I bought one of my grail watches this week...*updated* :)

Jan 29, 2009,20:48 PM

Yes, I copied Tony's subject smile

Simply because I bought the same watch !


I'm recently into white metal and after seeing Tony's latest acquisition, I just got to have one too!


Oh yes, 5140 still exhibits those legendary curves as my 3940, ooooooh....no matter how you turned it, still curvy....yummy!


This is slightly different from my 2nd series dial 3940


A welcome larger date font for an old man like me..


and of course, the mandatory wrist shot, sits perfectly on it!


I just got to show you this crazy wrist shot too! hahahha


and of course, the alluring twins!


Gong Xi Fa Cai, there's still DOUBLE JOY! Me and Tony's


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So this is CNY

 By: Quan : January 29th, 2009-21:01
ang pao for you, big congrat....

Yes, it's Ang Pao!

 By: Mech : January 29th, 2009-23:00


 By: Pur1st : January 29th, 2009-21:19

Congrats, Mech!

 By: amanico : January 29th, 2009-22:02
What a nice and great pair of PC PP you have! Unbelievable! You made it. I didn't even think to get 2 pcs from the same brand, you did it, and it seems that you did it right! A nice evolution of a Classic. Best, my friend. Nicolas

just another crazy wis dude

 By: Mech : January 29th, 2009-23:02
Yes, taking cue from you Nic and Stephen, craze plat dudes. At least I'm convinced I love PP PC so much to have another! anything is possible in WISDOM. hahaha. Mech.

Really, Mech?

 By: amanico : January 29th, 2009-23:16
What would be your third PP??? A 5970? Can't wait to see the Triumvira! Best. Nicolas


 By: Mech : January 29th, 2009-23:26
w/o the bling that is! Ok Nic, let me sell everything like my house, car, soul first. I hope I have enough time before PP releases this ultimate Lemania! If I didn't manage to get one eventually it must be PP who released only 2 pieces and they went to yo... 

Congratulations, You fooled me, I thought this was the same post...

 By: patrick_y : January 29th, 2009-22:12
Congratulations upon your new acquisition of the 5140! Great photos! I hope to see more photos of the watch and the packaging! I'm sure this watch will give you a perpetual amount of enjoyment. Just waiting for both of our new 5140 owners to write reviews... 


 By: VPREGULATOR : January 29th, 2009-23:21

Beautiful Mech! [nt]

 By: ArthurSG : January 30th, 2009-03:15

Superb watch

 By: Dje : January 30th, 2009-03:27
Hi Mech, Congratulations on getting the extra size. The 5140 is one of these very few and extraordinary examples with the increased watch even better (to some extent and for me) than the already (near) perfect former smaller piece! I unfortunately don't h... 

Congrats Mech...!!

 By: drsh : January 30th, 2009-19:08
Nice watch...we should have a 5140 party in singapore...maybe chingay tonite!! sh

GTG in Singapore?

 By: Mech : January 30th, 2009-21:12
Hold that thought SH..! sometime in Feb? I know some overseas WIS might be in town, perhaps we should have one? Mech.

I recently stumpled upon a blog article about a similar

 By: Mech : December 10th, 2012-20:42
story comparing 3940 and the 5140 and was very 'shocked' to see it used my photos (posted in this thread) without seeking my prior permission. The author has since rectified it. Out of curiosity, I searched the internet and found some of my pictures of my...  

Welcome in the club!

 By: small-luxury-world : December 11th, 2012-02:29
It happens to me quite often. Sometimes from "professional" Bloggers, sometimes from boutique managers, sometimes the brands marketing department ... . If you ask them about they donĀ“t even feel guilty. Never asked for money, but this "free lunch" mentali... 

Oliver, your experience is 'shocking' to be

 By: Mech : December 11th, 2012-03:24
honest. Whatever happens to the basic courtesy? I'm pretty amazed my pix was used in a pretty elaborate article, totally 'professional' sounding, I have the feeling they probably make some money out of writing those stuff. anyway, now that I know the tric... 

Congrats, bro

 By: Pur1st : December 11th, 2012-02:00
So u started the itchiness again? LOL

My body has been itching all over ever since

 By: Mech : December 11th, 2012-03:26
I embarked on this slippery slope :) I gather you're on par with me? :)


 By: patrick_y : December 11th, 2012-10:00
Great piece! And one of my personal favorite watches as well.

Thanks Patrick, after all these years, Patek

 By: Mech : December 11th, 2012-13:06
Perpetual Calendar still sticks, it must mean something :) cheers Mech.

Huge congratulations Mech,

 By: Mark in Paris : December 11th, 2012-15:02
A beautiful timepiece and thanks for sharing those very nice pictures. Cheers, Mark

Thanks Mark, the white metal Patek is always

 By: Mech : December 12th, 2012-18:52
very accommodating when worn on the daily basis. Sometime I feel my YG will tend to catch more attention or feel I might be a little 'overdressed' for many occasions. But the white metal is always 'low profile' working like a 'everyday beater'. Wearing su... 

A beauty !

 By: cisco : December 14th, 2012-04:15
The 3940 and so the 5140 are imho the most emblematic product of Mr Philippe Stern Era. Slim Perpetual Calendar, perfect balance, so much elegance, no other perpetual can directly compare to it imho. Great pair, thanks for sharing Francois