My home made desktop clock

May 24, 2013,01:43 AM

Here is something that I have wanted to show to to you for a long time but somehow did not do up to now:

 My home made desktop clock

I got my hands onto this old hard disk about 20 years ago and the idea struck me to convert it into a clock with as little visible change as possible.

Unfortunately I had overestimated my electronic skills back then and so my first attempts using discrete ICs ended up in frustration. I put it aside and kept it in the drawer for years until I met the husband of my wife's friend who turned out to design electronic circuits to earn his living. We soon became friends and when I asked him he taught me all I needed to know and even provided me with a microcontroller development environment.

So about 10 years after the first attempt I got the thing working.

How it is read

It is very basically very simple:

The hard disk indicates the hour while the read/write head serves as the "minute" indicator by moving from the outer to the inner edge of the disk. Well, you may only estimate the correct quarter hour from the position of the read/write head, but I don't care about that.

At the full hour the disk turns by 30 degrees to the next hour marker and the read/write head returns to the the outer edge. By doing so the stepper motor emits a quiet, humming sound that reminds me that another hour has passed.

This is what it looks like at 8:59 :

At 9:00 o'clock :

And at about 9:30 :

This clock has been running for about 12 years now and you can clearly see the marks that the read/write head left on the turning disk and while moving in and out.

How it is operated

The time is set by turning the disk and setting the read/write head to the desired time by hand. Then you push the reset button on the back (the upper one of the tree on the back) and the clock measures the position of the indicators and sets its internal electronic quartz clock accordingly. For measuring the hour I painted a binary pattern onto the backside of the disk which is illuminated by infrared LEDs and detected by matching infrared light sensors.

For detecting the set minute the read/write head is driven to the outside of the disk until it interrupts the a light barrier. The steps necessary for that are counted, the internal clock is set and the head is driven back to its previous position.

Because the current time is stored in an internally the time display can be restored if it was changed by accident. This does the middle button on the back. Pushing it will turn the disk and move the head to the correct position.

The lowest button on the back side turns on "demo" mode. This makes one minute of internal time pass in 2 seconds real time so that you can easily watch the thing working. This was very useful during development to test things out thoroughly.

How it looks from behind

The electronics is hidden on the backside. I finally decided to build it based on a ATMega16 Microcontroller. It is larger that it would have been necessary for the task of controlling a clock but it offers a galore of input/outout pins that came very handy. A microcontroller, stepper motor driver (which is used to driver the hard disk motor because that pulls a lot of current due to the weight of the disk) and some transistors for amplifying the signals sent by a set light sensors that  is hidden under the disk and measures its position.

I tried to "respect" the original disk and to reuse as many of the present parts as possible. E.g. every 12 hours the read/write head goes all the way back to the outside of the disk (beyond the 0 minutes position) to meet the original light barrier and to verify/calibrate its correct position.

A pleasant thing about ATMega controllers is that they can be programmed using the C programming language. So today I can still understand the software I wrote back then to control the clocks functions ;-)

Here it what it looks like on the backside:

I even kept the drawing that I used to design the layout of the circuit board and to transfer it to the backside of the real board. Because it needed to be mirrored to backside it is on a transparent slide.
(I will spare you to post the source code for the microcontroller too smile )

Today I am thrilled by the fact that it has been running flawlessly for the past 12 years and still does. I really had not expected that.
But more than that I enjoy it as a very personal piece that has become possible only by meeting the right man and that we are still friends today.

HAGWE everybody,

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Watch and home grown or home made item(s) - can be anything home related

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-08:19
Special thanks to Nilo also to Art and Ken to let me have the honor to start this week WS As we (southeast Asia) just into the dry season, a bit late thou as occasionally still rain (climate change). This is the first harvest from our garden (after rain s...  

Great shot [nt]

 By: Chucky1103 : May 23rd, 2013-08:37

Thanks Boss

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-15:52

Great and very challenging theme ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-08:46
Let's see if I can come up with something unusual. A warning to our members: Let's try to avoid garlic. We have participants allergic to it (and to spikes, of course). Cheers, Nilo

Nice Oranges !

 By: cmclee : May 23rd, 2013-09:13
Here's mine... ...  

