Announcing Theme for WS event of Friday March 1st: “Keep it Simple!”

Feb 28, 2024,14:01 PM

Hello dear friends!
I will have the pleasure of hosting next weekend event and the theme asks participants to share their “KIS” watches: “Keep It Simple” watches.

We all love Chronographs, World Timers, Annual and Perpetual Calendars or even Repeaters and we have explored them in previous WS editions. 

This weekend will be devoted to no complication timepieces which I call "Keep It Simple" watches, just hours and minutes and may be with a seconds hand and with a date window acceptable. No more.

These no complicated watches we usually wear in daily  basis and bring us great satisfaction and practical use just "telling time" with a lot of charm.

Please wait for my opening post next Friday morning to begin posting your entries.

This event will end on Sunday night and Judges will be posting their veredicts for each category on Monday 4th.

As usual we have the classic categories:
Best Static shot
Best Wrist Shot
And the more recent category: classic/vintage with our Honorable Art (Dr. No) doing the judging.

All watches shared during the event will compete in the “Best Watch of the Week” category.

Look forward to a very interesting and enjoyable new edition of our classic event!!

Best cordial regards 

PS: Big thanks to Captain Scarlet for the great posters created for this event.

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No judging the vintage category? You knew . . .

 By: Dr No : February 28th, 2024-18:08
. . . this was coming.

KIS or kiss?

 By: Weems@8 : February 28th, 2024-19:37
I am honest, i kiss my KIS watch. ...