I haven’t bought vintage for a long time. Yesterday this showed up at my door.

Mar 26, 2024,13:39 PM

I love these simple, vintage models. Only 32mm but very elegant. With the exceptionally thin 1.64mm caliber 2003. Classic in every way. Any marks seen are on the crystal, not dial.

When I purchased my Millenary back in 2011, this was the model I was actually intending to buy. I’ve been very happy with the Millenary and many times wear it as basically my daily watch. But every once in a while I would still think of these great vintage models and I decided I couldn’t wait any longer.

I’m not familiar with how AP’s serial numbers work and a quick google search shows this to be from 1947, which I don’t believe to be correct. I assume mid 1950s at earliest. It’s number 51743 if anyone can help pin down the year.

Very happy to have finally decided to buy one!

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Wow! Quite elegant indeed.

 By: MichaelC : March 26th, 2024-14:15
If I can gain any specific information for you, I'll let you know. Congrats on this AP wafer!! We could probably stack 3-4 together to be an Offshore ;-)


 By: xto : March 26th, 2024-14:36

Thanks! Although I’m curious about when it’s from it’s really not important to me, it would just be nice to know. Please let me know if you find anything out.

 By: Emil Wojcik : March 26th, 2024-15:06
Back in the mid ‘80s when I first started collecting, these earlier models from the various brands were what everyone wanted, including myself. If you weren’t satisfied buying vintage, you pretty much would have to buy quartz. That’s why I still admire th... 

Very nice, indeed.

 By: LS : March 26th, 2024-14:59
Enjoy the ultra thin caliber


 By: Emil Wojcik : March 26th, 2024-17:04


 By: amanico : March 26th, 2024-17:05

Would be great to see the movement...

 By: mdg : March 26th, 2024-15:30
...please post photos if you ever open it...

Just like vintage cars ;)

 By: Emil Wojcik : March 26th, 2024-17:53


 By: amanico : March 26th, 2024-17:59

Classy, elegant, easy to wear, AP...

 By: bruckner4 : March 26th, 2024-15:58
what's not to like? Nice catch!

Thank you!

 By: Emil Wojcik : March 26th, 2024-17:07


 By: Emil Wojcik : March 26th, 2024-17:53

32mm and 2 hands

 By: clemens m : March 26th, 2024-19:30
thats all it needs to make a perfect watch! It is a lovely catch indeed, very elegant and perfectly proportioned.

Simple. Elegant. Classic.

 By: gary_g : March 26th, 2024-20:08

What a beauty!

 By: pfang56 : March 26th, 2024-23:30
And one of the maison's early innovations - ultra thin watches! Thanks for sharing! Peter