Beutiful GS ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-10:21
Only recently I had the pleasure to hold a GS on my hands. It's everything that we read about plus some. Congratulations, Nilo

Hope you love this GS

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-15:54
Like I do

The theme is harder than I imagine. But here is ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-10:20
The fact that we are in late fall here didn't helped. Our fruit trees are ... resting until the spring. There is a tree in our house, that is native from South America, called Jaboticaba but the birds had a field day and they left not a single fruit. In a...  

Thank you Quan ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-15:59
I'm doing very high ISO tests. All pics are hand held. Cheers, Nilo

Home made...

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2013-10:36
Banknotes: Coffee: Nest: Tiles: An endless list... HAGWE. Nicolas ...  

Bank notes ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-10:52
Has any hidden message on that? Our judges for this week are just like angels. Incorruptible and they are so far away that no one can reach. I pass the coffee (mine without milk, please) but your nest and tiles are dramatically tempting. As someone (who?)... 

No, no hidden message to the judges.

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2013-11:07
Why hidden, by the way? ;) Best, my friend, and thanks for the kind words. Nicolas

If I need an excuse to visit France ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-11:10
Ignoring the food, wine and other amenities this Chronometre more than justify the trip. Just to see and touch this work of art. Cheers, Nilo

Hey, to be honest, you didn't need me for that :)

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2013-11:58
You did it very well by yourself. ;) Best, Nicolas

It was the emotion ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-04:48
Of being face-to-face with two legends. Cheers, Nilo

She is a little more than a legend ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-04:53
Based on the fact that she tolerate me for so many years and keeps going. The legends there were you and Jerome. Not counting the watches that alone could make a great collection. Cheers, Nilo

No wonder

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-15:56
Euro Great Nest you have there

The nest is the best!!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 24th, 2013-03:56
by far in long run Just splendid!!! HAGWE my dear friend Damjan

I love all of these.. Especially the first and last, whereby IMHO..

 By: hs111 : May 24th, 2013-10:56
.. My very personal and humble aficionado - kudos has to go to the last shot - the Geophysic, My grail Vintage; ;) Always nice to daydream a bit .. Thx for these lovely shares, Best, hs

Of course , how could I not mention .. Forgiveness !.. BUT..

 By: hs111 : May 24th, 2013-11:50
Polaris 65 is beyond my reach anyway.. And of course, one could just say "Fab Four", but that maybe too easy .. Thus, humbly I took the plunge for 2 Out of 4, But now I select only 1 .. And the Selected vintage grail, alltogether, for me stays the Geophys... 

See - there would be maybe supranatural powers .. For a Polaris 65

 By: hs111 : May 24th, 2013-11:58
So I was thinking of my Doctor , in a way .. ;) Best, He The Understanding, hs

You can keep your counterfeit...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:02
The rest I take! ;) Best, my crafty friend Blomman

The Bank notes! ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 26th, 2013-03:31

Local fruits...

 By: MattS : May 23rd, 2013-11:47
Here we go: Fruits from my garden called "Coins"! or wallnuts or nuts Matt ...  

What wonderful colors you got on ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-11:51
"Coins". Of course, the watch helps. Great idea of your "nuts" picture. I have a watch to take some pictures, that by sheer coincidence is the same as your Universal, and if you don't mind I go to copycat your picture style. Stay tuned. Should be on HoMe ... 

thanks Nilo!

 By: MattS : May 23rd, 2013-12:01
Just for you, here is a UG/Coin combo! Matt ...  

here is another fruity picture

 By: MattS : May 23rd, 2013-12:21
I pulled out of my HD! Picture I took in Sevilla with local oranges! Matt ...  

My home made desktop clock

 By: stromer : May 24th, 2013-01:43
Here is something that I have wanted to show to to you for a long time but somehow did not do up to now: My home made desktop clock I got my hands onto this old hard disk about 20 years ago and the idea struck me to convert it into a clock with as little ...  

Creative way

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-02:05
to do re-cycle of ever increasing of IT waste.... A unique piece indeed Thanks for sharing with us your "fantastic idea" Cheers,

Thank you, Quan

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:15
for your kind words. Indeed the thought to have a piece unique is part of the fun. Best wishes, Martin

i love that clock and i want one now pretty please :)

 By: G99 : May 24th, 2013-03:53
are you taking commissions? my led roman numeral clock that mr Cazalea helped facilitate has finally given up so i need something funky to replace it. the Atmos in the sitting room and grandfather clock in dining room are not funky enough for me. very cle... 

wanna trade?

