Saw this beast at the Harrods London

Sep 24, 2023,17:40 PM

Sales associate told me to buy Lange 1 moonphase and get the odysee allocation… I couldn’t believe that they are now openly offering or asking you to buy one get another piece …

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Well, their arrogance might start to fall back to them …

 By: flopi3 : September 24th, 2023-17:49
… as demand might slow down due to multiple crisis. Given their behavior during the last years I hope that they get a very big hit in the time to come, have to change their arrogant management and re-start with a more customer oriented approach.

It sounds like Rolex

 By: Weems@8 : September 24th, 2023-18:09
But i read many times ALS owners have difficulties with off set hands, date troubles. Rolex problems? Very rare. So be arrogant and the watches are not as good Rolex made watches, arrogance will not go on forever. In my opinion, i never liked the design o... 

Agree 💯

 By: Watchonthewrists : September 24th, 2023-18:53

Well said!

 By: lm6 : September 24th, 2023-19:41

 By: SoylentGreenChi : October 28th, 2023-16:07


 By: amanico : October 28th, 2023-16:19

Well said! +2

 By: MilDiver : September 25th, 2023-04:03
It seems the target audience is "those who can afford" rather than those I really want to have...

The allocations are a lie

 By: m2 : September 24th, 2023-18:09
I was told I would get one if I bought a Zeitwerk and then was told "nah" This was directly from a Lange boutique. I even had messages saved. They really do not care about their customers. I even bought *before* Lange went way up in value... Now I spend m... 

That I wasnt a significant enough client anymore I guess?

 By: m2 : September 25th, 2023-01:35
Relative to other maybe my spend was too small?

Did you get a Zeitwerk??

 By: ArmisT : September 25th, 2023-01:22
It’s an amazing piece, but it should also absolutely allow you an Odysseus. But it shouldn’t be a prerequisite, no.

Yes I owned it from 2020 - 2021.

 By: m2 : September 25th, 2023-01:36
Sold it after they flaked on me.

Too big at 1,500mm

 By: mdg : September 24th, 2023-18:24
Would not buy.


 By: Reuven Malter : September 24th, 2023-18:42

👍They can keep their Odysseus😂

 By: hora12reborn : September 24th, 2023-18:48

Promoting sales at the expense of brand reputation.

 By: Uncle Chico : September 24th, 2023-18:49
A brand that aspires to compete with the Trinity should avoid this type of behaviour.

if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys

 By: penfriend : September 24th, 2023-19:24
so this behavior at Lange and/or Harrods gives some clues on the salaries of their sales staff

It’s a Lange direct hire staff

 By: Horology75 : September 24th, 2023-19:30
And in my experience the staff does not even breathe without the consent of the management . Typical richemont style

I was really put off

 By: Horology75 : September 24th, 2023-19:30
And I agree with your stance


 By: m2 : September 25th, 2023-06:23

Same here.

 By: SoylentGreenChi : October 28th, 2023-16:09

So now it’s clear

 By: Time to watch : September 24th, 2023-20:39
The odyssey you need to embark upon to get to where you want.

To be honest ...

 By: diracpoint : September 24th, 2023-20:40
I never understood the allure of the Odysseus line. I'm sure that they are very well-built in typical Lange style, but for me, Lange 1/Dato/Zeit/RL etc. are much more horologically interesting.🤷 Just my personal opinion ... no offense intended to any Ody ... 


 By: Artoxares : September 24th, 2023-22:30

I share the same feeling...

 By: amanico : September 26th, 2023-22:57


 By: Aquaracer1 : September 24th, 2023-21:12
Not a fan of this sales tactic. It’s like Rolex all over again. Not a good look for ALS

Crazy and sad...

 By: Artoxares : September 24th, 2023-22:31

I'm running to Knightsbridge to buy a Lange 1 Moonphase so I can get an Odysseus! (joking)

 By: patrick_y : September 25th, 2023-01:49
That's what some crazy person is going to take away from your post. I'm personally not crazy about the Odysseus, so they can have at it!

This has been happening for a long time

 By: Tim_M : September 25th, 2023-02:40
I've had many encounters with people who were told to buy one or more dress watches to obtain the chance to buy an Odysseus. I've seen demands for over $300,000 in qualifying purchases to obtain recent limited edition models. That's a great reason to go a... 

Shhhhhhh!!!!! Shhhhhh!!!! Stop letting out all the secrets! (just kidding). These two brands are AWESOME.

 By: patrick_y : September 25th, 2023-04:01
Lange is also awesome. But Lange has too many people after just a few specific models - how can it separate the speculators from the true clients? And how can Lange reward their good clients... I don't see Lange as doing something that egregious.

Yep. Totally agree with that.

 By: amanico : September 25th, 2023-04:44


 By: SoylentGreenChi : October 28th, 2023-16:19

I lost the desire for Lange long ago.

 By: MilDiver : September 25th, 2023-04:07
There are so many great watches, to enjoy. Let them keep their watches for the shareholders of Richemont...

There are one or two I'd like to have...

 By: mdg : September 25th, 2023-16:23
...fortunately they are not the 'hot' references...

I'm an Outlier...

 By: David Allen : September 25th, 2023-19:34
But I appreciate it when a company is transparent (assuming they honor their word). If more watch retailers would lay out a clear plan for you to acquire your end-goal piece then why isn't this a good thing? It's easier for us the consumer to decide if th... 

After buying 5 ALS watches at my local AD, I don't have a boutique in my city or even country to offended by :)

 By: emcquillan : September 26th, 2023-16:11
That's too bad as I do like quite a few of their pieces and the one problem I had was corrected to satisfaction. I suppose much has changed.

Guess we should partner up!

 By: Timeout : September 28th, 2023-23:43
I love the Lange 1 Moonphase - purchased the WG black dial. The Odysseus just doesn’t do it for me. All I see is a round dial watch case on a bracelet that doesn’t look particularly integrated - but to each their own I guess.