Two that had to move on recently

Nov 17, 2020,10:08 AM

I finally realized that I can fit a lot more watches into the garage than cars... So these 2 icons of the 1990s had to go after 10 years of my caring for them...The VW proved the "better deal" as it sold for double what I paid for it in 2010. Of course not accounting for garaging, servicing, endless searching for hard-to-get-parts, washing and polishing and the like. The Merc was the ultimate long distance cruiser. 

Both acquired very limited additional miles in my custody so getting rid of them is somewhat of a relief - more time and space now for watches smile
Both went to Germany - the Germans crave Swiss market cars because we care for them like we do for our watches. While the VW had to go Mass transit, the Merc got its own first class transport.
Cheers from Zurich

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Cool duo - the golf is a real oddball

 By: VinnieD : November 17th, 2020-10:20
And by casualty, today I was just looking at an auction for a low mileage dark blue S-class of your vintage (not the V12 unfortunately). How was your experience with that one?

Experience with W140s

 By: 198042 : November 17th, 2020-11:38
Hi Vinnie I have experience with the last updated series from 96 through 98 only. I have put more than 250000 kms with year round driving on my '97 V8 without any problems whatsoever save for a steering box replacement. It is has been pure joy. I plan on ... 

Thanks so much!

 By: VinnieD : November 17th, 2020-12:12
This car is a legend and your experience confirms this

picked up a VW Eco-Up minicar to run around town with

 By: 198042 : November 21st, 2020-09:53
CNG gas engine and the 100% Biogas station just around the corner from my office. No other cars on the radar but picked up some watches already... Cheers Richard

I'd taken a 500E

 By: 198042 : November 21st, 2020-09:56
any time but never found one that really clicked. The 600 is just as quick and was easier to get in 2009. Looked at several 500Es in the meantime - none to my liking. I am into low-mileage examples with documented history...The V8s are GREAT engines that ...  

Hmmmmm, this one! Divine.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2020-10:07

Love that Mercedes

 By: Jurry : November 18th, 2020-06:53

The VW

 By: 198042 : November 21st, 2020-10:13
is much rarer with only a few more than 500 built. Many are completely bombed (RUST!!!) out. Now that they are approaching vintage car age, apparently the demand has picked up considerably. It sold in less than 24 hrs... And it had done its duty offroad i...