 By: stromer : May 24th, 2013-05:55
Hi Graham, a hard disk clock against the ATMOS, doesn't that sound fair? :-) Bye, Martin

hmmm, i think i need...

 By: G99 : May 24th, 2013-05:58
hmmm, i think i need both :) On 24 May 2013 13:55, "www watchprosite" *Alert from:* www:watchprosite > *Posted By:* stromer (registered) on May 24th, 2013 - 05:55 > > *Title: wanna trade? > * > > *

So do I :-) [nt]

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:16

Totally amazing !

 By: Noodia : May 24th, 2013-04:12
Thanks for sharing this very unusual horological item with all its details, an expected although very interesting techie side of our horological enthusiasm cheers, Laurent

Thank you

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:20
for your kind comment, Laurent. It is indeed uncommon to post about something quartz driven here at Purists. That it was not rejected due to that fact makes Purists a special way once more. :-) Best, Martin

I am impressed by this

 By: . Anders : May 24th, 2013-06:02
It was an interesting invention! fascinating /Anders

Thank you, Anders!

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:22
By calling it an invention you bring up an interesting question. I always saw it as an idea an a lot of detail work. So what is the difference. Is there any? Something I need to think about. Btw: I really like your GO! Best, Martin

FANTASTIC article. Thanks!

 By: cazalea : May 24th, 2013-07:34
I wish i could do that kind of stuff. Cazalea

I am sure you could

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:25
It is a much detail work but nothing that requires artistic talent or much fantasy which are unfortunately things that I personally lack. So I tried the more technical approach to create something. "I choose to do so not because it was hard, but because i... 

I've always been a technical guy who could work with metal

 By: cazalea : May 26th, 2013-18:01
and wiring. Once I constructed a remote control for my stereo using a pocket calculator for the keypad. The plus was FF, the - Rewind, etc. That was long ago, and as I was trained at the cusp of tubes vs transistors, I have forgotten all my electronics. B...  

You can do THAT?

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-22:54
I am truely overwhelmed. This is the kind of stuff I would so much like to be able to do. I think I am sufficiently creative when it comes to solving a given problem, but I am competely lacking this artistic kind of creativity and ability that you obvious... 

Amazing ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-07:41
When I remember the large number of hard drives that I already sent to scrap, I feel ashamed. Great project, great and unique clock. Congratulations. It seems that this is the weekend of true one of a kind Purists work. Cheers, Nilo

I could only save this one

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:30
I have sent my share of computer parts to scrap too and I saved only this one. In a German computer magazine from time to time they offer contest where the aim is to recycle old computer parts is a creative way. Usually the results are outstanding and mak... 

This is fantastic work ...

 By: AndrewD : May 24th, 2013-14:57
... and I love how you respected the original function and design but reimagined it in new ways. Watchmakers have been doing that for hundreds of years too. This deserves a post on HoMe for the more general readership. Would you like to repost the thread ... 

Thank you very much

 By: stromer : May 24th, 2013-16:16
for your so Kind words, Andrew! I am on the road over the Weekend (meeting old friends) Please just feel free to handle my post in every way Ou would like to. You will be doing right :-) Good night (CET), Martin

Thank you for looing and

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:34
your nice comment! What you call an "electro- magnetic- mechanical symbiosis" has always fascinated me about hard disks. I am convinced that to build a modern hard disk is no less technically demanding than to build a mechanical watch. The space for mecha... 

That is a really cool desk clock!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:06
Martin, you should have put your Memovox on top - then you would have a alarm clock! ;) Best, my friend Blomman

Normally I do not sleep at my desk :-)

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:39
Indeed I thought about integrating an alarm when I designed the clock. That would have required maybe one more button, a buzzer and the rest would have been software. But because I am building software solutions to earn my money that would not have been a... 

Thank you, Davo! [nt]

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:40

Short video of demo mode?

 By: cazalea : May 27th, 2013-08:21
I know making a little video can be easy or a pain, but Martin, do you have one of the clock working in demo mode? Here's a photo of the Roman Numeral clock Graham G99 referred to earlier in the thread: And a short video of its incredibly mesmerizing acti...  

