣

 By: afaleh : May 9th, 2021-20:47

Too cute!

 By: amanico : May 9th, 2021-21:04

Thanks 😊

 By: afaleh : May 10th, 2021-10:18


 By: afaleh : May 8th, 2021-23:10
Here it is on a Santoni IWC strap ...  

Oh yeah, now we’re talking!

 By: Brandon Skinner : May 9th, 2021-01:01
That’s a true beauty!

Well done! :)))

 By: amanico : May 8th, 2021-19:02

Thank you

 By: afaleh : May 8th, 2021-21:03

I do believe Blancpain is world class

 By: agyzace : May 8th, 2021-19:20
in both sports and classic watches. A bit like VC. The problem with Blancpain, imho, and I adore the brand, is that all its watches are 2-4mm bigger than they should be. They are classy, but way too big. If they would be smaller by 2-4mm across the range,... 

I see your point

 By: afaleh : May 8th, 2021-21:03
But I think Blancpain had the right strategy, aiming for the larger wrist crowd, there are many options in the 39-40mm range for classic well implemented dress watches, but someone with a 7.5 inch or even 8 those are too small. I suppose they and IWC targ... 

Could be

 By: agyzace : May 9th, 2021-05:07
But in case your polishing/finishing/movements/etc is as good as any other top tier brand, why put yourself in the fat wrist market? It is a contradiction which also shows lack of self-belief (if that is their strategy indeed), as it shows you dont think ... 

I don’t think it’s an issue of no confidence

 By: afaleh : May 9th, 2021-09:11
As much as it’s an issue of swatch covering all bases. Breguet offers traditional sizes, BP larger, etc It’s important to also remember BP management often commented they did not want the brand to expand too much, the objective is to remain relatively exc... 


 By: BigFatPauli : May 8th, 2021-19:54
They are steal on the second hand market. Let people chase the 5711's, CB's, 15202's and Rolex... It's best when no one is looking.

Very true :)

 By: afaleh : May 8th, 2021-21:03

BFP, we may look back at your post as the beginning of a new Blancpain bubble :-)))

 By: Horo_Traveler : May 8th, 2021-21:56
Like COVID (and around the same time), the hysteria jumped from the Nautilus to the Jumbo to FPJ, to… what next? Perhaps Blancpain, on its way to the Timex Q?

Beautiful BP

 By: MiguelFlash : May 9th, 2021-02:33
I normally don’t go for movement showing dials like skeletons but this watch is gorgeous.

“a criminally underrated brand”

 By: MTR : June 4th, 2021-16:42
After owning my new baby (which is my first BP) for one week now I have to fully agree. But I think for us this is simply … perfect. 😁 Let the others chase their 5711s for more than K€ 100. This keeps the prices for BP and others for us acceptable. And we...