Hi AP fans, Recently I had GTGs with Thomas Perazzi (Head of Watches in Asia for Phillips and an auctioneer) and had a showdown between

Nov 11, 2022,17:14 PM

his De Bethune and my 5131P + AP RO. 

Your choice between the three ?

I also learned about his interesting horological journey.

Here is the post on the horological meandering forum www.watchprosite.com /

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Easy for me...

 By: MilDiver : November 13th, 2022-06:41
15300, 39MM . the only AP I can wear daily and not worry about reliability, ...  

Great looking jumbo !

 By: GLau : November 13th, 2022-16:21
From the photo your dial seems to be black. Correct ?

Thanks. Black it is.

 By: MilDiver : November 14th, 2022-08:06
In this 39 brushed form factor, I prefer it over the “hyped “ blue.

Yes, this small Tissot blue chrono has a lot of history

 By: GLau : November 16th, 2022-04:44
In that it was originally owned by his grandfather and now with Thomas for “safekeeping” for his son. Meaningful family legacy with this piece 😃