Cool Roman clock!

 By: stromer : May 28th, 2013-12:13
Hi cazalea, That is a cool clock that graham has there! I do not have a video so far of the hard disk clock, but I will try to make one on Thursday. I think I will need to come back to you when it comes to posting it. Never done that before. Best, Martin

martin, sadly mine stopped working,...

 By: G99 : May 28th, 2013-13:32
martin, sadly mine stopped working, i found a loose weld and fixed it, but it runs slow so i dont turn it on anymore. i bet Mikes is still running strong after something like 5 years. G On 28 May 2013 20:13, "www watchprosite" *Alert from:* www:watchprosi... 

Ahhh, I had not understood

 By: stromer : May 29th, 2013-00:26
that you both own one. A pity your had ceased its service :-) Best, Martin

Here is the video

 By: stromer : May 30th, 2013-06:37
Hi cazalea, here is the video you asked for: Thank you for your help with posting it! Best, Martin

I love it. Thanks!

 By: cazalea : May 30th, 2013-18:38
I hope the video production skills you've now developed will be frequently shared with us. Cheers, Cazalea

Beatiful watches

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-16:01
Make most of us "nuts" Great photos Matt

Very nice fruits! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:03

That is a great set of divers

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-11:57
And of very nice pictures too! Best, Martin

Maybe hard to see...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 23rd, 2013-12:13
But the flowers in the background are home grown...! :) HAGWE Blomman ...  

Is the watch ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-12:55
That's ruining the picture. Throw it away (on a good package) and ship it to me. I will do the ecological correct recycle for you. No costs. Now serious. I love the wood background. Cheers, Nilo

No worries ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-14:00
I will be here, waiting ... With the trash can ready. Cheers, Nilo

Nice shots

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-16:03

Thank you Quan! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 24th, 2013-12:33

And I always thought...

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-11:59
the lake was home made! I am slightly disappointed :-) The DeepSea is great! Best my friend, Martin

Raku fired stone ware

 By: . Anders : May 23rd, 2013-12:42
with one of my favorites. Looks a bit like a pineapple but this is hard to digest for the stomach ;) My Longines Conquest is here again HAGWE Anders ...  

Beautiful Raku ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-12:58
And the GO. About the Longines, I'm always without words for your pictures of it. Cheers, Nilo

Thanks Nilo

 By: . Anders : May 23rd, 2013-13:17
It is my daughter who has make this Raku /Anders

More cool ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-13:48
Enjoy your tea and congrats to your daughter. Cheers, Nilo

It is looks

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-16:07
Like pineapple, nice photo

More info about the Raku

 By: . Anders : May 24th, 2013-05:47
As I wrote in the post so it may look like a pineapple I supplement with a picture of the Raku. There is some kind of bird. Maybe someone has a proposal which bird it is. /Anders ...  

Home grown, home cooked, 'home' made ...

 By: AndrewD : May 23rd, 2013-13:50
Fun theme. The water lily rarely flowers, the BBQ is always on in summer, and the kangaroo sizzling away is Australian ('home') made ... ... and the Submariner 5513 ties it all together. Andrew ...  

Humm ... kangaroo ...

 By: nilomis : May 23rd, 2013-15:50
Tasty! 5513 ... Extra tasty (not here where I live). Someday. ... Who knows. Cheers, Nilo

Yummy BBQ Andrew

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-16:10
I didn't know kanguroo looks like croco......ha....ha.....

We eat that too, but ....

 By: AndrewD : May 23rd, 2013-20:55
... it wasn't on the BBQ that day. A


 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-21:30
up here, we have it in sate

Don't worry ...

 By: AndrewD : May 24th, 2013-19:17
... I wouldn't make you catch your own lunch if you visited us. :-) Andrew

That looks tasty!

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:02
BBQ is far away here. Its has been raining for days now. And this is the northern hemisphere! It seems to be time to get a Submariner too to survive this weather too. Best, Martin

Many good desirable things come in pairs Quan!

 By: Mech : May 23rd, 2013-15:28
Well done, very 'down to earth' shot! Mech.

