Too many functions in one watch may not be desireable

Sep 16, 2019,11:36 AM

Zenith Doublematic El primero 4046, automatic, chronograph, power reserve, alarm, date, world time.

TOO MUCH? What is your opinion?

To me it looks like a cross between an El Primero and a G-P

Servicing must be a nightmare

And I'm speaking as one who has an Ikepod that also tries to cross a few boundaries but didn't dream of including a chronograph.


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Zenith Doublematic El primero 4046

 By: Tyo : September 16th, 2019-12:03
when this watch was released, I wanted it so much but financially it was not affordable for me. Then the desire passed me but every now and then I check online its price. For me, this is not a watch that must be asked if it is wearable or not, it is a tec... 

You know you have a bad design (1st pic) when

 By: reintitan : September 16th, 2019-12:41
it looks like a photoshop parody of a watch...

An horological Swiss Army knife [nt]

 By: Brandon Skinner : September 16th, 2019-15:07

LOL! [nt]

 By: amanico : September 17th, 2019-05:37

Quirky? Yes...

 By: Moana43 : September 16th, 2019-16:17
But, truth is, I actually have a soft spot for this one. The rose gold version is particularly nice.

Theres alot going on there

 By: tom18 : September 16th, 2019-16:23
A bit much for me. I have a general rule not to buy watches that have chronograph+other complications. I love complications, but chronos seem to get dropped into everything. Plus, this watch is like 45mm in diameter and 16mm thick, right? Too big for me.

You're right...

 By: Kurt Behm : September 16th, 2019-19:28
And that date placement is terrible!

Agree with you Mike.

 By: aperna : September 20th, 2019-13:52
A little bit too much for me

Amazing package

 By: nacelle : December 29th, 2019-14:27
Well, I think it is an amazing package. Possibly too much happening, that's strictly a matter of opinion but, wow. Servicing will be pricey for sure, I wonder how these pieces have been holding up?

Great watch

 By: roundel : March 27th, 2020-05:20
I’ve had one for about a year and use the alarm frequently. It a great watch imo.

not the watch amanico loves i think

 By: Weems@8 : December 29th, 2019-14:42
An eaten 9. Sub dials which overlap numbers.... So much complications, an over complicated watch. Complexity. Having rules which watches are part of a collection, is a system i work with. Judging hard, will keep up the right watches. Complications are fin... 

Imagine what it would cost if it had been offered by Patek...

 By: nacelle : March 5th, 2020-10:06
An fun timepiece, I had one for a few years...