Amazing never seen before 1934 footage of the LeCoultre line-up

Apr 25, 2014,06:40 AM

You might have read the news that the old documentary making company Pathé (active 1910-1970), now a division of EMI, has decided to release its entire archive of films over its own website and Youtube.

While browsing for some interesting content, I came across that amazing short documentary on watches entitled  'A Timely Topic!'
It is meant to show what was state of the art and fashionable in watches and clocks back in 1934.

Although it is not said as such in the narrative (the manufaturers are not mentionned), one can see that the entire document revolves around the 1933 LeCoultre catalog.

 Here is the link: 
(in case the link would be altered by the Purists publishing platform, you will find the footage by looking for  'A Timely Topic!' Pathé in your search engine)





So, in this 2 minutes documentary, one can see a number of rare clocks, as well as early reversos and Duoplans

In order:


 an early version of the rare rotating wall clock:


A Garrard mantle / wall convertible clock

The Table lighter

The stirrup clock

A nice Reutter with Art Deco numerals

A rock crystal pocket watch

The shutter system pocket watch

A jewelled duoplan 101


The original reverso

And the Duoplan interchangeable service system


Hope you liked seing them live from a distant past...

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I wonder if JLC had planned to use it...

 By: watchme : April 25th, 2014-06:59
for their Centennial, in theaters, but then decided against it. -Dean

I love that Atmos!!!!

 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 25th, 2014-07:28

Agree! The font's insane!

 By: watchthatman : April 28th, 2014-19:03

Very cool

 By: rnaden : April 25th, 2014-08:37
And that shutter pocket watch is very slim!

I've seen some such as the magnificient Stirrup clock and the table lighter.

 By: amanico : April 25th, 2014-09:11
But I didn't know the rock Crystal pocket Watch, the shutter poket Watch, nor the superb rotating wall clock. Very interesting, indeed! Thanks for the thread, Clavi. Best, Nicolas

Tributes! Tributes!!!

 By: Ano Nuevo : April 25th, 2014-17:38
Gorgeous! Each one merits a Tribute edition ---- Of course the Reverso already has its Tribute, and the 101 is still made. But, oh, those two glorious wall clocks! I want them both. Thank you for the great posting. Ano N

Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone, but...

 By: Ano Nuevo : April 25th, 2014-23:43
I believe a certain manageress at a certain Asian boutique can put one on the waiting list for the Tribute To Rotating Wall Clock! But I declined when she told me JLC had substituted a battery quartz movement instead of the historically correct hand-wind ... 

Great piece of History

 By: Bill : April 25th, 2014-20:28
Thanks for sharing this great find. Bill

A special pleasure.. To see these juwels..and to enjoy them in the movie.. :)

 By: hs111 : April 25th, 2014-22:29
.. what a nice line-up, you were kindly sharing ! - Thank you for doing that.. The movie is cute ! Best , also for your WE ! hs

indeed amazing and speechless find...

 By: Stefan : April 26th, 2014-02:42
... watching from this marketing video, no one can disagree how advance of MJLC to design their watches and timepieces at that year. by the way, after watching this, most of us here will get trouble as most thing go into our wish list :-( really long way ... 

This is incredible, almost surreal. I wish JLC produced more clocks like shown.

 By: Ruckdee : April 26th, 2014-07:06
It would be interesting for someone who already has an Atmos and wants to branch out to something different. But, well, maybe the market for that is not large enough to justify the effort of the manufacture. Anyway, back to the video, thank you very much ...