Thanks for the compliment

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-16:13
From my photography pro friend Cheers

morning ritual

 By: fernando : May 23rd, 2013-19:16
outside by the fragrant white jade orchid tree some exotic fruits to start the day with? and a dose of caffeine :) HAGWE all! fernando ...  

Does Hairy Fruit aka Rambutan grow in HK ?

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-21:39
beautiful photos there

No Quan

 By: fernando : May 23rd, 2013-22:40
Saw them in the house so used them as prop. Not partial to them myself. :) Best Fernando

I fully agree with the caffeine part!

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:03
A ritual not to be broken! Best, Martin

Very cool piece this PAM.. Nifty nature & leisure shots as well.. Enjoyable !

 By: hs111 : May 26th, 2013-21:17
Liked the little series, Fernando ! BTW, some Q be allowed: is the piece/ case ceramic or PVD ? - great strap as well ( brushed natural looking calf I guess ?) Anyway, enjoyed your pics, :) Best, hs

Thank you hs...

 By: fernando : May 27th, 2013-02:44
Material is Panerai composite which is basically aluminium that has undergone a surface treatment. Strap is Panerai assolutamente and is almost like an untreated natural looking calf leather. Glad to hear from you. :) Best Fernando

One more Q be allowed, pls.. I heard..

 By: hs111 : May 27th, 2013-03:05
From an owner ( in my family) that this very model might/ should be a sort of ) or real) "ceramic" (?) - Now : is this IT, are there 2 versions or was my realtive just not describing it completely correctly. I have been having it on my wrist, light and v... 

Hi hs

 By: fernando : May 27th, 2013-03:22
This composite (Pam 505) is coated aluminium and not ceramic. There have been some negative reports from some who experienced some sort of peeling but for others, including myself, have not had any problems. Hope this helps. Best fernando

Sorry , if I re- iterate .. IS there any Ceramic model of the version ?

 By: hs111 : May 27th, 2013-03:36
Just wanted to be sure, that there is no misunderstanding on my side - but IMO a watch made from Ceramic would not make too much sense, I guess, as the material might exhibit less durability (?), insted of more.. Furthermore, I will ask my family member a... 

There are other..

 By: fernando : May 27th, 2013-03:54
models ie. 335 in ceramic but Pam 504, 505, 339 for instance are in this composite material. Take a look at their website which pretty much explains it all. Best :) fernando

Thx , finally.. And also for your patience.. This..

 By: hs111 : May 27th, 2013-04:02
also, as I did not do my homework properly ( website !) , OMG ... The more I appreciate your kindness and your hints, Again best, hs

Does my Uncle Jake's ranch count, Quan? . . .

 By: Dr No : May 23rd, 2013-19:32
. . . it's only ten minutes away, and he's got blueberries by the bushel! ...  

Sure do

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-21:34
wowfully plate of berries with that Glashutte, thanks Art

Uncle Jake's ranch is part ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-04:51
Of the lost paradise? How many fruits are there? Cheers, Nilo

Oh, gosh, he's got practically everything imaginable, Nilo . . .

 By: Dr No : May 24th, 2013-08:29
. . . quince, pomegranate, loquats, Moorpark apricots, blood oranges - you name it, he's probably got it!

My long time late grandfather ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-09:00
Use to have a small farm that had all possible types of fruits. He always wait for us, I had around 9-10 at that time, with ripe and very tasty fruits. This somehow impacted my taste because I seldom eat mangos because tha ones from grampa were so much ta... 

...and not only it counts

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 24th, 2013-05:01
but we have static photo winner of week here... awesome picture dear Art No pool this Friday it is 20 years since graduation... my knees fell apart after I realized it :( So evening with old school mates is in order Best Damjan

Enjoy the evening with your old comrades, Damjan . . .

 By: Dr No : May 24th, 2013-08:54
. . . and see you back at the tables later this weekend. Made a shot in practice yesterday that had even my head shaking: a three-rail kick with the cue and object ball about 8 inches in from the corner pockets and an inch or two from the short rail. Unbe... 


 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 26th, 2013-14:37
I'm scared I admit :) Best Damjan

Not exactly fruits or food related, but home related for sure....

