1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Mar 07, 2024,05:46 AM

A car I always loved. 

For its line, its 8 Cylinders engine...

A bit less for its dashboard, too 70's... But the rest is so " hummmm "....



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One of the all-time greats!

 By: clemens m : March 7th, 2024-06:41
Lovely car, next to the Bertone Coupe and the old GTV 6 2.5 one of the best Alfas ever IMHO.

Correct you are.

 By: amanico : March 7th, 2024-18:07

Yes, in orange please!

 By: VinnieD : March 7th, 2024-09:31
funkadelic A very special model from Alfa. Could accelerate the greying of some mechanic's hair though


 By: amanico : March 7th, 2024-16:47

me too, big love for this one

 By: penfriend : March 7th, 2024-09:38
but not tranquil enough to bear the maintenance ;-)

Great to see this one Nicolas

 By: JohnFM : March 7th, 2024-16:26
I love Alfas but was not familiar with this model. Not sure why since my first car was a 1973 Fiat, and then another Fiat and Alfa from slightly later. But this car never came to the USA, so I missed it entirely. It does have a great line, I agree, and ei... 

Sits a bit high… 😅

 By: MCG (Markus) : March 7th, 2024-16:36

In more sensual. ;)

 By: amanico : March 7th, 2024-23:02

that is 70s cool guy car right there, always loved it

 By: SALMANPK : March 7th, 2024-20:11
I am partial to the green but there are no bad colors on a Montreal imo Source: Google Images S ...  

Totally agree!

 By: amanico : March 7th, 2024-23:01

thank you Sir, you know which other car from the 70s was cool?

 By: SALMANPK : March 8th, 2024-00:25
The Maserati Bora Source: Google Images S ...  

And the Merak!!!

 By: amanico : March 8th, 2024-07:03


 By: amanico : March 8th, 2024-16:54

100% agree!

 By: amanico : March 9th, 2024-23:16


 By: mahesh : March 24th, 2024-08:03


 By: amanico : March 25th, 2024-21:31