We got a sliver of sunshine before the rain comes back.

Mar 19, 2023,00:16 AM

So as they say: suns out cars out😉 Had lunch today with a friend and their were a lot of pcars on the road.

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I love the grey with yellow highlights on this GT3…

 By: ArmisT : March 19th, 2023-01:12
but I have to ask about the parking space that says “frog lover parking only”…what’s a frog lover mean over there?🤣

Ahhh, I get it now:)))👍🏽. It’s for ALL those spaces!

 By: ArmisT : March 19th, 2023-01:29
I thought it was just one specific parking spot. My bad.

No, most valet can’t drive stick anymore.

 By: jp884 : March 19th, 2023-02:10
I just park it myself.

Really? That's too bad!

 By: patrick_y : March 19th, 2023-04:35
Just a few years ago, more than half the restaurant servers in San Francisco didn't know what gluten free meant... I don't know if things have improved. But seriously, people who work in their profession ought to know more about it! But nice car! Wished I... 

I’m with you Patrick..

 By: jp884 : March 19th, 2023-06:02
I don’t see anything wrong with PDK I’ve owned it in my GT3 RS it’s flawless. Both of my Porsches are manual now which makes it a bit more engaging but I’m no manual snob. I appreciate both.

Lovely machines!

 By: patrick_y : March 19th, 2023-15:11
You're the only person I know who actually drives his Speedster!

I won’t own anything that I won’t use..

 By: jp884 : March 19th, 2023-15:52
What’s the point? I would rather place that money in some investments otherwise.

True! Well said!

 By: patrick_y : March 20th, 2023-03:36

You may not be a manual snob but...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : March 19th, 2023-15:23
You need this license plate frame: ...  


 By: jp884 : March 19th, 2023-15:52
I’ve also seen the car cover on a spare wheel that shows the manual knob and it says: millennial theft protection device.


 By: RabidManatee : March 19th, 2023-16:20

Wow! Good one!

 By: patrick_y : March 20th, 2023-03:33
Rolls Royce vehicles also have a Power Reserve on their instrument cluster in lieu of a tachometer!


 By: amanico : March 19th, 2023-07:49

Thanks Nico!

 By: jp884 : March 19th, 2023-14:56

Looks awesome my friend! What color is it again?

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 19th, 2023-11:50

Great color choices.

 By: MichaelC : March 19th, 2023-13:31


 By: jp884 : March 19th, 2023-14:58

Jay Leno....

 By: InHavenPro : March 21st, 2023-00:43
just released this footage....

Agree 100%

 By: InHavenPro : March 21st, 2023-05:00
Too much to me as well - neither have the skill nor the everyday space for something like a GT3/RS........