 By: KIH : May 23rd, 2013-21:32
Japanese pen and pen plate for writing letters with my humble watch.... The pen plate is definitely hand-made. Maybe my mother made it... Does this qualify? Ken ...  

That's a beautiful plate

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-21:37
your mom made, blend very well with your Habring jumping second (I presume). Cheers,

Yes, you are right...

 By: KIH : May 23rd, 2013-22:07
.. it is jumping second 36mm version. And my mother would be flattered :-) Thank you! Ken

Homebrew Alang-alang grass

 By: E.S : May 23rd, 2013-23:13
with local javanese Orange, HAGWE all, best Ed ...  

Tasty [nt]

 By: Quan : May 23rd, 2013-23:59

fresh from the garden this morning

 By: long71 : May 23rd, 2013-23:48
A crisp dial and bright flowers. Conor ...  

I am jealous! Love this TG 195 so much.

 By: amanico : May 23rd, 2013-23:49
Still on the hunt for a nice and correct one. Bravo! Best, Nicolas

Freshy TG [nt]

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-00:00

Lovely! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:11
I finally made my pair not long ago - Tg/no Tg on the dial, big crowns/small crowns. And when one of them has a dark creamy chocloat centre... :) Best Blomman ...  

Ouch: That is such a beauty! I have to get one.

 By: amanico : May 25th, 2013-03:21
But finding a nice and correct one is not that easy... Best, my killing friend. Nicolas.

Home made strap

 By: Noodia : May 24th, 2013-01:12
To celebrate this new arrival ;-) Best, Laurent ...  

Please show

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-01:36
us the strap, is it 2 color ? thanks

Here it is !

 By: Noodia : May 24th, 2013-03:30
The "strap" has been made from 2 suede leather links, one black and one beige , thought it was an idea to try to match the black dial and the tritium lume indexes these links come from this traveling watch thing tailored made for me by ABP, the famous Pa...  

If this is not a definition of ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-04:45
PuristSPro good taste, I don't know what is. Congratulations, Nilo

Thx Nico and Nilo, it is a fact

 By: Noodia : May 24th, 2013-04:54
I've been lucky to be strongly supported by many Purists over the years who showed me the way of collecting with fun and style, I try to pay tribute to their invaluable advises, Thank you Purists friends !

Pretty cool! [nt]

 By: Davo : May 26th, 2013-01:55


 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:14
Love your craft! :) Best Blomman

Under the...

 By: deBalzac : May 24th, 2013-03:49
apple tree in the garden. Best Regards Livius ...  

This Breitling ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-04:47
Matches so well the apple tree and flowers. Great shot. The B&W is also wonderful and presents a very good composition. Cheers, Nilo


 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:14
Especially your first pic! :) Best Blomman

Universal ...

 By: p@trice : May 24th, 2013-05:03
Geneve ! HAGWE Best Patrice ...  


 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-07:05

What a beauty!!!

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-06:22
And the blue stripped shirt is a perfect match. If you like Universal, I'm working on a post that go to make any Universal lover to ... salivate. Stay tuned. Cheers, Nilo

Home made...

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 24th, 2013-05:14
donkeys :) HAGWE Damjan ...  

Excellent, Damjan! ;)

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2013-05:23

It didn't helped...

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 26th, 2013-15:01
you won again :) :) Damn Darko :) Best Damjan

Beautiful donkeys ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-06:25
But I was expecting some local food, like a "Janjetina" (spell?). Cheers, Nilo

Spell is perfect

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 24th, 2013-08:06
Janjetina rules! :) I see that you are preparing well for the visit so I present you well known Silence of the Lambs :) ;) ...  

I want one

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-07:08
Damjan, I want one..... PM you my address already......he....he....

I let know..

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 24th, 2013-08:10
my father in law that there are world wide interest for his Olive tree donkeys finished to glossy matte with olive oil maybe he is ready to manufacturing them on demand Thank you for your kind words Quan Sincerely Damjan

On delivery....

