Rolex 5513 the same but not quite

Oct 19, 2012,18:38 PM

This will be a fun exploration.

In this first picture you will two watches which appear to be very similar. The Rolex coronet is almost identical very close to the Bart Simpson. The flat bottom is distinct. The Swiss t<25 also fills the space right to the edge between the minute marker. However the ft are not the same alignment.

By now I am sure you are a little curious. Big deal. A little examination and we see the lume plots are different. One appears to be about a 1mm closer to the minute markers and a little larger.

Your interest is still high.

The revealing shot.

The helium escape valve.

Now you can see what you have, the early Comex 5513.

Another piece on interesting Rolex info. These early Comex still did not have the Comex marking on the dial. It has all of the other characteristics with the serial engraved inside the case back and the obvious helium escape valve. I am sure there will be some controversy as to whether no Comex on the dial meet the broad consensus but this is what I have observed.   This was an encounter with a friends watch.



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Wow, Bill! 5513 Comex, now!

 By: amanico : October 19th, 2012-20:18
This one is my favourite, with the Vladesque Triple 6 Comex. Now you need a Milsub, English or French, to have your bases fully covered. Damn, you have an IMPRESSIVE collection of Subs! Best, my friend. Another one I will have to see in the flesh! Nicolas... 

Nico amci I am working very hard to reach your level

 By: Bill : October 19th, 2012-22:10
and I have a long way to go... A+ Bill

The French Milsub....

 By: DrStrong : October 19th, 2012-23:16 least this one has a BIG issue number, not like the Comex or RN Milsub...LOL


 By: amanico : October 19th, 2012-23:49

Very nice example !

 By: DrStrong : October 19th, 2012-22:49
withy such an early Comex number on a 5513, there is no controversy on the "no logo" dial. Any history with the watch ?

Funny Bill, we have sisters!

 By: Anatol : October 20th, 2012-00:39
We do seem to have many watches in common. In this case, even consecutive numbers! Comex 5513 no. 81: As pictured in the Mondani Submariner book: I had a Comex logo dial in stock which has been fitted meanwhile - just to know what you have on your wrist w...  

Another Sister

 By: tippo88 : April 15th, 2013-22:39
My father in law has no 89 which he was given whilst working for Comex in the N. Sea. Does anyone have a rough idea of what these are worth?

Small numbers Cx 5513 is a grail to me.....

 By: Ross Povey : October 20th, 2012-02:35
fantastic watch Bill. I kind of like them without the Comex logo on the dial - stealthy!! I was recently offered a Pre-Comex 5513, full set which was lovely. I love the Comex coronet and the early ft first matte dials. The taller coronet is the true Maxi ... 

What's the next step ?

 By: DrStrong : October 20th, 2012-05:47
this kind of picture ? ;-) ...  

I like the early HEV...

 By: DrStrong : October 20th, 2012-05:48
which was subject to oxydation

WOW superb , as far as I know...

 By: Miranda : October 20th, 2012-06:09
The early "prototype" Comex never had Comex on the dial,,,also the valve was made of Iron! Superb catch many congrats to you :) Best Imran

congratulations Bill!

 By: gensiulia : October 20th, 2012-08:08
when we talk about comex go into a trance, and dream of owning one day. thanks! c.

My personal congratulations Bill........

 By: Topcat30093 : October 21st, 2012-12:49
That is one stunning and true grail piece. Ross, I totally agree, stealth is the way to go...........A true Sheep in Wolf's clothing :) Regards Tony

You are getting close and closer

 By: PoyFR : October 21st, 2012-21:50
To my home town! You will soon be yelling 'droit au but' ;-) 5513 Comex, that's la classe des classes! Get that H.Valve fixed and enjoy it for ever.


 By: Bill : October 21st, 2012-21:52
I would love to know how. Are you talking about arresting the oxidation? Please tell me more. Bill

for this, you only need a lemon.

 By: PoyFR : October 21st, 2012-22:42
To get closer, you will a TGV ride from Paris.