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 26th, 2013-14:42
they were presented as Donkeys.... :) so I never questioned that you tell me I think that they can go by as Zebras LOL! Sincerely Damjan

Natural warmth

 By: AndrewD : May 24th, 2013-15:06
Lovely colours nd handiwork. Well done. Andrew

Yes dear Andrew

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 26th, 2013-14:46
that was my first association when saw them They radiate certain warmth and peacefulness.... not sure but maybe it has something to do with olive oil post processing :) Glad you liked them Damjan

Awesome D-pair!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:16
That is a great pair of donkeys you have, my friend! :) Best Blomman

Yes they are

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 25th, 2013-08:43
Trojan Donkeys :) HAGWE my dear friend D

I wish I could

 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:05
I wish I could handle wood like that. Such a charming material. And I like the watch. Reminds me of the Master Compressor Automatic which is not a bad thing to say. Best, Martin

Human dexterity

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 26th, 2013-14:35
is something that never case to amaze me Thank you for your kind words Martin and yes you are right about role model for watch First thing that I told my wife after she brought it as present was: "Darling they run out of Master Compressor Automatic at AD"... 

Toast and OJ for me

 By: cazalea : May 24th, 2013-07:26
This is a typical homemade morning for us (except for the camera work). - bread I've baked (this loaf has King Arthur bread flour, Bachelder oak smoked stoneground flour, yeast, water, sea salt, and olive oil from Valle de Guadalupe / Ensenada, Mexico) - ...  

This is memorable ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-07:31
Cazalea, Your post is ... complete. I almost can taste the fresh juice and the bread texture is lovely. I can imagine the taste! The GS is ... the cherry. Thank you for your great post. Cheers, Nilo

Lovely homely series, Mike

 By: AndrewD : May 24th, 2013-15:09
And everything has meaning attached to it. Breakfast time or me here and you have given me inspiration. And our cats are looking excited. Thanks! Andrew

LOL - I know the drill with the cat

 By: mrsnak : May 24th, 2013-17:24
Mine hogs the paper all the time ...  

Nice cat, doing what cats are good ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-18:00
Ruling the house. I love the look " I don't care". Cheers, Nilo

Nice GS - made me go put one on my wrist too

 By: cazalea : May 24th, 2013-07:27
Thanks for the theme. Cazalea

am delighted

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-07:49

Sometimes less is more.....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 24th, 2013-10:05

Devilish! ;)

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2013-10:06


 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 24th, 2013-10:10
I guess you know me reasonably well!

I just have a very vague suspicion .. BUT .. He..

 By: hs111 : May 24th, 2013-11:12
.. who wants to eat with the devil, - will for sure need a long spoon !.. And I'm pretty sure, you have such a tool.. ;) Best and thx, hs


 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-16:38
But dont be shy....turn and face

You want more?

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 25th, 2013-00:30
Ahhh. Ok.... 1 ...  

RMLOL [nt]

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 25th, 2013-01:12

you want it from another angle?

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 25th, 2013-01:15

Different angle...

 By: amanico : May 25th, 2013-01:18
Same outcome. ...  

OK...Mr. Pink

 By: Baron - Mr Red : May 25th, 2013-01:22
The watch that launched the Death Star..... ...  

Aaah, now that is much better! :)))

 By: amanico : May 25th, 2013-01:28
Another photo session to organize, on this one! Evilishly yours, ...  

From any angle...

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:17
That is NOT less, my friend! ;) Best Blomman

Garden and Plants .. Green and colors ..

 By: hs111 : May 24th, 2013-12:20
Well, most of you, meanwhile know my love for flowers and colors: - I tried a bit several surroundings for 3 pieces ( which in fact are 4).. so Here's the little sequence: Le C(o)ultre and colorful orange .. A nice combo ! Grande Reverso GMT in the tree.....  

I like the terrace pic ...

 By: nilomis : May 24th, 2013-12:23
It passes a very Mediterranean calm. Of course, since is Mediterranean, I can imagine other things, like a top ... better forget. Cheers, Nilo

Your first is my favourite, but I think you understand why.

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2013-12:40
I am so biased! Best, Nicolas.

The flower well blend with

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-16:42
The watch ..... I like it

Love your garden, my friend!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:19
Would love to pick some "flowers" there! ;) Best Blomman


 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-12:11
If one was told to get only two JLC watches this would for sure be a good solution. A lot of watch and a lot of JLC at the same time. Great pictures! Best, Martin

Going home

 By: arthurS : May 24th, 2013-16:13
Left the saltmine early, so a shot in the car - going home - is all I managed today ;-) ...  

Thanks for the cheers all!

 By: arthurS : May 25th, 2013-16:26
I knew I had to have a blue one from the start :-)

Joining the joy....

 By: Pur1st : May 24th, 2013-18:18
Thanks for the orange, fren...Next time should send in a box of. LOL..... Just had the time to take the shot, too bad the color already change, but to balance off, my gray dial IWC Portuguese will bring up something, HAGWE all.. <a href="" target="_bla...  


 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-18:54
On the new I.W(ont).C(rap)....... You better taste it before it rot man

Another person ...

 By: nilomis : May 25th, 2013-08:12
With fine taste. I love this IWC. Congratulations, Nilo

concrete hippos..

 By: halkcb : May 24th, 2013-18:47
...home made ...from belgium cheers henry ...  

Happy Hippo

 By: Quan : May 24th, 2013-18:56
Surrounding Rolie, nice

Great hippos! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : May 25th, 2013-03:19

personal care

 By: gensiulia : May 25th, 2013-01:09


 By: gensiulia : May 25th, 2013-01:22
...the duck and...? ;)

Home spa....

 By: Quan : May 25th, 2013-07:45

Does home made BBQ chicken count...?? :o)

 By: Andy : May 25th, 2013-10:03
It is finally a lovely day here in Cheshire so a BBQ chicken was in order for my dinner...... Beautiful clear sky for a change.....yesterday was high wind, rain and sleet..!!!! And a quick macro pic.... Have a great weekend guy's and girls :) Yours, Andy....  

Nice watch, great macro ...

 By: nilomis : May 25th, 2013-10:51
It's a chicken or a bird? Seem to be crisp. Cheers, Nilo

Cheers Nilo....

 By: Andy : May 25th, 2013-11:02
Chicken was really tender....Moon has the leg and I have the breast..!! LOL Speak soon, Andy.

That's a great deal ...

 By: nilomis : May 25th, 2013-11:11
Funny thing is that Noel only eats cat's food. It's our first cat that rejects chicken, fish and beef. Cheers, Nilo

Moon won't touch turkey though..!

 By: Andy : May 25th, 2013-11:41
Go figure :) She also likes cake.! Its a good deal we have with BBQ's :) Yours, Andy.

Cheers hs111....

 By: Andy : May 25th, 2013-10:59
Crispy chicken was lovely :) Yours, Andy.

Exellent Macro shot

 By: Quan : May 25th, 2013-18:07
How was the chic BBQ


 By: Andy : May 25th, 2013-18:44
The BBQ does a better job than the oven... really tender, falls off the bone :) Yours, Andy.

Home made sculpture :)

 By: Epilogue : May 25th, 2013-12:19
Brilliant idea as a theme! The watch is "ready made" but the sculpture is "home made" ;) I call this picture.....Ghost is the Mirror HAGWE ...  

Beautiful composition ...

 By: nilomis : May 25th, 2013-14:31
With a nice Rolex. Cheers, Nilo

For sure

 By: nilomis : May 26th, 2013-07:32
That's what I'm chasing in pics .. Depth. Cheers, Nilo

Please show us the other 3 angle of ....

 By: Quan : May 26th, 2013-02:22
this Ghost thanks,

It doesn't get much more home-made than this...

 By: pplater : May 25th, 2013-18:05
Here (from a few years ago, admittedly), is the last of the pplater juniors wearing her Zenith Rainbow. Hint: the Rainbow is not home-made: As much fun as it was at the time, please do NOT expect a follow-up 'how to make your own' post! Cheers, pplater. ...  

This Rainbow is the watch of my dreams ...

 By: nilomis : May 25th, 2013-18:13
Pplater, You also deserve compliments for the home made wearer. Cheers, Nilo


 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 26th, 2013-06:54
How many did you made at home? ;) Cheers D


 By: stromer : May 26th, 2013-11:56
But they are green! :-) Beautiful shot of the fruit and the watch. These GS are growing on me. Best, Martin


 By: Quan : May 26th, 2013-19:13
originated here is color like this not yellow, more greenish with bit of yellow. Thanks for your kins words


 By: Bill : May 26th, 2013-13:44
The ocean to be more accurate. It is hard work to follow theses themes so I figured water will do the trick. HAGWE Bill ...